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GE2125 The Bible: Its History, Literature, and Influence


Attendance: 拍卡 聽講第14堂有take attendance 但我冇去上
Online Assignment: 超深 唔好諗住Google 萬能 我攞七成幾
Essay: 食糊 將馬太福音 創世記 以賽亞書 撒迦利亞書 瑪拉基書 etc炒埋一碟

Project: 年年都係個幾題 識人R 個Source 就得 (聽講cut 左)

就算冇project 都鼓勵拉個有D底ge 同學一齊讀

GE1214 Citizens and Criminal Justice


John is actually very nice and is really passionate about teaching. Some of the lectures are quite interesting as they involve lots of controversial criminal cases. Attendance is taken for both lectures and tutorials so that might be an issue if you cannot put in time to attend classes. The workload is not bad in comparison to many other GEs. Exam is actually pretty straightforward as it is an open book exam. The notes that you go through in class contains about 70% of the answers so if you have read them before attending the exam you will do decently.

GE1204 Living with the Unexpected and Unknown in Modern Society 生活在不能預測的現代社會


3份 Assignments,計最高分個兩份,兩份都高過mean少少。1個group presentation,冇得自己分組,呀sir跟姓氏分,我個組就超左時,應該扣左分。上堂都會有d group discussion,做完要交,不過只係成組交一份,唔難。最後,考試係有得open book,mc仲係堂上出現過,連答案都講埋,所以mc部分冇難度,不過essay先係分高下嘅部分,都幾難。

GE1501 Chinese Civilisation - History and Philosophy 中國文化-歷史與哲學



兩位老師好nice, 好肯幫同學/做consult。

盧嘉琪d lecture 好正,上堂有趣唔會悶,堂課係MCQ超簡單(但撞正其他老師教lecture咁就冇MCQ做啦);


揾groupmate要小心d,因為全組個project分數會影響到你個final score,最好同返識嘅人reg啦。

GE2101 Rational Thinking and Creative Ideas 理性思考與創意


極之後悔揀左呢個垃圾tutor, 明明咩都交足個grade 竟然爛到呢.....

覺得呢科原本係靚grade 科黎, 係tutor 問題, 唔識教, hea 上堂, 講野仲1999, 都唔知個grade 係咪亂俾.

總之, 之前comment 都講到, 可以reg 呢科但絕對唔好揀呢個tutor.


GE1120 Thinking Philosophy: Bridging the Gap between Arts and Sciences


Although I got an A-, but I didn’t know why I got this grade, it's too surprising.

I literally missed all the classes (90%), only attended the present. I didn’t revise for exam, so I personally think I wrote very suck for the essay part.

The tutor I agree is extremely hea and irresponsible, has no passion for teaching and just for “dumb ball bell”.

But I guess I performed in MCQ & T/F Questions, since the tutor is lazy I doubt if he has even looked into my essay which is a rubbish haha. Maybe he gives the grade only by looking at those MCQ & T/F Questions.

Anyway, this grade is unexpected and I consider myself lucky. But tbh, it has nothing to learn and I don’t like the teacher as he appears too “awkward” and “weird”, u see what I mean when u see him.

Many ppl dropped the class since the first lesson. I don't suggest this course.

GE2232 Knowing Ourselves Better in Work and Life


He's the most talkative and interactive local teacher!!! I like him a lot!
I've read previous comments before signing up for the course. Comments were all about how heavy the workload the class was and how your grade would suck if you don't have a good proficiency in English.

To be honest, I didn't contribute very much to the group project (group presentation and group report). I only gave an easy introduction and conclusion for our group presentation. There were even 2 people who freerode our whole group work. 3 people working on 5-person work.

You can definitely get a good grade even if you dont read the book. Just pay attention to his class and try to answer his questions. His questions are very open-ended and sometimes can get a bit personal. So just give your own opinions on things will be good! Theres no wrong or right!

Theres only 1 final test which is not difficult at all. NO super long writing or stuff. REVISE his ppt and PAY ATTENTION during the class can already get you going a long way!

GE1313 Earthquakes 地震


每堂都有inclass worksheet 全組交一張 如果走堂無人填你名就pk
一個mid term 無physics底都唔難 要計數 我好怕計數但都無事
project自定topic 但佢地唔鍾意啲topic同civil or science野有關
出黎即刻A左 但都要d sci or eng theory
project好緊要 不過無science or eng底既人carry 最後都係會gg

GE1204 Living with the Unexpected and Unknown in Modern Society 生活在不能預測的現代社會


基本上individual assignment比啲分都唔差(我岩岩好mean)
group project跟姓分 同frd一齊讀都無用
exam open book 佢會上堂比哂所有mc ans(30%)你
70% Long Q 題目表面好難 但其實大概係叫自己概括一次學左啲咩
靚grade ge 但如果諗住唔溫書去考exam 都係會爛grade

GE1350 Essential Mathematics in Daily Life


A few in class assignments, but you have a day to work on them and submit online. They are easy.

Very nice (and nerdy) professor. He clearly loves math and is very smart. He also is really into movies. I really liked his course.

I worked hard in this course, so I was a bit dissappointed with my final result. But I still recomend it :P