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GE1137 Movies and Psychology


Group discussions
One final exam

I’d say if you are capable of relating the psychology theories with the movie and give a detailed analysis in group discussions, and you study hard for the final exam which is very straightforward and requires a lot of memorizations, then you’re gonna be fine for this course. The storybook is going to be easy if you choose a movie that you are very interested or have watched several times to give an in-depth psychological review about it.

The disappointing thing to be frank, is that this course is less fun than its name suggest. Plus, the lecturer’s voice puts students to sleep and I don’t really like this way of teaching.

GE2338 Internet Applications and Security


I had right answers in both midterm and final, he does not care if you get the right answers if you don't follow his "way" you wont get the answer right. I contacted him to be sure if he graded correctly my stuff and he said he was sure i was wrong and he was right without even double checking my results or what I asked him politely to check. He likes to explain stuff in cantonese and foreign students cannot understand. the group project does not even relate to the course and the instructions are pretty vague. The tutor could barely speak english and was terrible at explaining (mainland student)

GE1501 Chinese Civilisation - History and Philosophy 中國文化-歷史與哲學


不要懼怕 English lecture,可能反而有意外收穫。一開始reg 的時候根本不知道是誰教的lecture。結果Edi 人很好,也很熱心回答學生問題。畢竟平常也是英文寫paper,可以繼續用英文寫起來也比中文順,quote reference 也方便很多。重點是,不用研究一堆古代醫學。Calvin的大課也蠻不錯的。
所以!reg 不到李果也不用灰心,可以研究一下英文課是誰上的哦!

GE1223 Public Health Communication


(一学期两个quiz),quiz好坏直接决定你的grage range 。
quiz 1要认真复习,不难,背课件要背到细节就能答出。quiz2个人认为挺难的,ppt看到烂有些题也不明白怎么选?!题目大部分都是用课上theory分析实际案例,有点抽象难理解。
三个assignments都是800-1000 words的essay,还有一个group project,要写一个15页(没人1000+左右)的proposal+设计一个app or 拍一段video(proposal分比较重要)
assign3: 8.5/10
quiz 1:15/25
quiz 2:16/25
proposal +app: 17+8.5=25.5/30
extra points: 1.5 /3(上课多回答问题赚分)
anyway 不是一个有pain 就有gain 的课,谨慎选择!!!

GE1120 Thinking Philosophy: Bridging the Gap between Arts and Sciences



这科目上课确实有点闷, 一般来说都是按powerpoint说的,但powerpoint让我掌握重点,所以一定要上课,否则跟不上是道理啊!


GE1342 Light: from Double Rainbows to Optical Fibers


I personally believe I didn't put more than 3 days of work for the whole semester on this course, as I studied the majority of the content in high school and thus saved me a lot of study time. However, if one hasn't studied the content ,it's still very easy and If I had put a little bit more effort getting an A or A+ shouldn't be that hard.So recommend this course and try to put in abit of effort for a good grade.The group project and coursework matter a lot.

GE1205 Green Economics 綠色經濟學


睇多兩睇發現原來係copy & paste舊comments再俾A+


GE2402 English for Business Communication


If you are good in English and an active students, this is the teacher you are looking for. Feedbacks will be given along with the marks for each assignment. A total of 5 assignments are needed to be done throughout the whole course. But he is a bit killer. (DSE 5*)

A1 Complaint Letter Reply 15.5/20
A2 Business Meeting 15/20
A3 Bad news message reply14.5/20
A4 Business Plan Presentation 16/20
A5 Business Plan 16.5/20

GE1346 The Chemists Kitchen (The Science of Food and Cooking) 化學家的廚房(食物以及烹飪的科學)


Strongly discourage people without Chemistry background to study this course.

2 field trip reports + 1 project (presentation + Q&A)

The exam criteria is uncertain and you will never know your marks until the grade is released.

Project Q&A very important, the professor will challenge your presentation with raising some difficult question.

Have past paper, revise = pass exam

Not taking attendance except for the 3 presentation weeks

*Don't have chemistry background at all, study very hard and do past paper but only can secure a C+*

GE1101 Chinese Cultural Heritage in Modern Perspective 中國文化遺產與當代社會


1 group presentation
1 online comment
1 final paper
1 field trip report

It is a nice course, even I seldom listen to the tutor, I just listen a little part of lecture and apply them in the report/paper. Since the course counts individual mark more than group mark, even I met poor groupmates, I still got A range.