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GE1129 Creative Photography


1)Portrait 2)Decisive Moment 3)Landscape 4)Photo Series

前3份交1張相,最後一份就係10張以內。前三份當然可以交多過一張相俾佢睇,但係佢只會為其中一張(你自己揀一張)評分,同埋每一份功課都要寫Artist Statement講解下你份作品。所以其實workload大唔大係睇你自己。你可以試好多attempt,影到自己滿意為止,亦可以求求其其。我自己就因為暑假淨讀佢,所以真係用左好多時間周圍影同埋影自己嘅Self Portrait。


我建議你如果有影開相有作品(為執嘅都可以俾佢睇),可以落堂就俾佢睇下評論下,咁你都可以趁機get下佢鐘意咩樣嘅功課。同埋佢上堂教嘅攝影師嘅特色你可以學左佢,模仿下。如果妳Artist Statement有寫俾邊個攝影師inspired應該佢會好鍾意。覺得你好有思想。堂上亦都有好壞學生作品分享,唔想同佢傾計嘅同學仔都唔洗驚毫無頭緒。


GE2318 From Ancient Wisdom to Modern Science 古代智慧與現代科學


every lesson there are 2 in-class questions, if you pay attention, you know the answer, or, you can just google the answer. easy job. if you miss the lesson, you can do a make-up question.

a quiz and an exam, the questions are similar to the in-class worksheet, but with more details and a slightly higher degree of difficulty. if you revise well (recite the ppt) you get a good grade. i didn't finish my revision for the quiz so i got a lower than average mark. but the exam was better.

the class is quite boring i can say and i cannot understand many topics considering that i am a not a science or IT student. but the course does not go into details of the knowledge and stays only on an introduction level, so if you are hard-working enough to revise the ppt, it should not be a difficult course.

btw, i don't understand why ppl keep emphasizing he is handsome...i mean...he looks normal... and...maybe his passion and patience are more of the highlight on him???

GE2132 Discovering the Dynamics of Contemporary Cities and Architecture in China


Sem workload:

20% Workshop x 2
15% Case Study proposal
25% Case study report
40% Quiz + Individual Essay

Workshop 1 & 2
一個畫地圖, 另一個做photo-collage(拼貼),要識ps先做得快,

Case study proposal(Field trip)
深圳考察前,要寫個report講去前有咩地方係想去,當係一個planning of field trip咁,寫完同佢present(不過佢都hea睇,比佢知你地組去邊到考察就ok)

Case study report

Quiz + individual
Quiz 填充同mc,溫書就識


最記得Case Study proposal做左成個星期,佢最後睇都唔睇講2句就走,

GE1106 Chinese Art Appreciation 中國藝術賞析


(18/19 summer讀嘅)
建議唔走堂 可以自己獨立完成essay嘅同學去讀

gp project: 1500-2500words
gp project plan presentation: 4mins each person
Individual work: 5 photos
Class activities: quizzes, presentation comment form...

成個course最好就係好似CCIV咁 gp project 係每個人分開計分嘅 唔洗驚freerider!!!
唔好諗住走堂!除咗頭一兩堂,幾乎堂堂都有quiz/ presentation comment form/ exercise。
Gp project就佢分個area畀你 自己再喺個area裡面揀一個specific嘅topic。 頭幾堂tutorial係畀我地consult嘅 最好去問下。可能我SS人 寫慣essay 唔覺英文一定要好 esssay先高分(我dse eng4 UE拎B, 份essay有A/A-)
Present都係分開每個人計分嘅!!唔洗presentation skills 唔洗講得好生動有趣 照讀PowerPoint就得。其實就係講下你篇文點寫(記得show埋reference)之後佢會畀comment。最好詳細啲 畀佢知道你成篇文係點
Individual work就落街影5張相 講下呢啲相 同Chinese Art有乜關係。最好有啲創意。我搵咗好耐 都搵唔到最後一張相 最後喺樓下公園求其影咗張 其實只要解釋得合理 佢都OK嘅啦
Quizz open book嘅 Marianne就好強調唔背書 要思考 所以佢啲quiz就一條問題 之後你自己將note嘅examples、學到嗰嘢combine埋一齊答
最後Lisa有喺canvas upload每個人每part攞咩分/grade。 其實幾好 知道自己衰喺邊。好多course都係最後出一個grade畀你 死得不明不白

GE2316 Computing Snapshot, Today and Tomorrow


-major studying computer science (i think if u study ICT in secondary school you can get a good grade too) , highly recommend CS students to reg
-must consult the prof. first before presentation
-quiz is simple and easy (MC + short questions) ; just remember to read the notes
-exam will have long questions ; i think the questions are very similar to the quiz
-don't skip lesson if possible ,because have attendance(and in-class quiz sometime)

GE2338 Internet Applications and Security


To be honest, the work load of this course is not heavy at all. I was too lazy to get a better grade.

1 Group project (Presentation + Proposal + Peer Review)
1 Mid-term
1 Exam
1 Problem solving exercise

Group project :
It was quite a open topic which required us to write a proposal related to IT, no matter it was a app, a website, a industrial product or else. Ted said it must have a potential to be practically implemented, and I guessed this was also the primary criterion for grading. He suggested us to adopt existing technology liked block-chain, free API resources, and cloud Storage etc. . Since the topic was open, I strongly recommend students to consult more with Ted, especially those ones do not have a computer science background.

Mid-term :
It's a closed book exam. Not too hard if you have studied his ppt and notes.

Exam :
Basically, it was just a combination of the mid-term and the problem solving exercise. More than half of questions in the exam were almost the same as in the mid-term test and the exercise.

GE1352 How Your Brain Works


5 quiz
1 exam
差唔多隔個禮拜就有quiz,加上要溫嘅嘢非常多,所以都幾辛苦,不過effort=grade,肯努力就會有回報,但你想hea又想攞靚grade嘅話咁呢科唔啱你。有5個quiz,淨係計最高分嗰4個,所以有一次失手都唔緊要。全部quiz都係close book,有3次係MC + 幾題short Q,其餘2次all MC,每次淨係問2-3個chapters嘅嘢。而exam係all MC,cover all chapters。另外,個course唔take attendance,所以可以走堂,個人亦認為上堂冇乜用,溫notes就夠。

GE2311 Technology and Society 技術與社會


Same as previous 2 comments, 18/19 sem B讀不過未有得揀.
Easy course! You only have to ask 4/5 questions in 13 weeks of classes, he will give a grade to your question, usually B range.
+ Exam
Exam means hand-in an essay to canvas during exam day and time. He told you the essay topic at the beginning of day1 class. And he is very nice, you can consult him of your essay topic.
-No attendance

You need to follow his rules in class. Don't talk with your friends during his class! and you can come and leave the class anytime without notice him.

GE1501 Chinese Civilisation - History and Philosophy 中國文化-歷史與哲學