GE1134 Movies and Psychology

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2019/20 Sem A


I study it at 19/20 SemA. I cannot identify the appropriate sem so i just randomly select one and type it here.

Just watch movie and discussion for different topics during lecture. Week 1 is introduction of the course. A topic is being covered for 2 weeks. The first 2 hours of first week is teaching of concepts on a specific topic. The third hours will start watching the movie with Chinese subtitles. At the first 1-2 hours, just continuous to watch the rest of the movie with English subtitles and start group discussion on 4-5 questions after that. The worksheet need to be submitted at the end of the class. It is a routine process every two weeks. The lecturer may give some tips and ask some guiding question at they first group discussion.

For group discussion, totally depends on your groupmates. I am quite lucky to have a group of active and hardworking groupmates. Our group went well in all group discussion.

And this is one and only individual assignment - a story book. It is a psychological analysis of a movie of your choice and your personal refection after watching the movie.

Originally, there is a quiz accounting for 40% covering all topics. As physical class suspended at the end of Sem A, it is cancelled. This 40% is allocated to the Individual assignment, make the story book accounts for a total of 75%.

Perhaps the only difficult point of this course would be that it starts at 0900.

following the is course grade % allocation:
Group Discussion 25%
Individual Assignment - Story Book 35% ==> 75%
Quiz 40% **Canceled

For you reference, my group discussion mark is as following:
#1 3/5
#2 5/5
#3 4/5
#4 Not disclosed
#5 cancelled
I do not know the marks for my individual assignment as well.

2017/18 Sem B


Inclass Discussion, 計participation 30%
有五至六堂會做discussion, 計participation, 所以一定要出現。呢一部份, 最緊要搵到SS Dept嘅人同自己一組, 因為佢地多數都讀過晒呢科野嘅內容。你只需要睇五套戲, 例如我就睇左life of pi, 被偷走的那五年, the beauty mind, The Silence of the Lambs等等, 之後答吓好簡單嘅問題就走得。

Final Quiz (35%)
我自己係Psychology minor, 讀過幾個psy嘅courses都係拎A, 但我覺得呢科考得好深。樓上個個講到呢科野好簡單, 但呢科其實有涉及bio psy嘅內容, 會提及睡眠同腦電波嘅關係, 有好多腦神經科學嘅字要記。如果剩係考MC, 咁呢科都係簡單, 但呢科有30%係fill-in-the-blank questions, 你會見到一句句子, 然後喺無choices嘅情況吓做。換言之, 你一唔記得一個字就已經玩完。我自己讀過2字頭嘅psy course, 覺得呢科GE比果一科更加深。根據我對psy嘅認識, 考試我大約岩65%。

Storybook (45%)
做呢份assignment好簡單, 你可以任揀一套戲, 之後寫一份千幾字嘅感想, 同埋講吓同課堂theories有咩關係。呢一part可以幫你final quiz收回失地, 只要你表達能力好, 英文夠好, 呢一part拎滿分應該唔係問題。我諗我都係靠呢一part拎到個A-返黎。

我覺得呢個Lecturer都教得幾差, 佢上堂完全無人想聽書, 成班會好嘈。本身無psy底嘅人最好揀返Andus Wong, 因為我有psy底, 所以揀邊個都覺得無分別。而且建議本身英文底唔好/表達能力低嘅人唔好揀, 因為我一上堂就見到呢班好多psy major人去讀, 大部份都係人院人, 如果科工人讀一定好蝕底, business人就chur慣晒, 應該覺得呢科幾輕鬆, 似year1 core科嘅workload。

2017/18 Sem A


1.唔take attendance 所以唔係in class discussion 既時候會少人到喊
In class discussion 20%
通常下堂接住睇完套電影之後大約會留一個鐘頭多啲嘅時間出嚟俾您地傾吓5-8條問題,大部份都係關於上堂教既psycho theory,上堂之前睇下notes,答問題會順利啲,佢途中會俾tips同講下電影既精妙之處
reading關於horrible movies 要睇(其實唔睇都冇所謂,可能幫到您答時問題) Andus話睇左個abstract 都ok
會叫您地寫有返到既groupmates 既名落ws度計返分
Quiz 35%
唔算好難 有温實識 我都係前一日温左幾個鐘
考theory多少少 睇您記唔記得清
Mc同10條左右既fill in the blanks 有啲大部分唔係專有名詞
Story book 45%
有guidelines 俾您抄住做
800-1000字,多左扣分,hard copy 可以有design,參加比賽,soft copy就要純字

2016/17 Sem A


兩堂一個課題 第一堂一半lecture一半睇戲 下一堂就睇埋套戲 之後group discuss
一次quiz 算簡單 50 條mc+10條填充
一份assignment 㨂一套電影寫report 1000字 要apply番上堂學過啲theories
好輕鬆 上堂都唔會悶

2015/16 Sem B


兩堂睇一套電影 上堂無野做 都幾輕鬆
不過 睇完要做 group discussion 答問題
而且得9點堂 都幾難起到身

要交一份assignment 不過其實都係搵套電影寫下 feedback 吹下theory is ok

no exam 但是有final test week 13 無咩時間溫 所以就gg 左

2015/16 Sem B



discussion 都係好輕鬆 答返張ws既問題就得

quiz 分mc (唔記得有幾題)+fill in the blank(大概10條) 考晒成sem 教過既野 有溫一定識

assignment 揀返一套你鍾意既戲 然後套返上堂教過既theory再加personal reflection

呢個GE 超輕鬆又開心 啲野又唔難 andus 又好人 超推介!!!!!!!
不過我完全唔知我quiz 同assignment有幾多分~~~

2015/16 Sem A


This is a great course that can not only help you to learn many things about the phycology but also discover more interesting thing about yourself by watching movies.
Each topic of the course is divided into three parts--- concepts teaching, movie watching and group discussing. You will never feel busy if taking this course. However, I still suggest you read the PPT before the lecture, this can help you have a better understanding of those concepts. As for the quize, just make sure you are familiar with all the concepts that have been mentioned in the lecture.

2015/16 Sem A


成個sem得一份1000字storybook,,揀1套自己中意既戲去analyse同埋寫personal reflection,作為deadline fighter 一日搞得掂。
最尾一堂有quiz,MC+fill in the blanks ,背ppt就得

每隔一堂就有一個class discussion,total5次,要做一張worksheet,計分既。如果你有可靠既grpmates走堂都OK


2015/16 Sem A


超級推介大家reg 呢科
workload唔大,成個sem只需做一份1000字既story book
Test 全部都係mc,唔算太難
Dr wong 又好人同埋有心教

2015/16 Sem A


完美 GE course
1. 低 workload
堂上討論 + quiz + assignment*1
小測問題簡單直接只要你有睇熟PowerPoint slide 就得(MC+ fill in the blank)
Assignment 係一份 film review,自己揀一套鍾意嘅戲(佢限你要用課堂知識,所以唔會比psycho人屈機)

2. 好 grade

3. 課程輕鬆
成個course睇五套戲,分別係life of Pi, inception, the beautiful mind, the silence of lamb同埋被偷走的那五年,然後再加lecture,只要你搵人幫你填 attendance ,全部走晒冇難度


5. Professor 好人
睇到佢有heart 教,當中the silence of lamb 糸一套恐怖片,如果你私人理由想唔睇,系可以同佢講skip 呢套戲