GE2108 Literature in our Lives 生活中的英語文學

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2017/18 Sem A


In short: not recommended

To be fair, I took away something from the classes and the selection of reading materials were quite interesting.
However, for the sake of your GPA, do not take this course as it is very difficult to get a good grade. I got 5** in English for the HKDSE( not saying this to brag, just to provide context) and I did all the assignments seriously. Did a lot of extra reading too. Yet, I still got a B for my final grade......

P.s. the majority of the class are foreigners, I also know law and global business majors who take this course aka huge competition

P.p.s. U don’t get to choose your groupmates for your presentation (50%). Well, if you still want to take this course, may the odds be ever in your favour !

2017/18 Sem A


The professor is quite nice, but this course does have a heavy workload. You have to hand in a 250 word e-portfolio/mini essay every 2 weeks or so based on a specified text in the course. They are worth about 10% each and there are 5 of these e-portfolios.

250 words may not seem like much but the professor cares very much about quality and structure, as well as citation. Therefore, you will have to spend some time on the e-portfolios.

The biggest downside of this course is that the group presentation is worth 50% of your grade. This can be bad if you have a bad group mate (since groups are randomly assigned). So this factor may depend on luck.

Overall, it was a interesting course and I definitely learnt something new.

2016/17 Sem B


1. Portfolio entries
2. Group Presentation

During the course, it is required you post an entry that replies to the prompt that shown every week during class. You also have to do a group presentation that shows your thought on the different readings that were studied in the course. Group mates are important, you really don't want a free rider for an assignment worth 50%.

The grading scale may seem a bit harsh with 90 to 93% only being an A-, etc.
However, the instructor also gives higher grades in relation to the marking scheme so if you do put in the effort you will get good grades.

However, if you are expecting a more laid-back class where you do not need to attend (you cannot have more than 3 unexcused absences), I do not recommend because you really need to put in effort for this course.

2016/17 Sem B


What a ridiculous grading scale. 84.5% = B.

Having a high ranking on QS doesn't mean you have to have a pretentiously high grading standard, or maybe that's how you get into QS top 100? I don't know.

I also feel I deserved a higher grade for my Portfolio Responses, which I put a lot of effort into, but 90% would probably still be a B going by their funny standards.

2016/17 Sem B


Everyone told me that this course is great, the instructors know their stuff, teach well, so much to learn from.

But then when it's my turn to experience this wonderful course, the instructor becomes a very different person. My friends had Professor Cavendish-Jones or Miss Katrina Marshall, I have terrible Airlie Heung.

Everyone that I know in class doesn't like her very much. She doesn't understand literature, many English majors feel irritated by her teaching, saying that she is a sub-standard instructor in university; others simply can't get it. Her English isn't very good, I mean, she doesn't articulate well, she definitely reads out the powerpoint slides aloud very well though.

I learnt nothing from her feedback. OK! It's very stupid, like I am in high school. Her feedback is like: good, yes, very good topic sentence, strange point... okay, tell me exactly what is so 'strange' about my ideas, offer evidence and explain! That's her job to teach.

I guess she thinks her jobs is to order students around and then offer a grade.

A meaningless course

2016/17 Sem A


Katrina 雖然缺乏教學經驗,亦都無之前嘅教授Colin都得咁好


Katrina Marshall is a very good teacher: dedicated to education, willing to offer advice, open to new ideas.

It's a great loss for us she does not teach the course anymore.

2016/17 Sem A


唔知係我呢一班定係點 呢班幾多外國人
Katrina好人嘅 討論只要講到比佢知你地點睇就得 無確實答案creativeD都得 但一定要有野講就可以了
上堂就睇下d外國文章 都多片睇嘅 我個人英文比較差所以有d難跟上 不過後天努力補救到
如果present day各組齊曬片,最後果堂就唔洗返

50% 個人online blog entries
50% 小組拍片
??% attendance(!?)

先講blog:每星期打150-200字關於上堂學嘅文章嘅問題(canvas有曬文章)(打多無問題),total打10篇左右,就自己整個wordpress(canvas有file教點整的),比條link佢,佢最後就用成個網黎評分。最好有多d個人意見,唔好用太多上堂討論果嘅野。有幾日Katrina會幫大家改下d entries,仲有一日會peer review(傳你篇野比全班改/寫command),跟足Katrina改就無問題了。可以遲寫個blog,佢唔會每個星期check,只要之後齊曬咁多篇交齊就得了。

片:用學過嘅文章拍一條10mins左右嘅片,內容咩都得,但要有中心思想,越creative越狂越鍾意(但唔好離題就得),重點係要引用原文。present day唔走得,走左扣10分(個人計)。分組自由,睇隊友,人數不限,有人freeride/無出現過可以同佢講,佢會幫你分過組。

2015/16 Sem B


- great stories!!!!! E.g. Brokeback Mountain, Interpreter of Maladies
- workload is ok - if you enjoy reading and writing about what you read - it's no work at all :)

- very hard to get good grades, cuz English department's standard is super high. 98-100 (if i remember correctly) is A+ -.-

I got a B+ because my group project, which is a video, lacked depth. For a literature course, you can't make a hea or shallow video cuz it's literature hahahhaha.

You'll definitely enjoy the course more if you read the stories before each lesson. Or else, you'll be bored and lost.

2013/14 Sem B


其實係14/15 semA讀,但冇得揀就...

2 assignments+ 1 group project
工作量好輕鬆,1份self-reflection & 1份creative response,
group project都係creative response, 比你做乜都得,自由度好大

collins平易近人,比分好鬆手,每個禮拜有readings但頁數都好少(睇下poems, short stories 或者play既某部份),冇睇都冇關係,上堂睇片討論下問題,冇壓力