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GE1333 Low Carbon Footprint - Energy Saving Practices in Everyday Life 低炭由日常生活開始


本身睇呢科係指南上面d grades好似都好好咁又a-又b+,


GE1125 Architecture and Space in Chinese Culture 建築空間與中國文化


Good Teacher
Hea course
Take this course if you are interested in Chinese architecture
But you have to create a website with suggested software
1. 10Mc Quiz
2. 2 page assignment
3. Group presentation
4. Case study ( your powerpoint or website of your presentation)

GE2405 Creative Writing


有個frd之前讀過話好輕鬆,睇下文、寫少少野就靚grade,睇埋GE guide先reg,點知轉左人教,workload勁多:

一大堆Readings + Fiction (Draft) + Fiction (Revised) + 兩份Essay + Poem (Draft) + Poems x 3 (Revised) + Play (Group ; ~10 - 15mins)

明明係GE course 但係我用既時間仲多過喺自己既core,佢知道有人冇睇Readings 就會鞋口鞋面,仲要每堂都take attendance,比佢label左你既話就爛硬grade


我平時用中文寫野多,仲要交漏左一首詩,拎到B已經要還神。如果見到係marco 教,諗清楚先好reg 。

GE2117 Eat, Drink, Man, Woman: Cultural Identity of Koreans


1. 有韓文底/韓國文化底係真係有優勢,因而slides入面會有韓文同埋韓文既英文拼音(姐係例如:생일 saeng-il),如果你一d都唔識的話,會有d一頭霧水
2. Dr.Oh份人其實幾好,會答你問題,我問佢有關pj既問題,但係其實我唔知佢exactly想要d咩
3. Dr.Oh 好遲先會公布有關final exam同pj既詳情,如果你想早d開始,問佢佢都比唔到答案你
4. 佢係電腦同canvas個方面有d不足(笑喊),佢好似唔太識用canvas黎做quiz同exam,但係佢間唔中會用canvas黎點名,要你係5分鐘內reply佢canvas條問題黎take attendance
5. 佢比你選擇做group pj / individual final paper,我選擇左做gp pj,但係兩者既標淮有咩分別其實我覺得佢都唔係好清楚
6. Slides只係得佢cover既內容既50-60%,你上堂hea既話就會唔知佢講咩,跟住exam就會有d野你完全唔知


GE2404 Asian Literature in English


Airlie Heung doesn't seem to know literature well. She did not offer useful advice nor comment except for 'Good topic sentence'. When students disagree with her ideas, she considers it wrong without thinking about their argument and examples drawn from the text.

A Waterloo graduate of Literature!!!

GE1219 Smart Auditing for a Better Life


Although I appreciate getting a quite-good grade for this course, I must say that Annie is an irresponsible teacher. Yes, her powerpoints are quite comprehensive, but actually only a small amount of the slides are taught (around 15%), and for the rest, she says that there's no need to revise, as she only put it there in case we are interested to know more. The 15% taught, however, are very very simple. It is almost common sense. They are the basic到冇得basic concepts of auditing.

Well, as I was a final year student (graduated now), I wanted to actually learn something and end my U life in a meaningful way, but if you reg左many credits already, and are looking for something easy and relaxing, you can choose this course.

I did make quite a few friends in this course, as we are required to have group discussions every week (with the same group of people, and you will do the short video, leaflet and poster with them). Overall it was quite a relaxing course, just that I don't understand how Annie can be this hea. 我地係上12pm-3pm, she always lets us go at 2:30pm because she has nothing more to say, 有一次到2:15佢已經冇野比我地做, and then she said, 你地坐多陣啦 依家走太早啦
And there will be two group discussions per lesson, and these discussions don't actually require a lot of time, as the discussion questions themselves aren't challenging AT ALL, but she just lets us discussss and discusss and discusssss..neverending. She also occassionally speaks cantonese although there are exchange students present. and even talks about the exchange students in cantonese. well, what she said was no big deal, but the whole class looked at the exchange student after she said it, so if I were the exchange student, I would be quite uncomfortable.

GE2204 Business Ethics and Society


Toni is a nice and responsible teacher, however the amount of theories and concepts needed to memorize for this course is overwhelming. Toni makes everything sound easy by only covering parts of the textbook, and she tells us interesting stories in class, which IS fun and relaxing. However, she also stresses the importance of reading the textbook. She tells us that it is a must to have access to the textbook, whether you are to buy it or borrow it from the library (I think there are 1-2 copies in the library? Anyway, I bought the textbook.) For a GE course, it is quite ridiculous to cover almost everything in a business textbook (she omitted 1-2 chapters as I remember), and there are many keywords and concepts to understand and remember. I did revise, EVERY chapter required, without complaints (errrr dunno how I am to complain anyway), although this IS quite ridiculous, given that this is a Level 2 GE course, but, as the exam was partly MC and partly long question:
Part A: 60 Multiple choice Questions (50%) - compulsory
Part B: Case study: 2 questions (30%) - compulsory
Part C: Long essay question: Choose 1 out of 2 (20%)
...in other words, if I did not "tip zhung", and revise the associated concepts COMPREHENSIVELY for the 30% case study concepts and the 20% long essay question, then I will GG for 50%! Dunno if this makes sense, but this was how I felt after the exam. Well, but I guess the real problem isn't about the exam format, but the ridiculous amount of concepts needed to revise for a GE course.

GE1210 Celebrity and Scandals: Contemporary Issues in Hong Kong Popular Culture


我覺得係quite hea的
1. Attendance + Participate 15%
每一堂都會有group presentation 之後會叫我地俾分,應該係個時計attendance。但是participate 就吾知啦,利申一半堂無上

2. Assignments 30%
總共會有5份assignment,會叫你post上fb group,可以參考一下其他人點做,一般個個都鬥長,不過要留意deadline,每次吾同。

3. Group Presentation 20%

4. Exams 35%
not in exam period, one in week 7 and one in week 13. Very easy, mc and t/f, 溫書就會識。 有二堂會請嘉賓黎講talk, exam會出番

GE1206 Accelerating Professional Growth on the Web 網族成專才之道


差唔多堂堂都要返因為好經常咁有classwork ,同埋lecturer會tick attendance 。上Janet堂嗰時仲要舉手答問題拎participation mark 。
第二三堂一定要返因為Toni嗰兩份classwork 已經佔咗10%。 個CW係做幾個test探討下自己咩性格有咩長處等等…再做張工作紙。
Janet嘅classwork 就係開下linkedin account ,整份resume 等等…,係做之前會教下。

Toni嗰份individual assignment 要睇清楚個guideline先好做,有唔明就真係要問。份assignment係講份工要有咩能力 ,同埋吹自己點解咁適合份工。我覺得Toni 都真係幾care grammar mistake ,不過其實寫到fluent English 就得。

ePortfolio都係整個網頁吹噓自己。 Janet上堂嗰陣會教用咩網站整,都係跟住份guideline做就ok 。仲有個ePortfolio 都要整條片介紹自己 ,我條片冇乜落咩effect(因為擺得太多時間落個content到) ,最後呢份assignment 都拎到a range

gp project搵到好gpmate 最重要。


其實每次tick 完attendance 之後都可以用下電腦hea半堂,等佢教完書跟住至聽佢教做classwork。


GE2247 Social Innovation and Entrepreneurial Venture Exploration (SIEVE)


I prefer course that does not stick closely with the course text and this one is perfect for me. We are allowed to choose our topic, tools, and even ways of presentation. There are lots of flexibility in our assignments (but some may feel loss with the simple assignment guideline). The assignment allows students to explore social issues of HK and come up with any solutions. The preparation can be tiring (most of the workload lies in the group report) but I find very fruitful. I have a much deeper understanding about this city after taken this course. It is fun and interesting.

GE3105 The Nuclear Imagination: Japan and Beyond 對核能的想像:由日本說起


Workload: Really not much

There have 5 reading journals to do. Comment on the reading journals.

Not take any attendance. Students can skip the class.

The content of the class: All about Japan history and wars

There have a mid term test.

Have a drama performance in the last week.

GE3202 Citizen Journalism and Civil Society 市民新聞與公民社會


Fortunate to get a B+ with late submitting the video.

Attendance checking - by doing online mini quizzes. scores in mini quizzes does not count into the final grade. so just get them done.

2 quizzes throughout the course - multiple choices + short questions (10 marks X 2). relatively difficult. be familiar with your ppt notes.

video + report - group work. analyse a social issue. better have someone good at video taking and editing in your group

bonus points - answering & asking questions in class.

GE1122 Animals and Animal Welfare: An Interdisciplinary


Overall speaking, this is a well-organized course with not-so-heavy workload. in-depth studies into animal welfare and the problematic human view that we are used to.

The tutor is quite strict as to class discipline. If you appear after he took the attendance, you are likely to be seen as absent. Attendance and class participation are important. DO NOT eat in class and DO NOT talk to your peers except you are told to discuss. Seems that he did not jot down who answered his questions in class but raising your hands from time to time may leave good impression.

The tutor routinely go through his powerpoint in the lecture, with quotes and philosophical concepts, and followed by movie depicting the concept he taught. The movies are all well-selected and the classes were enjoyable. One point to note is that the lectures were conducted somehow similar to tutorials.

1 open-book quiz - give full answer in an essay format. quite straight-forward, similar to the discussion questions in class

1 group presentation - pay attention to what he demands. consult him a few times if you are not certain. learn from your classmates presentations and you'll know what is needed. good to create your own topic but bare in mind it's not easy.
20 mins presentation + 20 mins discussion (discussion is important)

1 field-trip report (per group) - visited Kadoorie Farm. guidelines were given and answer the discussion question with 800 words. easy task.

1 individual assignment. - 1000 words. marking rubics is not clear - same instructions as presentation - normal essay writing techniques required