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GE2311 Technology and Society 技術與社會


It is a trap for me. Answered/Raised 3 questions in his lectures, all feedback was B+, most of the students got B+ as well and those 3 questions carries 50% of the final course grade; completed an individual essay with 23xx words, which carries the remaining 50% of the course grade. I can say that the essay seriously pulled down my grade, the marking scheme is unclear.

GE2411 Legal English


Professor is nice and there is quite a lot of consultation session for this course, he is willing to answer your enquiries. However, the grade/mark you received wasn't matched with his comment, he seems to be generous when giving feedback, but not at all when distributing the final result, it is quite disappointing.

GE3206 China in World Affairs


其實我系2019/2020 sem A 讀嘅,見個時間岩就隨便簡左。workload唔算太多,兩個quiz(一個midterm一個final quiz, 因為肺炎全部都改take home),一個gp project(隨便簡個國家講下佢同中國嘅關係,可以拍片都可以寫essay)。


個gp project好簡單,傾好左用咩角度分析兩國關係之後就上網搵source,隨便搵都一大堆,你隨便rephrase下就搞掂。佢有頁數限制,我個組寫爆曬cut得好辛苦。冇presentation,你交完份gp project同考完final quiz就收得工

想靚grade嘅話我唔肯定e科算唔算,但就真係幾hea,可能因為肺炎改左做take home quiz,冇咩點溫書隨便上網抄左一堆就搞掂左。

GE1401 University English 大學英語


上堂style同改功課比較hea同悶, 最好consult多幾次問清楚要求, 不過其實幾好人

Essay topic唔好揀咁悶同大路野 佢唔鐘意 新奇啲佢都比較多心機同你consult
Presentation Q&A有機會西你面同問好多問題 但最後我個組份inforgrapic個班最高分(Groupmate其實唔太好重要, 自己一個都完成到)


每次上堂前都要點名 遲過15分鐘就要扣分

GE2412 English for the Humanities and Social Sciences


Peter 上堂會設計好多活動讓大家可以無咁悶 (佢自己都話個課程難)
英文差都唔緊要 Peter唔會特色偏心啲native speaker
Peter功課要求清晰具體 唔洗點追問都會掌握到 同埋佢改功課好細心好詳細 如果主動問問題 佢會好有心同你講更加多comment同詳細點改會更好

Attendance: 記得唔識答都要主動撞下比下反應 Peter好認得人 靠上堂答唔答問題比分
CET: 唔好盡抄sample, 因為大部分sample都係伏 (最好提早做成份先交draft, 等peter直接comment哂你有咩改)
LDP: 咁小字就唔好搵partner, 自己一個完成 好過同人夾
Reflective writing: 要寫得全面 唔好淨係重點講一兩個point
Timed essay: 唔洗太長 我淨係寫左六百字 一定要match題目背景同起承轉合 如果唔係Grammar幾好都扣分 (例如叫你寫個故事 apply 獎學金就一定要前後寫埋apply用途, 你讀邊科, 自己優點, 唔係淨係寫個故事就夠)

功課交之前去ELC writing studio check多幾次唔難靚Grade

GE3108 Language in Art, Invention and Inspiration


continuous participation 20% 只要你肯按時交200幾字assignment 就有分
Mid term 20%
Exam 40%
全部都係open book, 理解能力ok同對文學(?)有興趣基本ok
Term paper 20% 800字essay 唔sure接下來係唔係出會出翻同一個,類似用上堂教過的知識來分析poem/firm script/novel

我覺得個GEok,prof好nice,本人year one bba,英文dse Lv.4 writing 得Lv.3 對於我來講對個grade 都幾滿意(因為我英文真心差),理解能力好同對語言學有興趣的同學可以試一試。

GE1120 Thinking Philosophy: Bridging the Gap between Arts and Sciences


2 short questions x3
1 presentation
1 individual paper

There wasn't any feedback provided which is disappointing as I wanted to know whether my answers were correct after doing pages after pages of reading. I think the presentation was our weakness as more philosophical ideas could be covered.

GE1301 Climate Change and Extreme Weather 氣候變化與極端天氣


There were lots of lengthy assignments on every topic. The PowerPoint slides sometimes have only graphs without any proper explanations and you will have to google what it is about if you don't attend the lecture. The marking was very arbitrary and seemingly unfair. I compared my answers with the full mark answer, which were graded by the teaching assistant, and found mark-bearing points also in my answer on multiple occasions. (But I did not make an attempt to email the prof so I bear some of the responsibility for this) Another example is where the marks discrepancy between me and my 2 friends was very high,50%, 62%, 8x%.

The final project (worth 50% if Im not wrong) (we chose to do a study on the California drought), which was done by me and them, was 27 pages long. I suppose that project salvaged by grade., but not enough to pull it to the A-ranges. Despite the treacherous amount of work, we learn a lot about how climate change is affecting different parts of the world and modern solutions that aim to tackle them.

GE1339 Wireless Connectivity in Modern Society


Pass Failed this course. 2019/20 B.

HORRIBLE course. The content might be interesting, but the questions & assignments make NO sense. Questions asked have nothing to do with concept, but include BASELESS rote learning. Memorizing the country bar codes for every country. Memorizing 5 digit RFID for different applications. Same questions are repeated. Marks are cut even if the answer is correct but not what the prof wants. In MCQ, 3/4 options will be correct, prof himself will agree, but you'll get marks for the one which is "most correct". And that is very very vague. DO not take this course.