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GE1202 Managing Your Personal Finance


It is a very inspiring course that encourages us to start personal financial planning early for achieving the goal of financial freedom. The course is so practical that covers various aspects closely related to our daily life such as investment, housing, insurance, retirement and so on.

Individual assignment (20%): compare different credit cards and write a reflection on an article you selected about personal finance
It is not difficult. Just do some research about credit cards. Relate the selected article with what you have learnt in the course.

Group project (30%): provide a financial plan for the client in the case study
You should start to do it early since you need to spend much time on doing research in different aspects such as mortgage, health insurance plan and mutual fund. Assuming the project as a real case, you need to consider some realistic situations such as inflation, having kids after marriage and change in MPF after job promotion. After finishing the project, you will know more about how to make a sound financial plan.

Exam (50%): MC and long questions
The questions are quite straightforward. Put more effort into memorizing the concepts. Also, make sure that you understand how to do the calculations.

Stephanie is passionate about teaching and very well-prepared for the lectures. She provides lots of examples in daily life and sometimes shares her own experience. It does not only make the concepts more understandable but also make the lectures become more interesting. She teaches us numerous practical skills that can be applied in both the group project and our daily life.
Besides, she is very friendly and helpful. Since I am a science student, most of the concepts in the course are quite new to me so I usually have many questions to ask. She is always willing to help and give me some useful advice like suggesting some books and websites that are useful for me to learn more.

This course is highly recommended, especially for those who are not business students. You can be equipped with lots of useful knowledge after taking the course.

GE2232 Knowing Ourselves Better in Work and Life


Here look at me ( • ̀ω•́ )

I think Toni is a very nice teacher, funny and enthusiastic about her job, You should know that to get a good grade in this course requires a LOTS of reading, the textbook (over 300HKD) is definitely require which you can acquire thought bookstore or friends who have brought it before, and should at least read thoroughly once in that semester to get a good grade in examination.(revision might requires you to read to whole book once more as it was a lot of knowledge that you can easily forget)

Choose you teammate wisely, my teammates were basically all local with one Malaysia girl who generally use Cantonese to communicate despite the fact that I said that l can not understand Cantonese very well, so l just did the job they assigned to me and just let them do all the rest which ended up with a B and C for representation and essay respectively which did not appear to be a surprise to me as l read part of the essay they wrote while doing my part and really thought there were a lot space to improve.

As you can see that it was actually the examination that saved my grade. XD

Finally it was really a great course for the get a grand view of the primary level of psychology and do hesitate to choose this course if you are interested and a hard working student who desires challenge.
(ง๑ •̀_•́)ง

GE1401 University English 大學英語



1. Infographic:分組,3-4人1group,諗個topic,整張圖文並茂嘅海報出嚟,啲圖可能要自製,圖要多,重點要係presentation嗰陣highlight出嚟。唔難,但唔好照住讀,亦都唔好寫定稿。

2. Essay:自由文,議論題,作得正正常常跟足格式佢唔會為難你,Draft交一次比佢睇。


GE1135 Material Culture in Everyday Life in China: A Historical Perspective


There are: 1 group proposal, 1 field trip report, 1 group presentation and 1 individual assignment.

The group proposal is only 15% of the course grade, if you want a high grade, just well-organise the content. It is a easy work.

The field trip report also a easy work since the professor provided several topic to students, it only need 500 words.Add some photos wil be better.

The group presentation only need oral present but written report. A group (with 4-5 grou mates) only have to present 15-20 mins. The professor emphasises content rather than the presentation skill.

The individual assignment topic depends on the group topic. Absolutely, you may change it. The limited words are 2000-2500words.

Although there are 2 free-riders in my group(including me, only 4 in a group ), I can obtain a A-, it implies that the grade depends on your diligence.

GE2214 Gender, Culture and Society 性別文化與性別社會


The lecturer was not able to reach out for consultations. The only time I could ask question was break time.

I will say the content of the course was VAGUE. Lecturer got her point of view and sometimes it could be biased.

Group project:
You gotta design a one-page poster to present your group project. Luckily my groupmates worked very hard especially on the theory and academic research.

Personal quiz (one in-class exam I would say):
Sorry guys, you could not get prepared from notes... What you could do is pay attention to lecture and guess the points lecturer's point of view

GE1212 Personal and Firm Profiling in the Digital Society


The lecture content is straightforward to the business student. Dr Tong is friendly, patient and willing to answer any questions!

Group project:
The project theme was of great importance to capture the attention of Dr Tong. It was about Chinese Intangible cultural heritage and we bought props for classmates to give it a try. Our group also put a high emphasis on the art design of group project ideas, powerpoint slides, and reports.

Personal essay:
You can easily apply the theories you learned in class. I supported with design works and pictures.

GE1352 How Your Brain Works


嗰course好生動有趣,喺講nervous system
有 lecture, tutorial(quizzes), midterm (mc),exam (MC+ long questions)全部close book
13嗰星期有12堂tutorial都有quizzes(我哋同professor反映左,唔知下年會唔會少d)唔好妄想收唔到要quizzes既email. 雖然我成日都妄想。終於最後一次Tutorial冇quiz嘅email,但係其實嗰堂係有quiz(quiz 咗12嗰星期,我嗰班全部人都有温,冇人中招:) 温quizzes變咗係嗰pattern,可歌可泣)
因為tutorial 同lecture 相隔1日,所以上完lecture就預備tutorial嘅quizzes,所以每次上完堂温書測驗會對學咗嘅野更深刻
Exam 有MC+long questions. Long questions共15條,擇其中十條黎做
Ps: 2(transmission of nerve impulses (electrical)),4(好似係講brain engineering嘅野)8(hearing)堂特别難

GE2301 Science and Technology: From Past to Future 科學與科技:過去與未來


唔計attendance分 但有時會tick名
week 1 分組
差唔多每次tutorial 都要有gp mate 做progress report present,一兩分鐘hea hea 哋都得。
本身應該有 今年立法會議員 工程界 既功能組別議員做quest lecture 但係佢當天缺席所以變左Dr Luk講。
內容有啲悶, Mc test 同 exam溫notes 都得。
Exam 記得背Ming Hua 份 sample questions!!!
Dr Luk 部份就冇得背,但係有可能要畫一兩幅圖。

2017/2018 Summer sem 開始有Exam

GE2223 Interpersonal Skills and Positive Personal Development 積極個人成長及人際技巧


Mary 幾好人 記得要consult 否則你無讀過social science會唔識搵咩theory 同埋presentation要有reference (not only website page)
如果你係鐘意走晒堂 咁你唔好reg Mary,走三堂要寫make up essay
Term paper 主要係將theory用落解釋你生活經驗 之後講你有咩planing for 改善你自己待人接物同自己。
好睇重grammar and spellings

GE2229 Uncovering the Global Economy through News 通過時事要聞,理解全球經濟


2 x Assignment
1 x Project presentation with paper (3-6 ppl)
1 x Exam
Workload is very low, you can easily finish the assignment in a day and marks are good. Project is not difficult if you find good partners, remember to consult Peter about the topic and content. He will give very useful suggestions and this will help you to get high marks. I think some DSE econ background is preferred but not necessary since course materials is not difficult to understand. The examination is not difficult, most of the answers you can directly found in notes and discussion questions.
conclusion: highly recommended : )