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GE2327 Green and Intelligent Buildings


變咗2個mid-term + project, 冇咗filed trip
而且大陸佬會每堂會consult,順便take attendance
present Q&A個時Eric會問啲雕鑽同technical啲嘅問題

GE2305 Astronomy - The Sky and Us 星空與人


啲notes同個test完全唔同 教啲野完全冇考過
根本唔知做緊乜 伏到癲千祈唔好揀呢科

GE2106 Philosophy and Life: A Dialogue


1 Final test (8-10 compulsory short questions and choose 2 out of 3 long essay questions in 2 hours if I remember correctly)
1 Group Project (Presentations) Topics chosen from a list provided by the instructor
1 Essay regarding your project topic

If you reg this course and hope for constructive discussion in class, you may be disappointed.

The test:
The test is super difficult. You need to memorize everything from the lecture and the notes. Don't expect open-end questions in the test, only contents taught will be assessed. No critical thinking required, just recite the notes and you will succeed.

Group Project:
The topics are interesting. Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to get a good grade as the main aim of the presentation is not to present your ideas, but to arouse discussion. To say that is a presentation, I would say that it's a discussion led by your group. Also, the duration requirement is quite high, 35 minutes minimum. However, Harris will give you a comprehensive comment after your presentation to help with your essay.

The topics must be the same as your presentation topic, but your thesis or the arguments or the example used can be different. You have 3 weeks to write your paper. The time is quite sufficient.

Overall, I won't recommend you to reg this course unless you are really interested in the topics.

GE2336 Understanding Phenomena Around Us: An Introduction To Systems Thinking


呢個course係SEM major其中一個core course, topic係system thinking,即係要諗有乜野可以影響一個event,跟住呢個event會引起d乜野又會影響番呢個event,形成causal loop(s),就咁講真係幾抽象,唔知up乜,而且好講logical thinking,變左成件事好LS feel

1. homework assignment
2. group assignment
係application of VemSim,一個整causal loop diagram同simulation既software。要做既就係將一個case既causal loop diagram用VenSim畫出黎,再sub番唔同情況落去個software度,形成一個report
3. group project - report+presentation
自選題目,最好做social或者其他比較貼身既topic,選題時要諗清楚可唔可以形成causal loops,咁樣係做pj既時期會順利d
4. examination
open-book,除左lecture notes, assignment+answer key同堂上自己抄既手寫notes之外,建議帶埋字典,唔好失埋d冤枉分,不過個exam唔算易,concept要清
5. attendance
好簡單,唔好走堂,正正常常都會有8分(10分滿分),active participation就可以攞埋淨低果2分

不過始終呢個course都係開左2個sem (16/17 sem b+summer),curriculum同exam既難度有機會再有fine tuning

GE2129 Psychology for Young Professionals 新晉專業人員心理學


1group proj (booklet + poster+presentation)

quiz 唔難MC 黎, 睇過1次lecture note quiz1 個分都90% above
quiz 2 只係多左條short question 但望上去好似好易 (雖然唔知quiz2 咩分)
成份group project 差唔多都係我一個人做晒 (deadline 前幾日開始做). 所以先覺得重workload; 但如果同組肯做workload絕對輕鬆
attendance 唔計分, 所以叫人幫你tick 返個名就得
只可以話 group project 佔好重可以影響起馬1個大grade, 搵好groupmate 比心機做project 好過比心機溫quiz

P.S Dennis 雖然奇奇怪怪但我唔覺得佢似其他人講到咁伏, 比分係正正常常 (利申: 冇consult 過佢) , 幾個friend reg 佢之前都拎過A range

GE2232 Knowing Ourselves Better in Work and Life


As a year 3 student, i find this course is as difficult as my year 3 major core courses. It is true the class is interesting but the exam is very long and include too many details. The exam covers almost all chapters of the textbook. Even major core may not cover as many concepts. Most terminologies could be searched using Google but mc questions are all from the textbook. My score suffered a lot in mc part (i did not buy the textbook). The demand of english is very high, especially in presentation. Fortunately, Toni is very nice and gives us useful advices for the group project that helps to save the grade at the end. Overall, this is an interesting but also very challenging course for junior students.

GE2221 Violence and Crime


今個summer讀既 課程內容超級有趣而且勁輕鬆 但d notes d vocab對我黎講好深
stani教左3堂 其餘都係一個好似叫小梅既女仔教 project都係佢改 佢教得好好架 好好人 睇得出有好好備課
工作量勁低 堂堂都好多片睇 堂堂都講唔夠兩個鐘就落堂 淨低果個鐘可以做group project consult
兩份in class exercise:
唔會話你知邊堂有in class exercise 今個sem就係第4堂同尾二果堂
都係勁勁勁簡單 齋吹水的
一份gp project report:
搵一單暴力既罪案 用教過既theory分析個罪犯心理 同比d solutions佢 唔洗present 大概4千字到 同4個大陸人一組 反而人品好好 又唔aggressive 好勤力默默姦雲 唔會擦prof鞋架 教左我好多寫文技巧 超有交帶 第一次遇到唔會做deadline fighter既組員 交report前二星期已經做哂 覺得做得好好
有mc同fill in the blanks(無提示既 要自己記住哂d keyword)
我覺得都幾難 但其實都係我太心散無心機溫 mc有好多唔sure fill in the blanks果到淨係識2題 其他都係吹 考完好後悔點解唔比心機溫 心諗pk啦 好驚會c 好彩b+ 可能project真係拉返分

總之呢個呢個course真係好好 教d野又有趣 workload又低 比grade鬆手 之前上過同dept叫love sex既ge又係一樣勁輕鬆(果個連attendance都唔計添,次次返去20個人都無)呢個dept真係有良心

GE2129 Psychology for Young Professionals 新晉專業人員心理學


Course work :
Quiz x 2 + Grp Presentation x1
Details :
=>Quiz 1 (MC x 60, cover 頭2個 modules)
=>Quiz 2 (MC x 20 , LQ~300 words, cover 第3個module)
=>Grp Presentation (揀個專業職業, 整booklet (~20-30 pg) + poster)
Quiz 1 & 2 内容唔係同一個tutor教,
*Quiz 1(MCx 20) 係Joseph, 提供詳細清晰ppt 同sample 解釋theory, 明左再記下就ok
*Quiz 2 (MC+LQ) 係Anthony, 主要教答LQ既思路邏輯推論, 幾乎堂堂講similar既野, Theory 唔多教,考前比個範圍大綱,考前1堂大概講下某幾個theory
P.S.如果想A range, 詳背Joseph 既ppt theory/concept/definition, 唔明就search 下;Anthony 教既課題就唔該自主學習啦, 用多d距教既推論方向, 同terms
*Grp Presentation : time management做好d,内容專業d好, presentation 要concise, accurate, meaningful。唔洗present既grp要寫comment紙當attendance, 寫學到d咩professional。你可以做自己野,但好似話張紙計bonus...XD

學到好多Psycho terms,係個學到野而workload又唔算繁重既GE,


GE2404 Asian Literature in English


I am not sure whether Airlie Heung had prepared for her classes. She often seemed too unprepared for the topics she was going to teach.

She had to teach Han Kang's works but failed to identify some essential Korean cultural traits conveyed in the story. She does not know there is democratic election in South Korea and the dynamic social movements that brought about the social changes; she taught Shirley Lim's poetry on HK's Umbrella Movement but missed out the minute details as to why the protesters became disunited like 'pieces of puzzles'.

I wished I had a teacher who treasured her students' time.

GE2232 Knowing Ourselves Better in Work and Life


powerpoint 說不上完全無用,不過大部份都是example,圖畫多過字,對溫集exam作用不大。反而有兩個classwork係 pop-up quiz,與考試會出的MC差不多,都幾有用。老師不會照讀書或powerpoint,課堂是有趣不會悶。個人認為exam 不是內容太難,而是範圍太廣(因為無,midterm,所以所有chapter都考),根本不夠時間讀。