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GE2301 Science and Technology: From Past to Future 科學與科技:過去與未來


Continuous Assessment (60%)
Group project Report (20%)
Group Project Progress Presentations (15%)
Final Group Project Presentation (10%)
Quiz (15%) 20 minutes Around 30 multiple choice questions

Examination (40%)–2 hours

係最後個final group prj present要認真少少
最後兩week present先一定要返
之前嗰啲堂好多走晒 都攞到B+

mid term quiz 同exam都有返同約略溫下

GE1339 Wireless Connectivity in Modern Society


有inclass exercise 但又唔係堂堂有 test exam會出返inclass exercise啲嘢 頭果份又講明要交佢會改 但係最尾一份佢又唔比答案我地 又唔知計唔計分 奇奇怪怪咁
有2份project 第1份都還好 吹下水寫下嘢就ok 第2份先係戲玉 又要整poster又要拍片仲要加字幕又要present
test 2個exam 1個 考埋曬啲無聊嘢 notes入面啲人樣呀年份呀 又會考啲淨係上堂講過嘅嘢 例如有題係問notes入面個圖個衛星係係邊個地方 本身張圖已經係補充資料 你上堂補充個補充資料 大佬邊個會抄低呀
唯一好嘅地方係test 2唔會考返test 1嘅嘢 但係變相要你背得仔細啲 啲咩人樣呀code呀年份全部走唔甩
考試都係咁 考埋果啲無聊嘢 不過最尾一堂會比tips同你講大概考邊 其實作用都係唔大 佢考到咁仔細無聊 仲要全long question
好記得佢講過唔係全部ge都冇用 佢呢科會學到嘢 係 呢科真係學到啲關於wireless technology嘅嘢 但係你考埋曬啲無聊嘢 點說服人?

GE1401 University English 大學英語


Prof. James is nice and makes this GE course be easier. His samples and styles will help you to accomplish a good grade with full of knowledge. The homeworks are presenting below.

1) The weekly assignments are necessary to review your content. It's not hard but relates to the course content each week. (I forgot to complete it one time and lost of my score)
2) The infographic really high impact on the final grade. I suggest you group up with someone who has skills in infographic design. It is a trick for someone who is not familiar with poster design.
3) The academic essay is the most important part. You have to develop the selected topic with taught of references. You might be lost the score if you fail to provide a correct reference style, writing structure, and the level of words.

My score in the last sem
Infographic 15/20 (mean 15.1)
Academic essay 15/20 (mean 13.5)

GE2258 Introduction to Economics


GE2258, for me, is an excellent course! I took it in sem A 2019/20.
1) You have to complete the homework (which related to the lecture) each week. The homework is a multiple-choice question (around 5-6 items per week). Then select one answered the question to explain within 200-300 words.
2) The group project is fantastic. The topic is free to choose from. The only issue that students would remind is trying hard to apply the information from the lecture to explain your selected problem.

P.s. Prof. Ho is very nice and always encourages students to having critical thinking on the samples. If you are looking for someone who has high empathy, Prof. Ho will not make you disappoint :)

GE1129 Creative Photography


This course is a easy course, 4 assignments in total, each contribute 25%. Because I don’t have a pro camera, so I used my phone to take the pictures instead. As a result, the comment given by Phil was like a piece of shxt. Anyway, I got a C+. Reg this course!!!!! If u wanna be a pro photographer.!!!

GE2213 Understanding Uncertainty and Statistical Reasoning 認識不確定性與統計推論


I had actually been very excited to take the course. And, even while doing it i enjoyed doing the presentation and studying for the finals because I was very interested in Statistics. However, I received a B- even after all of this, and when asked as to how this came to the particular grade, I was never told the marks or given any feedback and hence till date I still do not know where I went wrong. I would suggest never to take the course, if you truly want to learn and know what you are doing wrong, as no feedback is ever given.

GE2227 Preservation and Revitalization of Buildings with Heritage Value inside City Environments 城市環境中對歷史價值建築的保育和更新


上堂講嘅嘢完全唔關SLIDES事,其實佢上堂最主要係想同啲MATURE STUDENTS吹水多,但到你上堂都唔會知學咗啲乜,加上佢成日上堂轉CHANNEL,70%廣東話 25%英文 5%普通話 懷疑佢次次上堂都係即興表演,完全唔跟SLIDES。


GE1301 Climate Change and Extreme Weather 氣候變化與極端天氣



完全唔清楚assignment 嘅評分標準,根本唔知道每題大約要答幾多,之後派返出嚟係冇marking scheme睇,答案係乜都唔知

完一個chapter 就有個quiz,好多野溫,d notes 多到歷史書咁,一個ge course讀超多野

仲有group presentation, paper,你想抖嘅時間都冇

唔好以為有geog底就好易handle,你以前學嘅嘢只會幫到你知好小,佢入面有好多sciences concept,或者係你以前geog 學嘅深入版本

GE2401 English for Science 科技英語


1920 semB
Groupmate 垃圾
Groupmate都唔係重點 導師先係極品
自己指示唔清晰 又要賴啲學生冇聽佢講嘢
Canvas 寫到明份嘢係星期六deadline
五組有三組都未交 佢話:我知道如果有大部份人冇交就應該係導師指示唔清晰
但係而家有兩組都有交 證明係其他三組唔聽指示
先唔講佢數學有問題 (2大過3?)佢係英文老師我唔怪佢
仲要嬲嬲豬咁話我哋冇背熟份schedule of lesson
真心 邊個會咁得閒走去背schedule
由其是呢個時勢Online lesson 啲時間又搞到亂晒
你又唔係冇send email
Email 入邊順便提一句好難?
一句講晒:佢個名同佢個人真係好櫬 :)

GE2227 Preservation and Revitalization of Buildings with Heritage Value inside City Environments 城市環境中對歷史價值建築的保育和更新


我其實是先前留言2016/2017 Sem A 'F' grade 的同一個人,
想更正 筆記厚記-視乎個人列印方式-其實只有3-4cm

midterm(MC), final(MC+essays)各一次
要努力背書 (筆記有6-7cm厚)<---此處有錯:只有3-4cm厚

英文差,要讀ELC( EL0200, EL0009)的人,

final MC 同 midterm MC 少量重疊
final eassys有2條大題目

另外1小時 tutorial 分開上,同樣計出席率,形式差不多