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GE1401 University English 大學英語


1. A Killer who appeared to be nice

2. The highest mark of the argumentative essay 1st draft in our class is around 16 to 17. I am one to two marks lower. Infographic (I met free riders) is the average of ALL CLASSES (Congrats to killer class) Self commentary sem end that's y idk. Get a B.

3. My CGPA is lowered thanks to this

4. Good Luck

GE2248 Understanding Persuasion in Everyday Life 說服力-理論及日常實踐


30% Presentation (7-8 people per group)
30% Quiz
20% Individual Paper
20% In-class exercises and participation (Must attend the lecture, must take attendance)

As a local student, I think the course is not difficult, but be very careful when forming groups.
The tutor will ask a lot of questions after each group's presentation.
The individual paper requires you to write around four pages.
If you like skipping classes, then it is not the course you should take. You will get an "F" grade if you skipped more than 3 lectures.
I personally just skipped once because you will have to put your name down on the in-class exercise worksheets which is given out every lectures.

GE1205 Green Economics 綠色經濟學


適合有econ底嘅同學讀,assignment輕鬆,除左econ嘅部分之外都係common sense,quiz冇野要背,不過econ唔係幾好嘅同學就可能要多啲時間溫下啲concept。另外Group project比分算幾鬆手,大家合作啲分好工就輕鬆攞分,我成個project前後用左個幾鐘就搞掂。值得一提嘅係個professor好nice,所以成個course氣氛好輕鬆。

GE2129 Psychology for Young Professionals 新晉專業人員心理學


Background: 今年year 1,揀GE嗰陣時唔知道有GE指南,所以其實係睇到個title有興趣而揀呢科

我呢一班有兩個老師教,頭五堂都係Joseph 教,三堂Miss Pan 教,我會覺得兩個都教得麻麻。Joseph佢上堂唔係會慢慢同你講每一個theory,佢會似用一種同你discuss嘅形式講課(加上佢啲英文講得真係麻麻Hong kong口音,好容易就悶到訓着), 而另一個Miss Pan就相反會將喺PPT嘅每一個point都講一次(不過佢啲英文發音---典型大陸英文發音真係唔准所以其實有時聽唔明佢講乜)。我覺得上呢一個GE最有得着嘅就係佢將最basic 嘅psycho theories 同你介紹 (不過呢啲theories 上網其實好多網站都有介紹,而且仲比上堂更詳細!!!),大概比你taste一下psychology。

成個course 2x quizs, 1x projects (做一份poster and booklet, 加 presentation)
Quiz 1 : 50/60 (佢話係最高個5%) ,ALL MC,Joseph 出,較難
Quiz 2 : 唔清楚,因為唔講 ,MC AND LQ,Miss Pan出,較簡單(不過私底下問過佢佢話LQ基本上答題冇睇錯題目,大家個分數都係差唔多)
Project Presentation : 冇睇到自己幾多分,事後問返佢好似話係班裏邊第二三組高分

Project 方面其實都唔需要太擔心,因為佢有安排到一啲之前讀過呢個course嘅人(they all got A range)做每一組嘅advisors,所有有關題目點樣諗,點樣設計Booklet 嘅嘢問佢哋都得,不過保險啲都好問一問lecturer (始終佢哋比分, 而且嗰一啲advisor之前唔係比同一個lecturer 教,唔同人唔同口味)

Conclusion: 我都recommend人讀嘅,不過如果真心想學野嘅我覺得冇必要上(唔care grade 嘅人,例如我)。

GE1401 University English 大學英語


佢真係hea到痴線 求其跟住啲工作紙讀下就算
每次上堂都遲到(大概遲6mins)放break放20-40mins tick attendance就好遲tick hea就真係hea啦 但grade好爛 明明認真做功課比佢 唔知點解grade都係咁差 唔知係咪之前比人投訴過 攞我地嚟開刀 爛grade之選 ps gp mates英文好好都係b&b- 所以想hea唔怕爛grade先好揀佢!想靚grade就千祈唔好reg佢 伏到喊!!!!!

GE2305 Astronomy - The Sky and Us 星空與人


Google the quiz answers before lessons so you can play computer games. :o)
Final exam is so difficult and even though you have studied all the notes(lecture and word note), you may still don't know the answer. If u have physics and chemistry backgrounds, it will be more easy for you to get high marks in mc part.
For the fill in blanks, just leave it blank is better than writing the wrong answers and deduct marks, as there are not many marks you have owned T.T
Also, it is suggested to go to the solar lab to do the field trip report, my friend and I have done so and we both get higher grade than our teammates who do the VR space trip, even though our final test mark are nearly the same.

GE1205 Green Economics 綠色經濟學


5 bi-weekly journals, 8 course activity sheets signed by your classmate on the class and presentation evaluation report have gave you 23 marks in sort of freely way. The things you need to focus on are just final exam and project report. I did not have any economic background before and have a little impression on the course in 4 days before the examination. After learning about 20 hours, I got a good grade, near the highest grade. For the project, applying what you learn from this course is so important. But once you do like that and have no obvious area to be improved in the project. You will get high level. Doctor Ho is a very friendly and humorous person who you will always like. I learnt many essential economic concept in interesting ways but save much time and energy. I am so grateful for the level I got.

GE2324 The Art and Science of Data 數據的藝術和科學


A good course to learn the very basics of data mining and analysis.

The group presentation is VERY important (50% of your grade)! Best way to get good grades is to pick smart and good English speaking teammates. The group presentation is not too hard if you leave yourself enough time and prepare well.

The Quiz is fairly easy and if you review all your notes, it should be a breeze.

All in all, a very good course with high averages.

GE1326 Common Accidents in Modern Day City Life - Inevitable? Preventable? 一般意外在現代都市生活中是否無可避免?或是可以預防?


Throughout the whole course, I only attended 3 lectures, the first lecture, the quiz, and the presentation.

And the best part is, you only need to come in when you need to present. I only studied one night before the quiz, and I got 36/50, while the mean is 27.3 (or sth similar).

The quiz was quite easy, except for some questions, the wording was a bit confusing.

So chill in class, always watch videos.

Only took 1 night to do the presentation ppt, and 2 hours to write up the report.

Thank you Louis, we love you!!!