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GE1313 Earthquakes 地震


2 Exam (30%+14%)
2 group presentation (21%)
1 group report (28%)
3 in-class assignment (7%)
gp project 要自訂一個同earthquake有關嘅topic,最好自己搵數據,自己整個成品出嚟。
In-class assignment冇乜特別,似係用嚟take attendant,有一兩條問題要答,不過佢會講埋答案。

GE1202 Managing Your Personal Finance


There are two assignments and an exam in this course. I am majoring in accountancy and find this course quite useful in planning for your own asset portfolio. I am honored to get the highest marks in both assignments so in turn getting the A+.

1) Individual Assignment (20%)
Mean 14.x Highest 18.x
It requires you to do a self reflection on a news related to finance. Any topics would be fine. But make sure you write more and include some other references such as graphs and charts about related concepts (e.g. time value of money). Not difficult to get marks above mean.

2) Group Project (30%)
Mean 23.x Highest 28.x
It requires you to draft a personal financial plan to a client which have some misconception on some saving/investment issues. You need to comments on his financial statement (cash flow statement, balance sheet, income statement) and his spending/saving behavior before you suggest ways for him to improve. You need to work on several planning such as insurance planning, tax planning, investment portfolio, etc. Better to search more real products and more content to enrich your financial plan. We wrote around 60 pages and spent around a week on it. Pay more effort as the group project will make your group stand out.

3) Exam (50%)
MC is generally not difficult with around 3-5 tricky questions. Long question is not difficult if you are allowed to use a financial calculator. We have formula sheet to be provided so the questions require you to apply the formula more than memorizing stuff. If you are familiar with the calculation and have a look on all powerpoint slides, it only takes you about an hour to finish the exam. Lots of people leave earlier.

Stephanie is quite nice and willing to share her own experience to us. We learn a lot of new terms which may not be heard in other courses (unless you study in finance major). Study in summer semester is quite harsh if you do not plan your time well (I am one of the deadline fighter-.-). It really takes some time to do a practical and feasible financial plan for the client.

GE2221 Violence and Crime


一份group project,揀一個crime case黎分析,自由度幾大下,
一個MC and fill in the blank test,題目好straightforward,溫曬ppt就會識。
Lai Ding Kee幾hea下,其他兩個PHD學生負責教書。
本身預B range, 最尾出黎A-,比想像中輕鬆~

GE1202 Managing Your Personal Finance


(Non-BBA, but reged CB2100 before)

The course is not hard in the contexts. With a lot of dimensions to learn and weird classifications of the knowledge, you should not expect to know how to create a full map for this course.

PMF related report and research - average grading
Group Project - Same material for every group and average grading

Final Exam is a bit harsh as there are a lot of things about insurances (should be around 30%) which is not well-stressed. If you unluckily happen to do something stupid in the calculation prob, you should get 1 to 2 small grade less than your grpmates.

Steph is not going to teach this course again in a period of time.

GE2110 Experiencing our Built Environment: Appreciation of Contemporary Architecture 體驗環境:賞析當代建築


This course is.... flaw. Architecture is an abstract thing and ok,,, i learnt something,,but the exam is totally ridiculous. you are required to answer who is the architect of the buildings and what is the name of the architecture. Who the fuck cares about this if you do not study architecture?!
Overall, it doesn't derseve you to take this course if you want to get a good grade (for non-architecture/BSE/CIVIL/Structural major students).

GE2129 Psychology for Young Professionals 新晉專業人員心理學


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GE2221 Violence and Crime


應該係派grade 科,好hea甘過左呢個summer..

summer 頭兩堂就係聽seminar同埋做2張worksheet (計in-class ex)

之後做一份project 5個人一組,唔晒present.

再起堂上做一份in-class ex。

last lesson會有一份Quiz, MC + 2版short question.

MC都係半識半唔識,Short question 幾乎空晒。因為淨下睇左幾眼PPT。無溫過書甘。

最後Final Grade B,都有少少意外。輕鬆之選~~

GE1212 Personal and Firm Profiling in the Digital Society


但記住每一份都好重要 一份都不能小
決定生死係individual ass 同group project
千奇唔好ON99咁以為自己D point 好岩
一定要聽professor 意見 因為係佢比grade 你
另外有個quiz 係堂上做但唔洗驚因為 google 有哂答案

GE2109 Love, Sex, and Relationships: Psychological Perspectives 人際關係中的性與愛


但每次上堂都係照讀ppt, 每堂都要tick attendance
悶到仆街 仲要d project改完又改 次次跟完佢改就話唔岩
個lectuerer亂比分 同我同group既free rider反而有B