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GE2240 Sustainable Development in China and its Global Impact


For a student who has all China courses in a single semester, it is definitely interesting for me to take this course though it does not stress too much on critical thinking. Anyways, good combination of group mates and hard work matters so to speak.
You gotta be very outstanding in sense of analysing and gathering information in a witty way in guaranteeing you the best grade. Straight A (s) gogogo! :DDD

If you expect it to be very hea, then yeah you can give it a try but surely you won't get a perfect mark for like A- or above. Haha

1 individual essay on any preferred sustainable China topics
15-min group presentation
30-min final group presentation
1 final group report (follow-up of final group presentation)
2 bonus marks for Q&A sections

GE1501 Chinese Civilisation - History and Philosophy 中國文化-歷史與哲學


上課前從未對tutor作過任何了解,經過一學期學習,俞發覺得物超所值,我本身是ddl fighter,在ddl一周前開始構思final report,期間約時間做consultation,最後抱佛腳send email做darft review, tutor從始至終都好有耐心指出不足,解答問題。
後來聽說tutor之前亦是城大的學生,自然有reg過cciv,想必非常理解不少學生所說 ‘理科生不了解歷史‘ ‘文學素養不高如何作文‘此類難處。

A range tips:

GE1320 Engineering Your Health


1. 3次quizzes(30%)
2. 1 project (report+presentation) (40%)
3. exam (30%)
quiz 雖然系mc, 但係要揀曬啱嘅答案出黎(唔系普通mc)。有d mc 題目notes系冇講過(20題入面有2-3題). 三次quiz,預計自己都有7成.
project 自定topic,冇咩guideline,點做都得。
exam可以俾你帶1張cheat sheet,但有d題目notes冇講,所以都系唔會識做。
哩個GE好彩有拉curve同有份project,如果唔系實B range

GE1125 Architecture and Space in Chinese Culture 建築空間與中國文化


始終係GE 唔會好technical 適合想對中國建築有更多基本認識既人
今個sem因為太多人reg 所以無得去field trip

建築方面都講得幾全面 唔只係講外表上睇到既野
會講埋同期既文化 歷史 環境 都好易明 唔使文史哲底
上堂老師會成日補充好多ppt slide冇既野 想學野真係要上堂
偶爾有take attendance

group essay (include a chart) + ge lab visit & worksheet + quiz + personal essay
除左worksheet&quiz 其他我覺得只要show到係有passion result就會好好 尤其係group essay
因為自覺personal essay無寫得好好 group mate應該好比心機寫 但全組都係A
quiz唔難 一課出一條MC 係你睇肯唔肯溫晒佢

GE2252 Transport and Development


This subject is only useful if you are really interested in the curriculum and are expected to possess certain level of fundamental knowledge in the field of civil engineering.

Jason to a certain extent is an excellent teacher in terms of his passion yet is far from praise-worthy in terms of giving clear instructions and proper delivery of lecture. It's not interactive and drive people to sleep.

Guidelines were not given and has broken his promise in setting the questions within the scope.

GE1126 Law for Smart Consumers


Presentation marks : 9X/100
Assignment marks: B range
Final presentation and product: unknown

Professor and tutor:
1. Professor julia -
-上堂會比好多example ,用解concept 解得好清。 會上堂成日問人問題。唔識答都無問題。成日問完都係得果幾個答佢。
-比grade 較為手緊。但最尾會同instructor 對grade
2.Instuctor Yaolin:
-超好人,問佢要其他source 都比 。
-tutor 係佢比分。 佢會比到好高分。
-可以問佢寫reference letter.

主要讀Hong kong legal system, contract law, tort (negligence only), ADR
-用果本書同LW 2903 business and law 一樣,讀過就好易。
-之前讀過唔洗點聽書。有人訓曬覺都有A- (final grading)

2. 要做一個case study presentation, assignment (1份),final presentation (tangeble product) advise d customers. (e.g. Video + infograpgic + poster + games)
case study 唔太難,小心D就OK,
assingment 唔比同人傾, 我諗佢意思係你唔好比佢睇到你同人傾,2個星期做。

++ of choosing this course
1. 個course 學到好多野,唯一一個school of law既 ge course (civil law)。Julia係harvard law school grad.上佢堂學佢思維。有用。
2. 靘grade。好似好多野做咁。但都係deadline前幾日做。
3. 實用性高。 你讀完去買野知自己有咩rights。唔似其他course.讀完唔會用到。

-- of choosing this course:
無讀過law course 可能好辛苦

Further tips:
唔好做freerider. 因為case presentation and final presentation 加埋60 % (20 +40 %). 有個人freeride presentation 完全無野講。final 坐埋一邊。好大機會fail.
Attendance 你幫你個friend 點完。佢會又點多之名。唔洗幫你個fd簽

GE1350 Essential Mathematics in Daily Life


Quiz 30%
Assigments 20%
Exam 50%

成個sem得四份assignment (各25%)
所以雖然唔take attendence 但唔建議走堂(同埋你唔會知佢幾時比)

每一課都會有problem set 比你做
Quiz 基本上有溫書有做problem set 就冇問題
同quiz 既難度差好遠
所以冇數底既人reg 之前請三思

有project (individual) 但唔係一定要做
好似係拍一條 3-5 mins 既片
計成個course bonus 3%
week 11 定 12 先同你講detail
所以唔得閒同對個grade 有信心就唔駛理

Prof 超好人
但因為exam 同拉curve 冇數底既人就唔建議reg 啦

GE1121 The Japanese Way of Tea: History, Arts, Architecture and Philosophy 茶道:歷史、藝術、建築與哲學


Melody is a good professor in terms of teaching or explaining the requirement of the assignment, she might not be a lenient examiner when marking assignment/giving grade.

20 % Class Participation
Tutorial/Lecture would take attendance, don't skip any of it. DONT SKIP the presentation session in last 2 lecture since you have to fill in the evaluation form for each group and it count into your participation.

30 % Group Presentation & 20 % Reading Assignment
Creativity Matters. You have to be creative enough in order to satisfy a demanding Melody.

CITATION MATTERS !!!!!!!!!! Check more than twice when it come to citation, Melody will be able to find every mistake on citation.

30 % Two Quizzes (MC)
First quiz is difficult, you have to deal with the weekly reading otherwise you can't answer them.
Second quiz is relatively easier just because the question was mainly from the lecture notes, don't over-estimate it.
The reason I got B was because I didn't study enough for the quizzes, it is my fault.

Overall comment:
You don't know whether the quality of your assignment/presentation can satisfy Melody so quiz is fetal for B+/A range.

If you want an interesting GE with Japanese tea culture/tea room visit, go for it.
If you want an relaxing/low-workload/good grade GE, find another one.

P.S: The previous comment said the lecture about philosophy taught by Dr.Wang was boring. I don't really think so, his teaching performance was even better than Melody herself. Remember to attend those 2 lecture, it is inspiring.

GE2125 The Bible: Its History, Literature, and Influence


1. Class Attendance and Participation (10%)
TA would use card reader to take attendance at the first 15 minutes of every lecture/tutorials. If you care your grade, don't skip any of the it.

2. Online Homework (15%)
There were 3 online homework in this semester. Each homework contained 5-7 short questions related to the teaching material covered in the tutorial. You would have no problems to get all the answers if you have attend those tutorial session. John would give one week for us to complete the task on Canvas, though you only need 15-30 minutes to finish them.

3. Presentation (15%)
The group presentation topic on week 7 while the presentation would take place on week 11-13. It is just a 20 minutes presentation with a group of 6 with a straight-forward topic (i.e: The life of King David). John would use a timer during the presentation and those over-run would be stopped. Be mindful of the time management. A contribution form of each group-mate is required for assessment.

4. Assignment (25%)
It contained 36 questions with varied format, you will have 3 weeks to complete all of them on canvas. The answers of those question won't be covered in the lectures/tutorial, you have to find the answer by using google or the search function on the "bible gateway.com" as most of the questions requires you to focus on the specific verse of the bible text.

Although the assignment itself was not difficult, it was time-consuming to locate the answer (especially the last part of the assignment). Please reserve more time for that (at least 3-4 hours), I am sure that you will in trouble if you rush the assignment before the deadline.

4. Term Paper (1000-1200 words, 40%)
The Final boss who determined your grade.The topic of the term paper was quite difficult.
i.e.: "Make comparison between the New covenant and the covenant in Hebrew Bible (i.e: Mosaic covenant)."
You will have a month of time to complete the paper.

Overall Comment:
John teaches really well and I enjoyed his lecture very much. The instructor himself don't "promote" the religion but just focus on Bible in an objective manner. The workload was reasonable as well.

This course suitable to those non-christian who wished to know more about bible or those christian who wished to study Bible from the academic perspective.

1. Christian/耶撚 don't have absolute advantage in the course, A range is not guaranteed if you just love your god without actual understanding with Bible's theme. If you want to indulge in your love/passion to Christianity, BACK to your church and don't reg this course.

2. Don't need to buy the textbook since it won't be used in lecture/assignment and it is quite expensive. You can find it the library if you want to read it.

3. Please noted that the weight of each coursework had been adjusted in the course outline:
50 % Final Paper ; 40% Assignment ; 10% Class Participation
The workload seems to be lighter after adjustment.

GE1326 Common Accidents in Modern Day City Life - Inevitable? Preventable? 一般意外在現代都市生活中是否無可避免?或是可以預防?


Individual Assignment 5%
Mid-Term Test (Only Multiple Choice Questions) 15%
Questionnaire feedback questions about the computer virtual reality learning 3%
Mini-project Presentation Part (Individual assessment) 10%
Mini-project Full Report Part (Individual assessment) 17%
Exam (MCQ format plus Long Question) 50%

Louis會比exam, mid-term既example questions我地,所以大概知道應該點溫書
雖然有group paper,但係係individual咁比分,唔驚比人freeride

GE2221 Violence and Crime


Coursework同final test嘅比重就睇下面啦。
final test有啲難,因為sem尾好多野做,淨係用一左一日半時間溫,好多野背,有啲心理學上嘅term要分得好清。份卷又有好多題係問兩句statement前後對錯,呢part真係要好熟先答到。開頭做完仲好驚會爛grade,因為真係有啲送分題都答錯,可能因為project拉到分。
如果有興趣可以讀下。但final year就唔好啦 無謂令自己擔驚受怕畢唔到業
P.S. 佢啲ppt簡短得尼得Definition 要聽佢講/自己上網查先知點解

GE1106 Chinese Art Appreciation 中國藝術賞析


This course includes 4 open-book quizzes which are very easy and you actually can find the answers on the internet.

For the presentation, PY is a nice teacher who will give you feedbacks very soon after you send her an email. Consultatation is suggested for setting up the topic of your project and presentation.

In terms of the final paper, the requirement is 1500-2500 words. I wrote about 1500 words but still got A. She kept emphasising that she won't be lenient when it comes to giving marks to the paper but she actually didn't. All my groupmate got at least B+ and most of us got grades in A range.

Highly recommended course in area 1 for those who want to get high grade without making much effort!

GE3104 Data is Beautiful: Visualization in the Humanities


Recommend the course without reservation. The course mainly talks about how to use different software to visualize some features of the text. The workload is heavy: paper of 2500 words, 10min individual presentation, a proposal and a final exam. My presentation is no creative, but I got an A-. Already satisfying.

GE1340 Materials, Civilization and Modern Development


Almost every week will have a quiz.
Also, there will be a individual lab report.
Lastly, there is an exam. (All long questions)

For quiz, I got around 80% mark for each quiz
For individual lab report, we dont know the mark as he didnt distribute to us
For exam, I answer 70% of the questions.

To conclude, I dont recommend students who dont have science or engineering background to take this GE course as we have to memorize lots of science stuff and some of them are easy to understand. Exam syllabus is quite broad and hard to memorize all of them.