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GE1129 Creative Photography


I had the classes via ZOOM and there are only 3 assignments:
1) Portrait 2) Decisive moment 3) Creative Landscape OR Storytelling

I was an beginner at photography beforehand, so I was worried about my lack of technical knowledge, but as long as you have artistic sense, like understanding motif, conveying meaning etc, you are good to go.
Light workload is a plus for this course too.

Phil is very chill and funny at times, even though he is slow in replying emails. The photographers we discussed are intriguing too, so if you are interested in creative photography / have weird thoughts or art sense, welcome to register this course! You won’t regret it!

GE2306 Energy and Technology 能源與科技


Professor Shek teaches the first half of the course and he is a very polite and helpful teacher. The course is fairly straightforward and going through the lecture notes carefully is enough to get a good grade. The second half of the course is taught by Jr-Hau (JH) He whose english is heavily accented but does answer any question you have.

GE1320 Engineering Your Health





GE2303 Save the Earth: Sustainable Development


輕鬆,今次有得揀唔駛用BLM而去普通寫份green technology嘅essay ,所以assignment輕鬆好多。
quiz同exam 都係吹水野,答三條long question,而且因為唔考software,有幾課唔駛溫.

GE1320 Engineering Your Health


有bio底可以讀會比較輕鬆,但如果你係對人體結構比較好奇想當common sense 咁學下但係又冇Bio底,咁你要預咗花好多時間去吸收上堂去聽同埋溫習佢講嘅嘢,佢每一堂都係唔同老師,教嘅嘢算係深入,連你諗唔到嘅一幅圖一堆唔為意嘅字都可以考到,個人認為microarray bioPhotonics 係最難。呢個課程會講好多topic但係每一個topic都唔會講好入。有2次closed book Mc quiz,出嘅嘢深入但係唔知點解有人係可以好高分,我自己兩次都係below mean and 50% of full mark。
至於40% group project ,最好搵有底嘅隊友,Topic自訂,但係由於佢唔會比template 唔會比suggestion 話邊一個topic好,自訂題目要小心啲,做嘅過程要不斷email問佢問題,因為唔問就唔會知道佢嘅要求同埋想你寫啲乜嘢。Btw佢本身覆email都算快。
30% 考試會可以俾你帶一張貓紙。建議快啲溫書諗吓自己有啲咩唔識寫落嗰張紙度,程度同quiz差唔多。

GE1501 Chinese Civilisation - History and Philosophy 中國文化-歷史與哲學


2019/20 Summer

口頭報告後,老師好清晰同有耐性咁向我哋組講解final paper有邊啲地方可以改進,然後佢認真解答我哋嘅疑問,同埋主動比有建設性嘅意見,啲意見真係好有用!

GE1353 Science, Buddhism, and Life


I am responding to the student who wrote in English and got a B grade. Absolutely double-standard lecturer. Being strict and stubborn on student’s deadlines and arrangements (with little mercy) while failing to redeem his own promises. Always say “I am a strict teacher” but being not strict for his words. The grade is already there. But Alex if you see this, would you just be a little responsible and tell us what happened, simply by writing a post on canvas? Such a behaviour is unacceptable even as a student, let alone a Uni lecturer. Please be a man of your words, not a coward like this.

GE1109 Values and Justice in the Contemporary World


People who love philosophy would find this course interesting as it covers topics like justice,governance,moral values etc.The teacher is willing to answer your questions during lessons and after lessons.However,the guidelines for online test and individual paper is a bit unclear so you can't tell whether you have written in a appropriate way and have met his requirements.

GE1350 Essential Mathematics in Daily Life


當初因為冇grp project reg呢科
冇數底冇諗過攞到A+ 真係幾好讀
workload又細 得4份asm+midterm+exam 每份asm得3題 大約1個鐘就完成 有上堂一定識做 佢會俾hints
Jon Lo好好人 有咩唔識問佢都覆得好快又詳細
不過冇數底嘅人上堂真係要好留心同要勤力溫書 我係zoom上 好多時都有唔明要重睇recording 同埋真係做咗好多次佢俾嘅problem set做到熟曬先有呢個grade

GE1342 Light: from Double Rainbows to Optical Fibers


week3/4/5 quiz,不斷刨notes係唔夠仲要認真上堂,每分每秒都唔可以聽漏,因為題目就係出佢講嘅野多。
week5 交Project(PPT+2000words writing ),如果你臨交一個星期之前先做chur死你。Q&A問得好深入,要認真搵清楚所有資料,每一個角每一副圖。
week6/7 present 冇堂上。20分鐘present,只要準備好200%present內容就夠。



GE1353 Science, Buddhism, and Life


I took the course during COVID-19 so the class was done online. However, Alex Wong chose not to record and upload the lectures online. When students emailed him saying they’re residing in countries where the time zones are very different he responded rudely and did not care.

I would say approximately 20% of the class is taught in Chinese with 20% of the lecture notes also written in Chinese despite Alex Wong knowing there are non-Chinese students in class.

As for the course work, the teacher did not give us any guidelines and criteria on how to answer his very vague coursework questions. Students asked for grades and feedback on their coursework so they’d know where they could improve but Alex Wong replied grading takes a long time and I will release some grades in 2 weeks- he never did so. We were not returned a single grade on any of our work.

The professor said in the first class that he doesn’t give As and A+ and ultimately, he was was uncooperative, stubborn, and unclear. I strongly suggest to not take this course.