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GE2204 Business Ethics and Society


For a GE course I think the workload is unreasonably high. The exam is heavily based on the text book which requires extensive studying after class. This GE course seems more like a core subject due to its workload and strict attendance requirements. I suggest anyone who want to take this course to rethink again as it will possibly pull down you CGPA if not managed appropriately. Even if you attended all lessons and submitted all in-class discussion worksheets, assignments, the risk of failing the exam is high if weekly revision is not conducted. I urge you to RETHINK before taking this course !!!

GE1501 Chinese Civilisation - History and Philosophy 中國文化-歷史與哲學


2019/20 Sem A (上面冇得禁)


至於Tutor,幾好人,肯答你野,present Q and A會比好多補充同方向你去做埋之後份essay。第一堂抽題目,分別係音樂、對聯、詩歌、園林同繪畫,之後就住呢5個範圍做present同final essay。只要present多問問題(但唔好問垃圾),consult一吓拎佢啲意見,再跟佢嘅instruction去做,就拎到A range。

GE1351 Food Production in the Modern World


GODDD please do NOT reg this course if you are not from the science background! I took this course with 90% of classmates majoring in vet. They are super nice and friendly, just like the professor... BUT YOU CAN HARDLY CATCH UP WITH THEM since they are all experts in the field as a beginning. I usually score A range in most of the courses and this ruined my transcript. Regret not to drop it.

GE2217 Power and Politics 權力與政治


i forgot the lecture name, it was a girl, she was the worst lecturer ive ever had. teh course is too vague. she never provides exactly what shes looking for in your presentation and individual work. dont even have a proper attendence sheet for class. We asked her serveral time to provide us guidelines at least a marksheet to get an idea of what shes looking for in our presentation, the while class asked for it and she kept saying she cant provide it, or its useless its only for me to mark for your grammars etc. dont take this course really.

GE1129 Creative Photography



GE1205 Green Economics 綠色經濟學


唔係講笑 中學有讀econ 攞5 同一個sem我都有讀Micro 的確讀啲嘢好相似
但project食得屎 佔分幾重
自問考試都識晒 背又背晒 唔多明點解大家話佢係靚grade
Weekly journal都好俾心機寫
點知 佢自己親口話
'就算你嗰個禮拜寫自己淨係做垃圾分類扔係黃啡藍回收桶 都係俾一樣分 唔使咁俾心機寫'
如果你只係想要一科唔太重Workload嘅 呢個真係OK
但係咪俾人吹捧到勁靚grade 要搶位呢 絕對保留呢個觀點
另外HTM真係幾好笑 係上堂講啲嘢9到好笑(貶意)

GE1137 Movies and Psychology


This course is relatively easy but not well graded (I was told this course was graded well). Not only did my group get a bad grade, but the next group also got a low grade. This course takes a small proportion of the exam, and the papers take a larger proportion than usual. I personally don't recommend this GE, as long as this GE I got a C range. However, if you want to easily spend a semester or recommended.

GE1342 Light: from Double Rainbows to Optical Fibers


其實係Summer Sem讀
2-3 Quiz
1 Final Test
1 Lab Report
1 Final Project (5 people in one group)
想講自問寫曬筆記已經好努力溫書 自己有興趣讀 Final都儘量寫
Concept都清晰 從小對Physics有興趣 有自己學習過
無俾到功課分我地睇 透明度有啲低 唔知道點解佢會fail自己
Tutor好好可以任問 但係我有試過quiz完 想問佢攞marking scheme溫書
佢答我 上堂都教過曬 所以無marking 咁我話想攞翻份卷佢又話唔得
因為佢出題目啲分好模糊 2分又有 30分一題又有 但係佢無指示話要寫幾多
基本上都係一張白紙 橫線都無 (我已經畫埋圖解釋,盡左力)
個人覺得有無Physics底都唔重要 就算你識曬都好 作答上都有一定嘅模糊同埋困難 建議唔好reg 如果唔怕嘅同學仔都可以試下reg伏下hehe

GE2109 Love, Sex, and Relationships: Psychological Perspectives 人際關係中的性與愛


professor 正,講英文好好聽,課程內容生動有趣,好輕鬆拎高分,基本上有上堂就會A range到,progress report比果啲advice都好有用,跟住啲feedback做個final project就會高分,呢科最緊要係搵隊友,啲隊友好靠得住,堂堂LOL帶我上白金睇住Netflix都輕鬆A-,就知係好科啦,仲唸咩啊,快啲reg啦!!!

GE2338 Internet Applications and Security


Ek het die regte antwoorde in die middel- sowel as die finale punt gehad. Hy gee nie om of jy die regte antwoorde kry as jy nie sy 'pad' volg nie, jy sal nie die antwoord reg kry nie. Ek het hom gekontak om seker te wees dat hy my goed reg gegradeer het, en hy het gesê dat hy seker was dat ek verkeerd was en dat hy reg was sonder om eers my resultate na te gaan of wat ek hom beleefd gevra het om na te gaan. Hy verduidelik graag dinge in kantonees en buitelandse studente kan dit nie verstaan nie. die groepprojek hou nie eens verband met die kursus nie en die instruksies is redelik vaag. Die tutor kon skaars Engels praat en was verskriklik om te verduidelik (student op die vasteland)