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GE1134 Movies and Psychology


I study it at 19/20 SemA. I cannot identify the appropriate sem so i just randomly select one and type it here.

Just watch movie and discussion for different topics during lecture. Week 1 is introduction of the course. A topic is being covered for 2 weeks. The first 2 hours of first week is teaching of concepts on a specific topic. The third hours will start watching the movie with Chinese subtitles. At the first 1-2 hours, just continuous to watch the rest of the movie with English subtitles and start group discussion on 4-5 questions after that. The worksheet need to be submitted at the end of the class. It is a routine process every two weeks. The lecturer may give some tips and ask some guiding question at they first group discussion.

For group discussion, totally depends on your groupmates. I am quite lucky to have a group of active and hardworking groupmates. Our group went well in all group discussion.

And this is one and only individual assignment - a story book. It is a psychological analysis of a movie of your choice and your personal refection after watching the movie.

Originally, there is a quiz accounting for 40% covering all topics. As physical class suspended at the end of Sem A, it is cancelled. This 40% is allocated to the Individual assignment, make the story book accounts for a total of 75%.

Perhaps the only difficult point of this course would be that it starts at 0900.

following the is course grade % allocation:
Group Discussion 25%
Individual Assignment - Story Book 35% ==> 75%
Quiz 40% **Canceled

For you reference, my group discussion mark is as following:
#1 3/5
#2 5/5
#3 4/5
#4 Not disclosed
#5 cancelled
I do not know the marks for my individual assignment as well.

GE1501 Chinese Civilisation - History and Philosophy 中國文化-歷史與哲學


If you want to be respected by others, DO NOT choose CALVIN WONG .

He is the one who will SATIRIZE you when you just ask a simply question about a topic in the course and he says "this is a common sense" but never give you constructive response.

There are many good teachers in GE 1501, it is better to choose those good teachers rather than choosing a teacher who behave in bad manner and never show his professional skills.

Good luck to you all.

GE2322 The Nobel Spirit


其實係19/20 Sem A讀但無得俾我揀
大致上同之前同學講既一樣,不過今年多左exam,要考諾貝爾獎得主生平同guest lecture內容
呢科自由度好大,堂上基本上唔教書,主要靠canvas discussion自主學習
Area 3少有唔使science底都讀到既科

GE4103 Technologies in Art, Science and Everyday Life


Nice course if you like philosophical discussions about the role of technology in your daily/academic life. Really good teacher that understands and helps you anytime. The workload is okay, not heavy. No group projects and exams.
A few exams (easy)
Technological diary
Technological diary(choosing 1 from each area and writing about it)
Excursion Report (trip)
Final project (essay)

GE1204 Living with the Unexpected and Unknown in Modern Society 生活在不能預測的現代社會


Account開既科 但第一堂已經講明係完全唔洗計數

individual assignment有2份 計最高分個份 比分好鬆

Group presentation 都幾HEA下
會跟人名分組 workload唔大 兩星期時間準備

冇MID-TERM,會有幾堂講哂EXAM MC既ans
會計attentance,通常落堂上一兩個鐘既GP DISSCUSSION時間點埋

但GRADE就感覺佢係按心情比-.- 好飄忽

GE2412 English for the Humanities and Social Sciences


2019/20 SemA讀
language discovery project 1000 words
Inclass timed essay
Reflection on inclass essay 200 words
Critical Exploration of Text 750 words

成個course算輕鬆,language discovery project係2-3人一組寫1000字,好易寫爆字,份野個內容有啲似linguistic啲野,研究下邊啲字係邊個範疇比較常用,解釋下原因咁。
最難搞係inclass essay,似dse eng writing。預先畀8條題目你,主要係寫返你自己嘅個人經歷,例如遇過最大嘅困難、你買過最難忘嘅嘢。難係難在我已經好耐冇寫過呢啲文,好多字都唔記得點串。建議大家可以8題都寫定大綱,查定啲會用到嘅字先。

GE1501 Chinese Civilisation - History and Philosophy 中國文化-歷史與哲學


2019/20 Sem A讀

著名講師李果呢點就唔駛多講,year 1 Sem A就reg到真係好好彩。
更好彩既係遇到一班好比力好比心機既Groupmates:) 大家一齊奮鬥,一齊共享靚grade
不過都係hard work pays off,consult多啲就會知tutor想要啲咩

GE1401 University English 大學英語


I took this course in 2019/20 Sem A.

Mark is a very passionate teacher. He encouraged students to actively participate in the class and would make some jokes to make the lesson even more engaging to students sometimes. He responds to email very efficiently and that happens even on weekends, so do ask him questions if you have something uncertain or need his advice. I enjoyed taking his course so much. I agree that Mark is not a teacher who will give A grades easily, but hard work will certainly pay off 

Though I got an A-, I must admit that the course itself is not a good grade course too. So you don't have to be picky about the teacher. Every teacher would give A grades, B grades and so on. I'm sure that if you work hard, you will do decently in the course, no matter who the teacher is.

Here are some tips for getting a decent grade in GE1401:

Infographic (20%): Pick a controversial topic that contains both advantages and disadvantages. You don't have to create a wonderful art piece, just put things in a clear and concise way. Less is more. Don't be afraid if you met free riders, I met free riders in this assignment but I still got 15.5/20 myself. Do ask for the teacher's advice so as to ensure that you are on the right track. In the lesson, Mark did provide some good and bad samples of infographics. If you are a lazy person like me (also don't do good in art), you may just directly "copy" the styles of the good ones while doing your work.

Argumentative Essay (20%+20%): This part depends heavily on the teacher's requirements. Do listen to his/her requirements and be prepared to ask them questions to see if your essay/style/whatever element in the essay is good to them. You may also join the ELSS essay reviewing services if you need more advice from different people. (fyi) I get my work done two weeks before the deadline and joined 3 essay reviewing services.

Self-Assessment Commentary (15%): For this semester there was the early class suspension. SAC becomes an option for students to choose whether to do it or not. Mark would give feedback and grades to students after submission and I think my grades are quite good, I didn't do the SAC so no advice, sorry!

Participation (5%): Do attend every class and answer questions. Be engaged. Do approach the teachers whenever you have any questions or inquiries.

Btw, don't know if this piece of information would be useful: I got an overall mark of above 80 and that's A-

I hope the above would be a useful comment. Gayau guys!

GE2304 Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Young Professionals 青年人創新創業基礎


Dr. Sun is a very passionate teacher who is willing to inspire students.
However, I think the grades really depend on the "creativity" of your work and your groupmates' efforts. If you are lucky, you can get a higher grade.
In general, this course helps you know more about innovation and stuff, like intellectual property rights.

GE1202 Managing Your Personal Finance


無BAFS / Finance底我都覺得冇咩所謂。

D in-class我覺得都幾難,但好彩我果陣有source,
最後全部啱曬。然後quiz / exam D MC都幾唔直接,
同埋唔可以淨係用lecture notes入面教過嘅point

btw幫大家整理左一啲有用嘅material,包括3份project + 我自己整嘅notes + practice question,大家可以參考下https://payhip.com/b/Qor8
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Good luck!