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GE2247 Social Innovation and Entrepreneurial Venture Exploration (SIEVE)


I prefer course that does not stick closely with the course text and this one is perfect for me. We are allowed to choose our topic, tools, and even ways of presentation. There are lots of flexibility in our assignments (but some may feel loss with the simple assignment guideline). The assignment allows students to explore social issues of HK and come up with any solutions. The preparation can be tiring (most of the workload lies in the group report) but I find very fruitful. I have a much deeper understanding about this city after taken this course. It is fun and interesting.

GE3105 The Nuclear Imagination: Japan and Beyond 對核能的想像:由日本說起


Workload: Really not much

There have 5 reading journals to do. Comment on the reading journals.

Not take any attendance. Students can skip the class.

The content of the class: All about Japan history and wars

There have a mid term test.

Have a drama performance in the last week.

GE3202 Citizen Journalism and Civil Society 市民新聞與公民社會


Fortunate to get a B+ with late submitting the video.

Attendance checking - by doing online mini quizzes. scores in mini quizzes does not count into the final grade. so just get them done.

2 quizzes throughout the course - multiple choices + short questions (10 marks X 2). relatively difficult. be familiar with your ppt notes.

video + report - group work. analyse a social issue. better have someone good at video taking and editing in your group

bonus points - answering & asking questions in class.

GE1122 Animals and Animal Welfare: An Interdisciplinary


Overall speaking, this is a well-organized course with not-so-heavy workload. in-depth studies into animal welfare and the problematic human view that we are used to.

The tutor is quite strict as to class discipline. If you appear after he took the attendance, you are likely to be seen as absent. Attendance and class participation are important. DO NOT eat in class and DO NOT talk to your peers except you are told to discuss. Seems that he did not jot down who answered his questions in class but raising your hands from time to time may leave good impression.

The tutor routinely go through his powerpoint in the lecture, with quotes and philosophical concepts, and followed by movie depicting the concept he taught. The movies are all well-selected and the classes were enjoyable. One point to note is that the lectures were conducted somehow similar to tutorials.

1 open-book quiz - give full answer in an essay format. quite straight-forward, similar to the discussion questions in class

1 group presentation - pay attention to what he demands. consult him a few times if you are not certain. learn from your classmates presentations and you'll know what is needed. good to create your own topic but bare in mind it's not easy.
20 mins presentation + 20 mins discussion (discussion is important)

1 field-trip report (per group) - visited Kadoorie Farm. guidelines were given and answer the discussion question with 800 words. easy task.

1 individual assignment. - 1000 words. marking rubics is not clear - same instructions as presentation - normal essay writing techniques required

GE1122 Animals and Animal Welfare: An Interdisciplinary


Don't miss class, Don't eat, Don't talk etc and respect him & the class
Be concentrated as the tutor is quite strict in class management

Deep discussion on animal welfare and ethical issues

Readings are not necessary, just focus on the notes and wrack brains for good arguments would be sufficient

Group present (5-6ppl) is realllllllyyyyyy important!!
Field trip report just 800 words for one group.
Quiz needs critical thinking
individual essay - deep discussion, don't just copy from notes

GE2311 Technology and Society 技術與社會


唔計attendance 上堂講書嗰part幾悶下 不過可以自由做自己野 唔好嘈到佢講書就得
嗰3條問題會揀坐第一排的人問/答先 想易啲完成3條問題就要早少少去霸個靚位 通常啲人都係係佢頭一個鐘就講完書嗰時先去上堂 week13因為有人未問哂3條問題 佢專登開多堂俾嗰啲人問問題 咁都問唔足3條咁我都無野好講
基本上啲問題正正常常都會B+ 差少少都有B 因為問完即時俾分 如果有B可以之後答多條洗走佢 只計最高分嗰3條
essay我無乜consult過 求其寫 有條問題B左 所以最後先得B 不過真心輕鬆 如果自問英文對答唔差可以考慮下呢科 性價比唔錯 不過個grade要上A有難度

GE1102 Cinema: East and West 東西方電影


個course 主要講啲電影拍攝手法, narration, editing, lighting, cultural background 個啲野.
有少少戲自己有睇過或知講咩, 但比較悶
Quiz 有啲hea, 個堂教完啲野即場考番, 所以要聽書
然後就group presentation 猜贏有得揀topic先 (佢set死左某幾套戲/genre)
最後individual report 規定要做香港其中一個genre嘅戲, 題目自訂
我個時遲左少少submit, 同佢講番 佢話唔緊要 都幾好人
上堂會計participation, 舉手答野/問野會有ticket, 即堂收番.
自己都算幾active, 堂堂都答野
attendance會tick 唔好走超過2堂
最難係individual report, 真係要搵好多料同識啲terms.

GE1113 Visual Literacy and Cultural Thinking 視像規則與文化思維


其實我對呢科真係好失望,本身Assignments總分超過93%,考試衰左得80/100。冇走過堂。但最後得B。大家花左咁多時間心力去做好每份功課,你又計attendence,我返足哂但turn out發現爛grade,真係會令人對讀arts失去興趣囉。如果你真係高分亂派既就唔好一開頭俾假希望人啦,況且呢科就好多人hea到用手機黎影相交功課仲要唔執色,咁會對其他真係認真讀、有興趣,仲借哂equipment拎私伙野影相,又有執色既人好唔公平囉。
奉勸大家:自問可以偉大到只為興趣不求靚grade先好讀,同埋要有耐性每堂頭半個鐘都係重覆返幾個禮拜之前教過既lecture notes。

GE1109 Values and Justice in the Contemporary World


This course doesnt take attendance and has no group projects, which is a great thing for a final year student like me.

There are 3 assignments which require you to understand the readings he assigned. Those readings are all about important topics like justice, equality, sexism and lots more. I enjoyed learning about all these topics and believe that every undergrad should learn about it. I got all 9/10 and its easy to get a good grade if you read some summary online and get the overall meaning.

The exam is a walk in the park if you prepared the summary of each of the readings. You dont really have to have your own view, the questions merely require you to find the right passages and write it in your own words.

I would highly recommend this course! you'll gain a lot

GE1120 Thinking Philosophy: Bridging the Gap between Arts and Sciences


I was quite surprised when i got an A+ because the teacher doesn't tell you your grades for your quiz or assignments.

To get a decent grade for the quiz, you have to have a basic understanding of the readings. Which might sound easy but when you start reading you would find it pretty daunting as it is packed with both science and philosophy jargons. I actually doubt if the professor understood the readings as he asked questions like who is the author of a particular essay and whats the title about ...

With the group project, the important thing is that you stir up conversations during the discussion time. Our group presented about the topic death and was lucky that half of the class was engaged in our discussion questions. The teacher really places emphasis on the discussion part so your group should come up with interesting questions.

Its worth taking if you are interested in philosophy :)

GE1118 Philosophy Goes to the Movies 「睇戲」讀哲學


The teacher is a bit weird and has strange mood swings. It's quite hard to grasp what he wants from the students. However, you just have to complete an assignment, a quiz and a group project, which are all pretty easy tasks.

The teacher does pick on people whose English ability is weak and he publicly embarrassed one of my group mates.

I would recommend this course for those who want to chill during class.

GE1204 Living with the Unexpected and Unknown in Modern Society 生活在不能預測的現代社會


1 gp project 4-5人一組 佢跟姓分
3 individual work (淨計最高分個份, 可以淨做1份)
exam MC 30% 前兩個星期比哂Ans你
exam LQ 都唔知問乜春, 九唔答八, 勁難 仲要佔70%
LQ question 問到一舊舊都唔知答乜好
真心 最好不選!
勁伏 !

GE2225 Media and Consumption: Food and Fashion in Everyday Life


I think the tests were pretty easy, didn't bother to read most of the readings but I got okay grades in the tests - It was mainly just applying the principles or theories learned in class. People who don't write well may have trouble in this course.

I didn't really put much effort in the final quiz - there was a video, and I wasn't very familiar with the theories in the latter half of the semester.

It was an interesting course, the prof was real nice. Choose your groupmates wisely.