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GE1205 Green Economics 綠色經濟學


5 bi-weekly journals, 8 course activity sheets signed by your classmate on the class and presentation evaluation report have gave you 23 marks in sort of freely way. The things you need to focus on are just final exam and project report. I did not have any economic background before and have a little impression on the course in 4 days before the examination. After learning about 20 hours, I got a good grade, near the highest grade. For the project, applying what you learn from this course is so important. But once you do like that and have no obvious area to be improved in the project. You will get high level. Doctor Ho is a very friendly and humorous person who you will always like. I learnt many essential economic concept in interesting ways but save much time and energy. I am so grateful for the level I got.

GE2324 The Art and Science of Data 數據的藝術和科學


A good course to learn the very basics of data mining and analysis.

The group presentation is VERY important (50% of your grade)! Best way to get good grades is to pick smart and good English speaking teammates. The group presentation is not too hard if you leave yourself enough time and prepare well.

The Quiz is fairly easy and if you review all your notes, it should be a breeze.

All in all, a very good course with high averages.

GE1326 Common Accidents in Modern Day City Life - Inevitable? Preventable? 一般意外在現代都市生活中是否無可避免?或是可以預防?


Throughout the whole course, I only attended 3 lectures, the first lecture, the quiz, and the presentation.

And the best part is, you only need to come in when you need to present. I only studied one night before the quiz, and I got 36/50, while the mean is 27.3 (or sth similar).

The quiz was quite easy, except for some questions, the wording was a bit confusing.

So chill in class, always watch videos.

Only took 1 night to do the presentation ppt, and 2 hours to write up the report.

Thank you Louis, we love you!!!

GE1501 Chinese Civilisation - History and Philosophy 中國文化-歷史與哲學


The lecture is conducted in Mandarin. You may ask her questions about your own presentation even you are not in her tutorial class. It's a little bit boring lecture but if you do pay attention, you will learn something new.

The tutor is cute and friendly. Standard workload.

GE2129 Psychology for Young Professionals 新晉專業人員心理學


兩次Quiz + 一個Project(Poster & Booklet) + Presentation
In-class Quiz 1: 全部都係MC Questions, 係ppt會有, 會考得好detail
Quiz2: 15條MC+2條Essay, 都係ppt會有, 但Essay會考埋運用theory
Poster & Booklet: 揀一個專業, 利用課堂學過既Theory去分析[都可以用自己搵到既Theory去做(少)]
會有Mentor Guide成組應該點做
原本Predict自己得B/B- (第一次Quiz剛剛過Mean,第二次唔會show分)
如果想學Psychology Theory都reg得過

GE1326 Common Accidents in Modern Day City Life - Inevitable? Preventable? 一般意外在現代都市生活中是否無可避免?或是可以預防?


剩係要返頭9個week點名 內容都幾有趣同簡單
仲有1個present week同final test
50% mc test 25題 問得好tricky 高過mean少少
47% project 自己part要寫名
3% 去玩VR 係canvas答返問題就得

GE2314 Construction As One of the Founding Stones of Modern Hong Kong 建築業是建構現今香港的其一基石


40% 25題mc 錯4題 基本上係考raymond以外既prof同miss教既野
60% 3揀2essay 雖然raymond份ppt全部都係圖 但已經有寫重點可參考
有去聽seminar 佢話會加分
點名好無系統 唔覺得計分 有時點名有時又唔點

工程之美 德國教育
我就唔講廢話既 頭先個幾十秒就係廢話
尾個幾行唔俾坐 演唱會第一行既飛最值錢 (入戲院睇戲你係咪買第一行)

GE1106 Chinese Art Appreciation 中國藝術賞析


上堂都係睇ppt同聽書,少互動。不過quiz都係open book又可以用電腦search嘅,幾輕鬆。

GE1401 University English 大學英語


Mark is a really kind teacher, he is very patient and I find him really funny sometimes. Overall, I enjoyed taking this GE class with him as my tutor. Most of the time, the class were divided into groups to do exercises, which is pretty fun. The assignments that were given were not that hard either. I could've gotten a better grade if I just put a little more effort into my work.

GE2314 Construction As One of the Founding Stones of Modern Hong Kong 建築業是建構現今香港的其一基石


25題MC 40%
essay 60% 上堂即場作(2hrs)
本身MC話close book,RW最後應承大家可以open book(佢話自己係student friendly既老師)
如果你想hea hea地咁讀一科GE,呢個都算係唔錯既選擇

GE1113 Visual Literacy and Cultural Thinking 視像規則與文化思維


呢科真係勁多野做 每兩個禮拜一個assignment 交個完成品俾佢唔會高分 一定要將你自己畫嘅野遂個step俾佢睇到先高分 雖然個tutor每次都有問必答勁詳細
一定要有會做野嘅朋友同你上 一俾人freeride你個grp project就係咁先個pj要講20分鐘講你睇個套電影有咩拍攝技巧 佢grp project有俾高分嘅example俾大家睇但跟著做都唔會高分lol
如果唔中意畫畫唔中意睇啲好有深度嘅電影千祈唔好揀 勁多workload 唯一好係lecture可以走曬佢

GE2125 The Bible: Its History, Literature, and Influence


工作量一般係因為有識英文聖經隊友carry,加上本有D聖經底。完全無聖經習背景既人讀都得既,不過就辛苦D,可能上堂就要專心D啦。group project同individual project都輕鬆既,上網找找資料就有架啦,不過份online assignment就真心難,我60幾分就B,我個FD80幾分先B+(不過唔知佢其他部分做成點~)不過上堂真心輕鬆同開心的~