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GE2101 Rational Thinking and Creative Ideas 理性思考與創意


極之後悔揀左呢個垃圾tutor, 明明咩都交足個grade 竟然爛到呢.....

覺得呢科原本係靚grade 科黎, 係tutor 問題, 唔識教, hea 上堂, 講野仲1999, 都唔知個grade 係咪亂俾.

總之, 之前comment 都講到, 可以reg 呢科但絕對唔好揀呢個tutor.


GE1120 Thinking Philosophy: Bridging the Gap between Arts and Sciences


Although I got an A-, but I didn’t know why I got this grade, it's too surprising.

I literally missed all the classes (90%), only attended the present. I didn’t revise for exam, so I personally think I wrote very suck for the essay part.

The tutor I agree is extremely hea and irresponsible, has no passion for teaching and just for “dumb ball bell”.

But I guess I performed in MCQ & T/F Questions, since the tutor is lazy I doubt if he has even looked into my essay which is a rubbish haha. Maybe he gives the grade only by looking at those MCQ & T/F Questions.

Anyway, this grade is unexpected and I consider myself lucky. But tbh, it has nothing to learn and I don’t like the teacher as he appears too “awkward” and “weird”, u see what I mean when u see him.

Many ppl dropped the class since the first lesson. I don't suggest this course.

GE2232 Knowing Ourselves Better in Work and Life


He's the most talkative and interactive local teacher!!! I like him a lot!
I've read previous comments before signing up for the course. Comments were all about how heavy the workload the class was and how your grade would suck if you don't have a good proficiency in English.

To be honest, I didn't contribute very much to the group project (group presentation and group report). I only gave an easy introduction and conclusion for our group presentation. There were even 2 people who freerode our whole group work. 3 people working on 5-person work.

You can definitely get a good grade even if you dont read the book. Just pay attention to his class and try to answer his questions. His questions are very open-ended and sometimes can get a bit personal. So just give your own opinions on things will be good! Theres no wrong or right!

Theres only 1 final test which is not difficult at all. NO super long writing or stuff. REVISE his ppt and PAY ATTENTION during the class can already get you going a long way!

GE1313 Earthquakes 地震


每堂都有inclass worksheet 全組交一張 如果走堂無人填你名就pk
一個mid term 無physics底都唔難 要計數 我好怕計數但都無事
project自定topic 但佢地唔鍾意啲topic同civil or science野有關
出黎即刻A左 但都要d sci or eng theory
project好緊要 不過無science or eng底既人carry 最後都係會gg

GE1204 Living with the Unexpected and Unknown in Modern Society 生活在不能預測的現代社會


基本上individual assignment比啲分都唔差(我岩岩好mean)
group project跟姓分 同frd一齊讀都無用
exam open book 佢會上堂比哂所有mc ans(30%)你
70% Long Q 題目表面好難 但其實大概係叫自己概括一次學左啲咩
靚grade ge 但如果諗住唔溫書去考exam 都係會爛grade

GE1350 Essential Mathematics in Daily Life


A few in class assignments, but you have a day to work on them and submit online. They are easy.

Very nice (and nerdy) professor. He clearly loves math and is very smart. He also is really into movies. I really liked his course.

I worked hard in this course, so I was a bit dissappointed with my final result. But I still recomend it :P

GE2336 Understanding Phenomena Around Us: An Introduction To Systems Thinking


Sherman is easily one of the most caring professors. He is kind and considerate and knows all his students by name.
The course is very abstract. It's actually rather easy, but if you're as anxious as me, you can easily overthink things and make things harder than they need to be because the guidelines aren't always very clear.
As with any GE course, very important to have a good group with you. The group assignment and the final group report can be demanding. However, Sherman, as he is in most aspects, is rather kind with the grading.

GE2223 Interpersonal Skills and Positive Personal Development 積極個人成長及人際技巧


If you don't mind dosing off to someone saying cliched bits of advice, take this course. Estella can be a little insufferable sometimes and Ray is probably the most timid man I have ever encountered, so them telling you how to be is actually very ironic. It's almost funny.
Also, if you end up in a group you don't share the same style or idea with, it can be messy. Especially since one single presentation carries 40%.
It's a pretty easy course, just showing up will get you through it all with an A range . However, as far as I heard, it really depends on the tutor. I had some friends who took it the previous term rave about being able to express themselves and all the lecture notes being interesting. It was definitely not the case with Estella and Ray.

GE1120 Thinking Philosophy: Bridging the Gap between Arts and Sciences


上面2個重覆A-range comments 係咪打手? 個tutor 根本唔係問就講係hea 到pk, consult 完d group project 都無用~

Workload算少但係勁伏 !!!!!!! 成個course一個grp project, final quiz (close-book) 同individual paper (自己week 14 upload 交)

project, final quiz 同individual essay 野(完全無派番,死得不明不白~

個阿sir hea 到無論,日日上堂等落堂,上堂叫人地讀D readings 就當教左,真係世界級呃錢呢~可以話同自修無分別~

個final quiz 出d唔知咩問題,溫左書都唔會識

讀左2年係我讀個最垃圾既GE course,tutor 廢+hea+ 無野學 +爛grade,

無走過堂(聽佢hea足3個鐘) +交齊及準時交功課+ 溫左書係得D 真x出聲,做人做狗你話事!

好大可能係左tutor 問題~好後悔唔第一堂就drop,勸大家唔好害左自己!

GE1320 Engineering Your Health


MC 有啲難,因為可以填多過一個答案同(none)
建議close book 嘅quizzes 睇熟d lecture notes.
Exam 分兩part, 一part 係MC 題,一part 係short questions,但係 short questions 由3分至12分組成,所以d short questions 都唔係好short
Exam 可以帶一張A4 size cheat sheet,建議使用mind map,將重點/容易忘記嘅points 記底,其他就背吓。chest sheet 寫到密麻麻揾答案會好蝕底

GE1120 Thinking Philosophy: Bridging the Gap between Arts and Sciences


Present+ group project+ quiz
個呀sir根本hea教, 堂堂on99照powerpoint 讀, 基本上無野學到, 睇佢個樣都無心教書既, 日日hea完3個鐘就走人算, 史上最垃圾老師, 平時仲好神經質

Group project 俾分完全depend on 佢心情
有一個quiz大伏到pk, 出d垃圾mc out syllabus 野

Individual paper 仲衰無咩guideline, 主心100%主觀, con 唔consult 都一樣~

有諗過formal appeal 但個呀sir唔好講comments 連個分都唔俾番可以點appeal , 佢是但俾grade, hea 到仆街
最後俾個C- 真係on99, 全組最好grade B-

大伏到pk, 爛grade 首選!

GE1342 Light: from Double Rainbows to Optical Fibers


今年改制加咗Exam同lab visit 所以應該冇以前workload禁低

1.Quiz (兩個) Quiz1: 61/81 Quiz2: 65/90
考ppt嘅concept 有理科底嘅應該好易明 冇嘅話上堂專心聽應該都可以明 啊sir解釋得幾清楚 聽唔切/有問題問佢都會幫手
Quiz三四版紙 頭兩版都係考重點concept嘅填充 MC TF 畫圖 後兩版就係長題目 有啲題目可以俾你畫圖說明 所以唔太考grammar 其實都係答到重點字眼就會俾分 就算攞唔哂長題目啲分 有溫書嘅話前兩版都好易執 Quiz嘅分數會email俾你

2.Lab Visit
因為係第一次加嘅活動 唔知下年會唔會再改
大概喺sem中/尾 喺上堂最後一個鐘去參觀Lab 有attendance
建議印好佢俾嘅lab visit ppt 到時去邊聽邊抄低prof講嘅嘢
用嚟之後要寫lab report
我地係第一年寫 所以都冇sample參考 我就單純intro maintext conclusion 中間加啲我自己喺Lab影嘅圖 啊sir就叫我地去google ppt入面啲關鍵字 加埋visit抄啲資料就應該寫到唔少嘢 我好似4 5版左右

喺佢比嘅題目/自己簡有關嘅題目做Present 我嗰組其實都算幾hea 講下concept,functions, how it works (見到其他組都瘋狂擺啲個ppt全部都係字) 佢會問你問題 睇你究竟明唔明個concept 所以最好真係理解下你present緊咩 唔好直抄直讀
Present完後要交份Group report 其實都係將你present嘅稿打番成作文咁 1500字 4/5人分 其實workload都唔算重

全部長題目 頭兩題係送分題 有溫書就識 後幾題就難啲 我做嗰陣都好冇自信 都最後都A到 所以應該唔洗擔心

總括而言 算係唔錯嘅GE 上堂冇attendance 但係其實Prof.講得好有趣 好多實驗同示範睇 只要唔好食嘢騷擾佢上堂就得 有理科底會易讀啲 冇嘅話認真聽書睇ptt應該都冇問題 Prof.都話好多商科人攞A (利申科工女) 但真係因人而異 我都識得啲商科人睇唔明啲concept 希望幫到你地

GE1501 Chinese Civilisation - History and Philosophy 中國文化-歷史與哲學


超赞的tutor!!! 虽然tutorial大部分都是学生在做presentation 但老师在最后会做一些课程相关的知识分享 内容非常棒
老师也很有耐心 写论文可以多次consult 会得到非常详细的修改建议 只要付出努力拿A不是问题

GE1350 Essential Mathematics in Daily Life


1 quiz
1 exam
4 asg
1 bonus

Didnt do the bonus proj, asg not full mark. But overall 95% for the course = A+
Super easy course, u can choose not to attend lectures if u master those concepts well (doesnt mean you do the problem set correctly but real understand why and what)
just need to spent few hours to read the notes and problem sets on the day of exam (not math major background anyway)

GE2212 Contemporary Business Communication 當代商務溝通


呢科係膽粗粗take,係fd推薦Toni,結果佢係幾nice同knowledgeable,但同時亦係嚴師,上堂唔可以食野。個course係有頗多theory, model,原理不難,但及一定要背熟,這科無考試(話係最後一年無考試,明年會有新syllabus,所以下面只可作為參考):course breakdown: 5% attendance, 10% ckasswork, end-term quiz 10%, individual assignment 35%, team project 40%.
Toni 係有心,有熱誠的老師,亦可以開玩笑。一般上堂兩小時,最後一小時係group classwork,早做完可以早走。唯一缺點係每堂都計分,所以無得走堂。