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GE1352 How Your Brain Works


作為一個好憎essay gp project嘅人呢科簡直係福音。多quiz無功課無project,三個禮拜島quiz一次,所以唔鍾意quiz嘅人最好唔好讀(呢個係我溫書最勤力既一個sem, 溫書溫到盲目左......)。走哂堂都靚grade,證明肯溫notes就已經足夠有餘。Content都幾得意,而且我major psy, 所以D concept對neuro psy好有用,幫我打好左個bio底。

GE2333 The Science of Cosmetics


Have to admit, did not expect my grade to be that low as I prepared for the exam and had coherent answers for all the questions. The course really is interesting and light in itself, but the exam expectations are far too high to get graded highly for questions that can come up from ANYWHERE in what you've studied throughout the semester.

It doesn't make sense for your comprehension of the course to almost solely reflect on the exam alone. Even a practical lab exam (identifying chemical, making own product, etc.) would be better. From what I heard almost, if not all GEs have final exams so choose what will interest you with a grain of salt. That being said, the teachers aren't to blame for this and Alex is still a wacky treat in a midst of monotone voices.

GE2333 The Science of Cosmetics


利申: fm, major chem

輕鬆,高中chem level。lecture講下唔同質地嘅化妝品嘅化學結構,整soap嘅原理,同一般高中chem堂冇咩分別,但有時有啲堂好無聊,例如five senses。

做lab好玩好多,整下hand cream, lotion,又可以攞返屋企。lab report都唔難,但格式只係播條片就算,要自己摸索。字數方面佢suppose你交一張A4兩版就算,但我當時睇咗ge指南,所以有寫多俾佢。

group project最好諗啲特別啲嘅題目,professor話年年都有香水,防曬嗰啲。題目唔可以重複,諗到題目就儘快send俾professor,先到先得。除咗ppt仲要準備兩條問題連答案,present完之後有test,計分,題目喺每組準備嗰兩條問題裏面抽。

講起exam真係痴線,又話出short Q,下下都十分八分條,又要背曬啲實驗步驟,考試時間得一個鐘。最好背下實驗中某啲ingredients有咩作用,不過我都係考前一兩日先溫,認真啲做lab report就會記得答案。


GE1342 Light: from Double Rainbows to Optical Fibers


唔比傾計,佢見你傾計會停系度望住你,然後就會行過黎問你咩名同SID No.
Presentation 要求不太高
有Lab visit一定要去,會take attendence, 基本上就系介紹一下EE lab然後寫lab report 。
唔好以為無attendence分就好爽,要靚grade肯定系上堂要聽書然後不停jot notes, 好鐘意考上堂講嘅野而且notes無,真系分心一秒都唔惦

Ps. 無讀phy,專心上堂,無走過堂

GE1137 Movies and Psychology


平常没两节课为一个单位,讲一些concept,看一部跟这个有关的电影,然后in-class group discussion,平常没有课后assignment,非常舒服。
final exam要复习ppt+recommend reading,但是要复习得细一些,考的挺细的。

GE2324 The Art and Science of Data 數據的藝術和科學


2019 Summer

Exam 40% open book
Midterm 20% open book
Assignment 1, 2 10% each
Group Project 20%

成班有40%人係major CS,有IT底就幾容易上手,但冇IT底真係會幾吃力
個Group Project個人覺得以20%嚟講算幾重workload,搵data唔難但點present真係幾煩

利申: Law友但有ICT底

GE2223 Interpersonal Skills and Positive Personal Development 積極個人成長及人際技巧


2019 Summer 唔知點解select唔到

20% In-class Assignment
40% Group Project
40% Term Paper

唔建議走堂,因為會take attendance同埋每堂都有極簡單嘅in-class assignment, hea填就得,我懷疑自己因為走咗兩堂所以冇A+

Group Project 4-6人 present 約40分鐘

Term paper 1200-1500字 講自己經歷,要加reference

上堂個feel似小學啲社交/social support堂,唔好expect真係學到好多可以生活應用嘅嘢,幾悶下,但輕鬆

GE2132 Discovering the Dynamics of Contemporary Cities and Architecture in China


Just want to say that the quiz is quite difficult.... Not as easy as someone commented before. The content is very detailed, hiding in the corner of the Powerpoint.

A good team is important. For this course, the group size is very big (About 9-10) and difficult to control. I got a lower mark partly due to the group project.

The course is hea but Mr. Li is nice... He gave a fair mark after all. No pain no gains.

GE1106 Chinese Art Appreciation 中國藝術賞析


I took this course for 18/19 summer.
The course is a good course. It is not because the instructor gave a higher mark, but because she gave a fair mark. I did not get an A range but I think the score is quite reasonable when compare to the contribution.

The course work including participation five photos, 2000 words essay, in-class test and group presentation. The workload is heavy. If you want to get higher grade in this course, you need to pay attention to each part. The in-class for Marianne is essay question, so be prepared of it.

I highly appreciated that Lisa gave us detailed feedback of the presentation and final score. At least you know how the mark is calculated.

GE1339 Wireless Connectivity in Modern Society


10% Written/PosterAssignment 兩份assignment黎,第一份就written report,topic關於手機,頭幾個week已經要交,第二份就要整poster,跟拍片個topic,sem尾交
10% Video Assignment 佢會比個topic你要拍片同剪片
10% Presentation 就係要present翻你條片
上堂會派d classwork嘅工作紙,佢會收黎改,但又冇清楚講計唔計grade :o)
之後有兩個test,一個10% ,一個20%,有mc有lq,佢test有時會考你lecture slides入面冇嘅野(姐係佢上堂口講嘅野,變相冇得走堂) 然後考slides入面有嘅野就係完全死背(例如比幅科學家嘅人像圖你,問你呢個係邊個黎,佢係邊個年份做過d咩,有咩成就咁)考呢d根本就係on9,一黎只係考你記野叻唔叻,二黎記黎根本冇意思,考完都唔會記得,完全學唔到野


我唔係科工人,剩係走過一兩堂,但基本上科野嘅內容係完全唔會入到腦(根本唔expect ee科係背書科,大部份內容都係得個知字,聽完就算咁,完全學唔到野)
個prof出test又出到剩係死背先攞到分,可能有d人會覺得肯背咪得囉,問題係要擺咁多時間去溫一科ge唔係本末倒置咩?而且背完又學唔到野,我寧願佢教d野深入d,要理解背後嘅一d野,都好過去背歷史背年份,可能難d但起碼學到野,我要背野我洗撚reg呢科?我reg history唔好?

同一個major ee嘅fd一齊上,點知最後一齊C撚左 :o)
除非你好勤力,唔洗理解都可以背哂d lecture slides,又或者對呢科好有興趣啦