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GE2204 Business Ethics and Society


Instructor is very helpful and friendly. The group discussions allow us to apply concepts. Instructor also gives weekly group reports. The workload is ok with no individual assignment (only group assignments). Must attend class to get participation and attendance marks. Exam is a bit demanding but reasonable. Need to read textbook in details to get A.

GE2405 Creative Writing


Marco Yan is very subjective. The whole experience was terrible: extremely stressful.

For anyone who loves writing, it's going to be a disheartening experience. Yes, he did ask students to offer positive responses, but negative comments prevail in the discussion.

I wrote whatever he likes. But I hate the experience.

Marco Yan does not like teaching 'stupid' students... If you would like to have a kind teacher who offers you the guidance that you well deserve as a student, find another one who appreciates your effort in trial and error.

EN's Simon Berry is a much better teacher. He cares for everyone's feelings even if he has to say something negative about your writing.

If you love creative writing, find a teacher who cares. Not Marco Yan, he cares his but not your self-esteem.

GE2408 Travel Writing: Discovery and Experience


Readings for every lesson
3 Writings ( Restaurant review, Narrative Writing, Final essay)
Group Website making

The teacher is very nice and kind. But most of the assignments are difficult and hard to know the way of getting good results. Also, many language students took this class and make it hard to have better results.

GE1121 The Japanese Way of Tea: History, Arts, Architecture and Philosophy 茶道:歷史、藝術、建築與哲學


2 Tests
1 Reading assignment
1 Group Presentation

Most of the lectures are fun and interactive. You can learn interesting Japanese cultures like tea, flowers and kimono. However, the male guest lecturer Dr Wang, did not prepare well and taught many confusing concept. But generally, its a great course for ppl that are keen on learning some Japanese customs!

GE2239 Food: Culture, Science and Society


Food Diary Reflection (~1000word)
Mid Term Test
Final Food Project (Can be any form)
A bit boring cause the professor just use pale white ppt for all lectures and the lecture content is a bit unorganized. Luckily, the assignments are not hard and the test is in open boom form.

GE2405 Creative Writing


I know a lot of my classmates have never liked him at all. But hey, just because he may not be a right teacher for you, it doesn't mean he cannot be a right teacher (at least for someone else.) Liking him or not is a personal choice, but I want to say something to anyone who is considering to take this course in the future. Don't let the comments full of attacks below guide you, know what you want first. In case he will happen to be the creative writing teacher here again, dealing with him can be tough. Especially if you are only aiming to clean your credits, this course will NEVER be one of those you are looking for. The workload honestly could be the heaviest you would ever be put on. Also you would be encouraged to aim for perfection. Last but not least, you would have to get used to giving comments to others and be commented by others on your work. IN PERSON. Don't say I didn't remind you, if you are not comfortable of giving and being given comments, you will really have to reconsider whether you want to take this course or not. Not just Marco's, but any other creative writing workshops led by someone else. Good luck to anyone who has the passion for creative writing.

Final pro tip: if Marco doesn't like your work and give you a bad grade, forget them. Please know that Marco is only one of your many readers.

GE2248 Understanding Persuasion in Everyday Life 說服力-理論及日常實踐


- Quite nice in normal conversation
- Rigid and not generous when it comes to grading and Q&A
- Clumsy in verbal explanation,
you have to pay attention during the whole lesson
(i fell asleep when she started talking about a slide, when I woke up,
she was still explaining the concept of that slide lol)

- Forming a group of 8 ppl before the lesson in week 3
- Inflexible number of groupmate
(must be 8, no room for negociation)
- Group worksheet nearly in each week
- Attendance taken in each lesson
(Raine would come to your group and count the number of "heads")
- Lecture notes: with spaces / boxes that you need to fill-in during lecture
And the points that already stated on notes are very theoretical,
Raine provides example and further elaboration during lecture.
Therefore, Raine's verbal explanation is important. You must pay attention
in the 2/3-hour lecture)

- MC Quiz, very tricky
- Individual assignment X1:
Search a persuasive speech (in form of text / video), and write a report
evaluating the skills being used by applying the concept taught in lectures
To be submitted via Turnitin
- Group project X1:
10 groups in total, with group number assigned:
--> Groups 1-5:
Assume you are working in a charity organization and your job is
to persuade the audiences to donate money to your charity
organization. You can choose any charity organization to work on.
--> Groups 6-10:
Suppose the governmentis going to launcha new fund scheme,
which aims to provide financial support to the needy in the
society. Thefund committee members have a keen discussion
on which types/groups of needy should be helped. Assume
you are the committee members and have the preference on a
particular type/group of needy. You job is to persuade the Board
members to support your view and allocate the fund to
your preferred needy.
--> only presentation, no report
--> presentation slides have to be submitted 24 hours before presentation
--> Very "chur" during Q&A session after presentation
She didnt listen to our verbal explanation during presentation,
as we are presenting, she only read our presentation slides (hard copy),
but for simplicity of slide, some elaborations and points are not covered
on slides. During Q&A, the questions she asked showed that she totally
misunderstood what we present)
--> TIPS: for the measures u suggested in presentation,
she will ask in detail, it should be very practical

It's a good course in terms of knowledge
& application in daily life. For group presentation, it is important
to think of practical and detail measures you "proposed".

Good luck!

GE2405 Creative Writing


The class is interactive and the readings are interesting.

The comments from the tutor were helpful, my story improved a lot in the final draft.

The peer review is useful because I learn from reading and making comments on my classmates works. The tutor told us to say positive things about each other's work. Before criticisms.

The reading load is a bit too much, but the msterials are inspiring

GE2335 Business Programming with Spreadsheet


Part 1 講小小PPTs,但唔會深入
Part 2 會做exercises,跟住notes(即堂派)打,打完睇result,then submit到canvas當take attendance

1 Individual Assignment + 1 Group Peoject
Individual Assignment 要用小小Business sense 去吹
Group Project 系做商店租用系統,要用vba整user form,再加excel分析,word file 兩版解釋

如果為學用excel而讀都唔錯,不過要靠自己睇多d,練習多d,自己主動去理解d codes

GE1339 Wireless Connectivity in Modern Society


唔係理科人 當初都係因為見多人A range先選 已經好盡力讀每堂番齊 結果都係咁:(
班上有好多人都係EE既 如果可以同組做project應該會幫到唔少
除左3個quiz, project都好重要 佔40% 所以真係要比心機讀
project題目可以自己定 但有創意既會易D高分(prof比較著重創意)
最尾3堂係聽人present 一定要番 會點名
上堂係悶既 照ppt讀 如果你係對EE / wifi / bluetooth依方面既野好有興趣 就take啦
3 quiz + 1 group project, workload唔算少
靚grade要付出 :)

GE1501 Chinese Civilisation - History and Philosophy 中國文化-歷史與哲學


I put a lot of effort and i expected A range but got B+ only. A bit disappointed with the grade. The tutor is a Ph.D student and she is very friendly, but she often missed our email. She is from TW but allowed us to present with cantonese. I like the tutorial topic(which is about 宋代), however, she didn't teach too much in the tutorials and we just listened to students' presentation since the second lesson. Hence, less knowledge could be gained from the tutorials.

GE2410 English for Engineering


Yuki Lam is very nice and kind, but NOT a good instructor.
Even though I attended all the lessons and paid much attention, I could barely know what the task requirements were because Yuki did not give clear instructions (I don't think she knows how to give clear instructions). You may know what to do only if you study the course handbook HUNDRED times. Apart from that her lessons were boring.
Anyway, she is still a teacher giving you quite some constructive advice when you send her your draft essay.

GE1342 Light: from Double Rainbows to Optical Fibers


2個Quiz 每個20%
Group Project 佔60%

1st Quiz 4題長題目
超難 小弟全班最低
2nd Quiz 都係長題目
跟notes直出 背晒分notes就答到全部問題
PJ 要自己諗題目 無任何限制只需應用到相關概念
Report + Present + Q&A
Q&A得professor問問題 組組答完佢都洒手擰頭

但耐性就比較差 佢上堂講完預你明但你再問番佢佢會好勞氣再講多次

GE1350 Essential Mathematics in Daily Life


雖然成績唔太好, 但依個真係一個好GE
主要有一個QUIZ(30%) Class Attendance(30%) Group Project(40%)
1. Quiz 之前會比上年既QUIZ你睇 基本上差唔多, 同埋唔太難
2. 每堂都會有份Class work 問番個堂既野(有時冇) 番齊就冇問題
3.Group Project 比分好鬆手, Mean 係35/40分

要拎到A range 要 90分以上, 但其實好多人都拎到,好似有3-4成人

課堂內容唔算深, 有D內容係中學CORE數(Probi個D)
出GRADE好快, week 13尾已經有(定唔知14)
PROF算係有問必答, 回EMAIL好快 同埋我覺得幾有心

整體而言, 係一個好GRADE + HEA 既GE