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GE1106 Chinese Art Appreciation 中國藝術賞析


This course includes 4 open-book quizzes which are very easy and you actually can find the answers on the internet.

For the presentation, PY is a nice teacher who will give you feedbacks very soon after you send her an email. Consultatation is suggested for setting up the topic of your project and presentation.

In terms of the final paper, the requirement is 1500-2500 words. I wrote about 1500 words but still got A. She kept emphasising that she won't be lenient when it comes to giving marks to the paper but she actually didn't. All my groupmate got at least B+ and most of us got grades in A range.

Highly recommended course in area 1 for those who want to get high grade without making much effort!

GE3104 Data is Beautiful: Visualization in the Humanities


Recommend the course without reservation. The course mainly talks about how to use different software to visualize some features of the text. The workload is heavy: paper of 2500 words, 10min individual presentation, a proposal and a final exam. My presentation is no creative, but I got an A-. Already satisfying.

GE1340 Materials, Civilization and Modern Development


Almost every week will have a quiz.
Also, there will be a individual lab report.
Lastly, there is an exam. (All long questions)

For quiz, I got around 80% mark for each quiz
For individual lab report, we dont know the mark as he didnt distribute to us
For exam, I answer 70% of the questions.

To conclude, I dont recommend students who dont have science or engineering background to take this GE course as we have to memorize lots of science stuff and some of them are easy to understand. Exam syllabus is quite broad and hard to memorize all of them.

GE2129 Psychology for Young Professionals 新晉專業人員心理學


呢科workload唔算好重 兩個Quiz+(booklet+poster)既presentation
啲人話Dennis好伏 我個人覺得唔係
只要你上Lecture果陣留心少少 drop少少notes就算
Quiz 1 純MC 49/60 mean 42 我主力溫module 1都算係咁
Quiz 2 15題MC+一題20分short essay 個人覺得背一背筆記做essay既時候會順暢好多
Booklet同poster要搵一個職業做主題 介紹堂上學左既心理學知識點樣運用係果個職業入面
雖然有個exchange free ride
成組又勁hea deadline前一日先開始搬資料入booklet同poster
還好present果日尚算順利 做完仲以為會無A range
如果你願意付出少少努力drop notes同溫啲書 Booklet同poster無大差錯既話 呢科A range唔係問題

GE1121 The Japanese Way of Tea: History, Arts, Architecture and Philosophy 茶道:歷史、藝術、建築與哲學


每堂都需要 take attendance

Quiz 1 比較難,一定要睇weekly reading先識。
Quiz 2 正常難度,除咗溫note,有啲note冇但留心上堂就會知道,有一兩題要睇weekly reading先識。

一份Individual paper:
指定一本書(library online book),你自己簡其中一個chapter睇,然後寫一篇500字嘅文介紹,類似雜誌啲文章咁,要有少少設計。

一份Group project:
6人一組,抽題目同present嘅順序。present之前每組要交一份outline,佢會俾comment。雖然我嘅group project做得唔好,客觀咁講melody嘅評分好公平,有符合佢之前講過嘅要求,同埋佢俾嘅comment就會高分。自問自己好俾心機,但奈何同組嘅組員唔夠盡責。


1.教嘅野幾有趣,有得去茶室,有幾堂guest lectures,可以睇下佢地示範整和菓子,插花。去茶室會教你點樣鞠躬,體驗下整抹茶等等。教嘅內容唔難而且幾有趣。

2. Melody好着重公平同分數嘅透明度,每份quiz都會派返俾你check,去到sem尾所有assignments都會俾張分數紙俾你睇自己嘅分數。

1.有額外嘅reading要睇,quiz 1大部份題目都係reading度出,quiz 2都有小部分要睇完reading先識。
quiz 1全部有5本定6本書要睇,每本平均20頁,大部份reading 都要喺library嘅semi-close section 度借,得一本,每次可借三日,換言之毎個星期你都要去搶書,搶唔到就要等多三日。講真要睇曬嘅話workload都幾大,又要去搶都幾麻煩。我group project 做的麻麻,靠quizzes同individual paper拉番先有A-,呢個分數真係得來不易。

2. 個人認為有兩堂關於sense of season 同sense of beauty 嘅 guest lectures 教得好差。經常詞不達意,唔知佢想表達啲咩,都有可能係因為我嘅理解力唔夠好而佢講嘅課題又比較抽象。另外,據我所知,全部係有三份notes,佢淨係講咗兩份,淨返一份要自己睇。

呢個course其實唔識日文都可以讀,但我個人唔太推薦。workload都多,唔算hea(冇得走堂,每個星期都要睇reading),但勝在有付出就會有收穫,教嘅內容比較有趣。讀完呢個course,你的確會學到好多關於日本茶道嘅野,但如果你對日本茶道嘅興趣一般,我相信area1 仲有其他更好嘅選擇。

1. 對日本茶道有興趣
2. 組好隊,搵齊你嘅朋友一齊讀/ 搵唔到朋友,但夠勤力


GE2315 Security and Privacy in the Information Age 信息化時代的安全與隱私


project 70% Heavy係因為projectmate 垃圾
projectmate好重要 我個組d人英文好差 一個句子兩個動詞個d...
要睇好多文 大執完先有A range
midterm close book 過mean就ok 個陣就低1-2份出A- 同組有人好d 就出A

GE2204 Business Ethics and Society


呢科係要花小小心機去讀 projectmate好重要
course work (70%) 上堂計attendance
每堂都有inclass exercise 交得出去既都計分 全部寫到滿晒就有A range
exam一定要溫書 只係睇note無用
成堂好多exchange student Toni好偏心exchange students 因為好鐘意d英文好
自問英文差就唔好讀 正正常常表達到自己就夠
但揀projectmate 揀返local好d 同smart小小and presentable
Present搞下d audience involvement 就得 輕鬆A-
Report執英文多 我個組d人全部都好正常又唔freeride A左

但最難係個exam (30%) 50mc 2 LQ
要背書又唔係open book都算 問得勁detail d例子都會問...
有幾科一齊考 個人係完全放棄 記唔到就算mode
所以做好平日既exercise 就穩B+ 努力小小就A range

PS:一定要買書 平日既inclass ex係書入面拎出黎講
Toni好嚴跟規矩做野 上堂唔可以食野 break同佢講野都要用英文

GE2129 Psychology for Young Professionals 新晉專業人員心理學


40% Quiz 1 (考Module1-2, 60mcs)
30% Quiz 2 (考Module 3, 15mcs and 1 essay question)
30% Presentation+Poster+Booklet (5 ppl per group)

me: quiz 1 : 51/60 mean:42
: quiz 2 : wont distribute, but i think 12-13/15
: presentation+poster+booklet: we so hea, the performance not too good

GE1501 Chinese Civilisation - History and Philosophy 中國文化-歷史與哲學


由year 1聽人講要reg 李果 李果靚grade
到最尾一個sem終於reg到 個grade都算滿意

大課黎講李果未必係學到最多野 自己本身對中國文化 思想方面有興趣 感覺上佢比較少涉獵
導修黎講 佢比既指引都叫清晰 題目同方向都會同你講
都好似無規定要用幾多個reference 比起其他人都輕鬆
自問都唔係比左好多effort 但都有呢個grade算係咁

GE3202 Citizen Journalism and Civil Society 市民新聞與公民社會


15% Quiz 1 (25MCs): 72/100 (mean 72.3)
15% Quiz 2 (25MCs): 84/100 (mean 75.6)
30% Group project: 18/20 for the report, 7.5/10 for the video, mean = 16.8 + 8
30% Twitter assignments: 3 times 3/3, 2 time 2.9/3, 1 time 2.8/3, 2 times 2,7/3
10% Attendance rate: 100/100
3% Bonus mark: 3/3

Workload is not heavy and the grading is good.
Course content is inspiring and Crystal is a nice professor.

Great course!

GE1202 Managing Your Personal Finance


as a computer science student, i found this ge course very useful as the course content covers different areas of managing personal finance(saving, budgeting, credits, mortgage, investment, retirement)

this is not an easy course for non-business students since it is a bit too technical, but hard work will help

slides are information, but sometimes lack detail, Mr Ho's explanation during the lectures do help one to understand them

mc questions are tricky to test if you really master the course material, be careful

getting a B grade is better than my expectation, thanks to my group mates

GE1134 Movies and Psychology


Inclass Discussion, 計participation 30%
有五至六堂會做discussion, 計participation, 所以一定要出現。呢一部份, 最緊要搵到SS Dept嘅人同自己一組, 因為佢地多數都讀過晒呢科野嘅內容。你只需要睇五套戲, 例如我就睇左life of pi, 被偷走的那五年, the beauty mind, The Silence of the Lambs等等, 之後答吓好簡單嘅問題就走得。

Final Quiz (35%)
我自己係Psychology minor, 讀過幾個psy嘅courses都係拎A, 但我覺得呢科考得好深。樓上個個講到呢科野好簡單, 但呢科其實有涉及bio psy嘅內容, 會提及睡眠同腦電波嘅關係, 有好多腦神經科學嘅字要記。如果剩係考MC, 咁呢科都係簡單, 但呢科有30%係fill-in-the-blank questions, 你會見到一句句子, 然後喺無choices嘅情況吓做。換言之, 你一唔記得一個字就已經玩完。我自己讀過2字頭嘅psy course, 覺得呢科GE比果一科更加深。根據我對psy嘅認識, 考試我大約岩65%。

Storybook (45%)
做呢份assignment好簡單, 你可以任揀一套戲, 之後寫一份千幾字嘅感想, 同埋講吓同課堂theories有咩關係。呢一part可以幫你final quiz收回失地, 只要你表達能力好, 英文夠好, 呢一part拎滿分應該唔係問題。我諗我都係靠呢一part拎到個A-返黎。

我覺得呢個Lecturer都教得幾差, 佢上堂完全無人想聽書, 成班會好嘈。本身無psy底嘅人最好揀返Andus Wong, 因為我有psy底, 所以揀邊個都覺得無分別。而且建議本身英文底唔好/表達能力低嘅人唔好揀, 因為我一上堂就見到呢班好多psy major人去讀, 大部份都係人院人, 如果科工人讀一定好蝕底, business人就chur慣晒, 應該覺得呢科幾輕鬆, 似year1 core科嘅workload。

GE2221 Violence and Crime


Group work佔成個course 60%
成也groupmate敗也group mate
同埋呢個course教埋既野同其他area1/2 GE既野都差唔多 theories為主
初初真係預B range算 話晒都係大GE有二百幾人心諗邊有咁易靚grade
1)兩份Group class work(30%)
兩份都係問情景題 要套用返啲theories落去
兩份都可以睇printed materials但唔可以用電話(偷偷地用是常識吧)
不過有個小提示 你一發覺果個week得二三十張slides(正常四五十張)就好醒水叫齊groupmates返黎做野
2)Group Paper(30%)
通常係case study 集中香港一單案件
有唔明要問lecturer 佢地好nice
3)Final Test(40%)
Week13又要交paper又要做呢個 你未必會做得切
有幾乎一半都係double statement問你係咪上半岩下半錯咁 要好小心睇佢啲形容詞會唔會陰你