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GE2311 Technology and Society 技術與社會


Same as previous 2 comments, 18/19 sem B讀不過未有得揀.
Easy course! You only have to ask 4/5 questions in 13 weeks of classes, he will give a grade to your question, usually B range.
+ Exam
Exam means hand-in an essay to canvas during exam day and time. He told you the essay topic at the beginning of day1 class. And he is very nice, you can consult him of your essay topic.
-No attendance

You need to follow his rules in class. Don't talk with your friends during his class! and you can come and leave the class anytime without notice him.

GE1501 Chinese Civilisation - History and Philosophy 中國文化-歷史與哲學



GE1354 Introduction to Electronic Design


2018/19 Sem B 讀
有prog底/EE/engine仔會易明d, 冇興趣/本身work load重 唔建議reg

EE仔必修嘅GE course, notes整全, 簡單易明, prof指示清晰, 有問必答, 係中學老師feel~~~~
用micro:bit(一塊好得意嘅電路版/CPU)為中心教學, 駁input sensor, prog micro:bit, 然後到output
Lecture教唔同sensor/circuit design/Micro:bit嘅特性同原理, 仲有sensors同micro:bit(s)之間嘅連接同溝通, prog micro:bit嘅技巧, 畫下flow chart, 識c++/java/python都走唔甩, 冇得寫pseudo code代替, 畫啦!
冇Tutorial但會有tutorial question比你做練習, midterm/exam問題相類, 明白個原理, 做熟d題目就會識做
Project 係全course最煩嘅野, prof比components/theme你, (eg bike system), proposal(寫有咩function/點做出嚟)+interview(比prof lab session con一con) + 整完要拍片demo + presentation + report

利申返, 有去齊lecture, 雖然堂堂都得2-3成人返

Total Score: 100
–50 for Examination
–50 for Coursework
~Mini-Project work (demo, reports) 8% (啫係做LAB,即堂DEMO,有manual跟)
~In-class activities 6%
~Final Project 18%
-Proposal and interview
-Design and demo
-Final Report

GE1332 Beauty of Ancient Chinese Architecture


The course is now revised and there will be a final examination. The course requires Madarin so don't take it if you don't understand Mandarin Chinese. Assignments are quite time-consuming and are not easy any more. About the group project, as the groups are assigned by prof herself, it really depends on your luck that teammates may contain free riders. Although free riders are punished, they definitely will affect your grade if they perform bad in the group presentation. Final is easy and are from the materials.

In all, not recommended.

GE1501 Chinese Civilisation - History and Philosophy 中國文化-歷史與哲學


本身理科底,組員有商科人同社科人。大家都想攞A range,積極準備同問問題,落堂都問問題。Calvin都一一細心回答同建議睇咩書,very helpful。最後全部人A range(大課有人上齊認真交足堂課,有人就走左啲堂)。

GE2231 Business, Media and Society


An intro course of mass media. Not difficult overall. Classes ok in general but some topics can be boring (e.g. topics about newspaper). Can tell teacher is trying hard to make the class fun so still interesting in general. Not too much to do in class except simple classworks. No indiv assignment, just group project. Good, responsible team members are critical especially in presntation. Need the textbook for exam revision. Exam has quite a lot to do but cannot remember exact details but most of the exam is MCQs and not difficult. Teacher is nice, friendly and supportive. Just email her & her reply is quick. A good choice if you need a good grade.

GE2230 Revolutionary Shifts in Global Business Practices 全球商業作法的革命轉變


Pros: Toni 老師有責任心,上課有趣,有很多分享機會,課程不難(若你是商科生)因大部份concepts在已經Yr 1, 2 讀過,無individual assignment,只有group project & classwork 所以打大部份時間是輕鬆的。我個人覺得考試還OK,因大部份係MC,SQ跟classwork有關,essay 只有一條。
Cons: 每一堂都take attendance,最後一個小時一定有classwork,要高分絕對不能走堂,會扣掉attend, participation及classwork分,好大鍋!而且有min attend require,注意!!需要慎選groupmate,因為group project 是很重的。EXAM MC 一定要 textbook。

GE2412 English for the Humanities and Social Sciences


上堂不停要人答佢問題,冇人答就跟住attendance list輪流問,每堂至少問1-2round。

GE1305 Everyday Physics: Its Impact on You and Society 物理與日常生活:對你和社會的影響


成個course outline 好simple好easy
course work 30%
Exam (~40 mc) 70%
唔tick attendance, 每兩堂轉一次professor
所謂course work 只係每星期上canvas做10條mc, 可慢慢上網search or refer to notes, east to get full marks.
而exam 只需用一天睇睇notes內的文字&背書既野, 佔exam mc 2-3成分
而exam剩低的mc則需要你有physics 底 (高中有選修phys,唔洗好勁都得,佢考得好淺好淺), 但佔分又很重
workload十分輕鬆, 我走了8-9成堂
建議理科人選修 挪A+無難度!!
佢assume你地識, 因為於理科人來說好basic
但如果你無讀過phys, 即使你背曬成份notes,