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GE2223 Interpersonal Skills and Positive Personal Development 積極個人成長及人際技巧


I recommend. Teacher is nice. The lectures were boring but mostly I just hung out and chatted with friends. If you have a fun and hardworking group, this class is great. Workload is very manageable

Class participation (20%)
Group presentation (40%). 5 people, each person presents for ~7 min
Term Paper (40%). 1,200-1,500 words

GE3106 Documentary and Everyday Urban Life


I highly recommend this class. The prof. is really nice and the class is fun. A lot of international and exchange students take this course. We took field trips and watched videos in class and talked about some really interesting topics. As long as you can write and talk, you can do well in this course.

Inequality Assignment = 20%. You make google map with some pics and a bit of writing. Group project
Personal Maps (2a) or City Blog (2b) =20%. 1000 words, not too bad
Documentary = 45%. Can be a group project, you can film on your phone
Missions & Games & Participation = 15%

GE2133 The Life and Times of the English Language


I major in English, so this course wasn't too hard for me.

The course content mainly revolved around linguistics and literature, which was quite fun in my opinion. I especially enjoyed the lectures on forensic linguistics (we got to analyze ransom notes and suicide cases!) and crime fiction. The lectures about negotiation and conversation analysis were quite useful as well.

You'd be fine as long as you have studied for the in-class test. As for the learning portfolio and the group project (which was quite fun btw), I'd say it's best if you could incorporate some of the knowledge from the required readings.

Overall, it was a very nice GE. I learned a lot and the professors were more than willing to answer the questions that I had.

GE1350 Essential Mathematics in Daily Life


The course's workload is not heavy (but please read my further comment). There are no group projects, and for all 4 assignments, you can do it within 1 hour, the latest, for each, as long as you are familiar with the topic.
However, this semester, the grading is quite competitive. In order to get A- or above, you should get your exam 87 or above, while for the exam, it would normally take you 110 out of the available 120 minutes.
On the other hand, the instructor is excellent in terms of speaking and giving bonus points. He once told that his English is not so good, but it's understandable. Then, he provides 2 chances for bonus points:
1. Code-cracking, only for the fastest student, +3 added to final mark.
2. Bonus project (5-7 min video), open for all students, from +0 to +3 added to final mark.
The instructor is also willing to help on students' difficulty. He also provides students chances to recheck their mid-term and final exam so that you may know where are your mistakes.
At last, this course won't give you much pressure throughout the teaching period. However, I guess that if you want to get an A+, try to have an average of 96 or above, so get ready to do the assignments, bonus project, and compete during the mid-term and final if you want to get a high mark.

GE1401 University English 大學英語


Syllabus有一份infographic (group project),一份argumentative essay,一份reflective essay。記住consult佢,佢會俾好多意見。
我份argumentative essay draft交咗俾佢之後,因為佢係用綠色筆改。俾返我嗰時,交唔多成份野都變咗綠色,可所言知佢寫咗幾多comments。不過,comments入面讚多過彈,但係個分又唔見得好好……
本身諗住根據佢d comments嚟睇應該有 a range......

最重要:記住做online module

GE1205 Green Economics 綠色經濟學


其實依個course無想像中咁易a range (因為睇之前d留言話好易靚grade)
我係year 1,諗住啱啱喺中學上到嚟,中學又讀過econ (有level 4, 但係原本predict level 5)諗住趁仲記得d concept就reg咗依科。
依科講易唔易,話難唔難。syllabus係要你由week 2開始上堂做in-class exercise。做就做咗差唔多10份,但係計分淨係計當中嘅6份。做完之後喺3日內upload上canvas就得。基本上唔難,因為可以上網搵到答案。
Assignment方面有bi-weekly journal。只係寫下你喺日常生活中做咗咩可以幫助改善環境同埋簡單解釋下同econ有咩關係。total 做4次,每份大約2分,喺sem完之前一次過交上canvas。
有group project,係講下d社會環保議題同economic explanation。topic絕對唔難諗,只係考你點解釋。遇到好groupmates好重要。
考試嘅話有mc同long question。mc 大約40條,long question得一條,佔20分,有分abc parts。自問有econ 底嘅話都唔可以輕視。long question真心唔知點俾分,因為我已經寫晒佢上堂講要寫嘅野,consult佢嗰時佢都話我答晒要答嘅野。不過我結果都係得大約一半嘅分數。exam我個分係高過mean不過都係得b,唔知係唔係俾group project拉低個分。
不過ho to ming真係好nice,上堂有講有笑咁,氣氛好輕鬆。同埋lecture notes有好多相,係日常生活嘅例子。
如果大家諗唔到reg咩ge嘅話都可以嘗試reg依科。就算中學無讀econ都唔會好難,好多都係易明嘅microeconomics 野。唔明嘅話ho to ming會好樂意答你 :)

GE1350 Essential Mathematics in Daily Life


Sorry for non local student, my English is suck so I type Chinese.
Dse Math Level 3
被fd 介紹讀呢科,冇掂數好耐,都驚handle唔倒。好在tutor俾夠problem set,
數學問題都幾straight forward,mid term fianl 問題好類似,只要有心,又唔洗讀到狗甘。做曬TUTOR 提供的problem set. 我估想個grade唔B above 都好難
調轉甘問,冇心讀咩ge course 都唔岩你讀。

GE1205 Green Economics 綠色經濟學


This course has six in-class exercise, one bi-weekly journal, one group project (progress report + final report + presentation) and one test (including MC and 3 essay questions)

Although the workload is light, it is not a GE course that surely A range. There was no difference between students who studied at microeconomics or not before study this course. The 2-hour test was quite difficult to me, especially the essay questions, I only got 9 marks out of 20(not sure the total marks of short essay questions). My group mates and I are from college of business, which studied at economics in high school and CB2400 in semester a. However, all of us got B for this GE, not as well as our expectation of it.

IMO, Green Econ is not a good choice if you would like to get an A range GE course, but it is a course with light workload and the lecturer is quite humorous (Dr. Ho always talk about he loves eggpuff haha).

GE4102 Video Game: History, Industry, Society, and Creativity 電子遊戲面面覷


Individual assignment x 4 [MAX: 1 A4 PAGE] ( 5% @ 1)
Short essay (1500-2000w) 20%
Group project ( Design a game) around 40%
利申: b range 比groupmates carry 上 A-

i am carried by groupmates :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

GE2124 The World through Languages 透過語言看世界


Quiz X 3
Project X 1

Task 1: 三個Quiz (20%,20%,15%)
Quiz 入面既野好多都要上堂用心聽佢講,5係死背就得,要應用。
T/F: 好多都係 False,False 都要寫番正確解釋先比分。
SQ: 考應用同theory,個人建議佢上堂講過既 theory 再係網上面 research 下。有 d Terms 上堂冇講可能會係suggested reading 入面
LQ: 可以2選1/3選2,視乎佢比幾多你選。佢會考番佢上堂講過既例子,要記得大概係咩 e.g. Please use three examples to explain "XXX" theory, 用番上堂講過既例子就得。

Task 2: Group Project
Group Project 係兩人一組,佢分埋組比你。有兩份短 essay ,主要係想你去影相影d 有關文字既相,多數都係係街邊影廣告交貨,影完就解釋下佢有咩文學theory用左,佢會比 example係canvas,大約寫5到6個point 再加 自己research 既academic reference 就OK,之後再有個短 present 講番自己既發現就可以。