GE1120 Thinking Philosophy: Bridging the Gap between Arts and Sciences

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2017/18 Sem B


Although I got an A-, but I didn’t know why I got this grade, it's too surprising.

I literally missed all the classes (90%), only attended the present. I didn’t revise for exam, so I personally think I wrote very suck for the essay part.

The tutor I agree is extremely hea and irresponsible, has no passion for teaching and just for “dumb ball bell”.

But I guess I performed in MCQ & T/F Questions, since the tutor is lazy I doubt if he has even looked into my essay which is a rubbish haha. Maybe he gives the grade only by looking at those MCQ & T/F Questions.

Anyway, this grade is unexpected and I consider myself lucky. But tbh, it has nothing to learn and I don’t like the teacher as he appears too “awkward” and “weird”, u see what I mean when u see him.

Many ppl dropped the class since the first lesson. I don't suggest this course.

2017/18 Sem B


上面2個重覆A-range comments 係咪打手? 個tutor 根本唔係問就講係hea 到pk, consult 完d group project 都無用~

Workload算少但係勁伏 !!!!!!! 成個course一個grp project, final quiz (close-book) 同individual paper (自己week 14 upload 交)

project, final quiz 同individual essay 野(完全無派番,死得不明不白~

個阿sir hea 到無論,日日上堂等落堂,上堂叫人地讀D readings 就當教左,真係世界級呃錢呢~可以話同自修無分別~

個final quiz 出d唔知咩問題,溫左書都唔會識

讀左2年係我讀個最垃圾既GE course,tutor 廢+hea+ 無野學 +爛grade,

無走過堂(聽佢hea足3個鐘) +交齊及準時交功課+ 溫左書係得D 真x出聲,做人做狗你話事!

好大可能係左tutor 問題~好後悔唔第一堂就drop,勸大家唔好害左自己!

2017/18 Sem B


Present+ group project+ quiz
個呀sir根本hea教, 堂堂on99照powerpoint 讀, 基本上無野學到, 睇佢個樣都無心教書既, 日日hea完3個鐘就走人算, 史上最垃圾老師, 平時仲好神經質

Group project 俾分完全depend on 佢心情
有一個quiz大伏到pk, 出d垃圾mc out syllabus 野

Individual paper 仲衰無咩guideline, 主心100%主觀, con 唔consult 都一樣~

有諗過formal appeal 但個呀sir唔好講comments 連個分都唔俾番可以點appeal , 佢是但俾grade, hea 到仆街
最後俾個C- 真係on99, 全組最好grade B-

大伏到pk, 爛grade 首選!

2017/18 Sem B


依科一定要有心先好讀。好多reading同research要做。依科係主要教metaphysics (God, Free will, Mind-body problem),所以要有心理凖備,唔係咁易明,同埋好多都係要自學。

Dr. Yung係你要主動chur佢你先會學都野嘅老師,所以最好主動問多啲。

Overall, 如果你為GPA,依個course唔岩你,如果你對philosophy有興趣,可以reg下依個course.

2017/18 Sem B


依科一定要有心先好讀。好多reading同research要做。依科係主要教metaphysics (God, Free will, Mind-body problem),所以要有心理凖備,唔係咁易明,同埋好多都係要自學。

Dr. Yung係你要主動chur佢你先會學都野嘅老師,所以最好主動問多啲。

Overall, 如果你為GPA,依個course唔岩你,如果你對philosophy有興趣,可以reg下依個course.

2016/17 Sem B


I was quite surprised when i got an A+ because the teacher doesn't tell you your grades for your quiz or assignments.

To get a decent grade for the quiz, you have to have a basic understanding of the readings. Which might sound easy but when you start reading you would find it pretty daunting as it is packed with both science and philosophy jargons. I actually doubt if the professor understood the readings as he asked questions like who is the author of a particular essay and whats the title about ...

With the group project, the important thing is that you stir up conversations during the discussion time. Our group presented about the topic death and was lucky that half of the class was engaged in our discussion questions. The teacher really places emphasis on the discussion part so your group should come up with interesting questions.

Its worth taking if you are interested in philosophy :)

2014/15 Summer


Assignment:唔多,但是難。required reading 非常多,難讀懂

2014/15 Sem B


1. Tutor: hea 底,感覺對教書冇乜熱誠,但都幾睇重學生既回應,亦會樂意解答學生問題

2. 工作量:attendance同平時主動舉手答下問題就計class participation分;一份group project(5-7 人一組), 題目六選一,圍繞堂上所學;一份individual assignment, 題目同project一樣,要求學生再深入分析題目抒發己見,要同時應用一啲哲學理論(即係唔好亂吹);最後有quiz,有mc,matching, explaining terms同essay, essay會預先比定六條題目你,quiz嗰時就出三選一

3. 課題:Introduction to Philosophy, God, Free Will, Mind, Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy (Lawrence 話有其他課題揀, 不過就睇下有冇學生提出,例如係Right and Wrong, Value of Nature, etc.)

4. 個人意見:首先我就喺課堂上冇講過嘢咁濟,亦都走過一堂,所以我諗我class participation唔係咁好,而Lawrence講到明佢幾睇重呢樣嘢;project唔算好難,題目係課堂上提及過既嘢,都叫比左個概念你先;assignment係project既深入版,建議睇多啲書同埋花少少時間理解相關既哲學理論;quiz我冇乜點溫到,建議留意細節,尤其係哲學家同理論名, essay當然要好好準備啦,深度見人見智,因為我自問唔係好理解到某啲哲學概念,有時同一件事太多不同切入角度既思考模式湧埋嚟,感覺會有啲迷失,好似永遠冇結論咁,不過或者咁先係哲學既特點掛,所以喺迷迷糊糊既情況下攞到B,我已經好滿足:D

2013/14 Summer


老師有耐性, nice person, 呢個course 有present (30%), essay (30%), exam (30%), attendance (10%).
1. Attendance(10%) 佢要求學生自己簽自己個名,一經發現就會好嚴重, 不過佢冇發現過代簽. 相信學生好自律.
2. Present (30%) 一班45人分8組, 每組5-6人, 睇完一篇哲學文章,然後present 作者既idea, 如果冇接觸過philosophical paper既人都未必能體會有幾難明, 但present 唔使加其他reference, present 漏point 會扣分, 文章大約4000 – 8000 字 (大約4- 8 頁), 30 分鐘時間present , 然後15 分鐘以上Q&A (by Challenge Group), 所以全組最好明晒篇文.
3. Essay (30%) 700字左右, 寫d argumentative essay, 最重要logical, no contradiction.
4. Closed-book Exam (30%) 佢叫test, 其實都算final exam, 40% 20 T/F, 60% 2 Essay. T/F 係答中2分,答錯扣1分, Essay 似功課咁.
12 份ppt + 13份word, ppt同word相似, ppt 大約50-70張slide 全字冇圖
Philosophy of science, Political Philosophy, Philosophy of mind, Environmental Ethics, Philosophy of Religion
Philosophy of science: e.g. Induction, deduction, etc
Political Philosophy: e.g. Minimal state, civil disobedience, etc
Philosophy of mind: e.g. Dualism, Materialism, etc
Environmental Ethics: e.g. Anthropocentric, Bio-centric, Eco-centric view, etc

有咩問題, sit 第1堂睇下咩環境, 唔中意bloody philosophy既話就drop/唔好add
總之, 一分耕耘一分收穫

2013/14 Sem B


上堂沉悶, 照讀powerpoint
哲學內容頗深, 包話柏拉圖, 蘇格拉底等名家理論
有group project同2-hr quiz