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GE3108 Language in Art, Invention and Inspiration


continuous participation 20% 只要你肯按時交200幾字assignment 就有分
Mid term 20%
Exam 40%
全部都係open book, 理解能力ok同對文學(?)有興趣基本ok
Term paper 20% 800字essay 唔sure接下來係唔係出會出翻同一個,類似用上堂教過的知識來分析poem/firm script/novel

我覺得個GEok,prof好nice,本人year one bba,英文dse Lv.4 writing 得Lv.3 對於我來講對個grade 都幾滿意(因為我英文真心差),理解能力好同對語言學有興趣的同學可以試一試。

GE1120 Thinking Philosophy: Bridging the Gap between Arts and Sciences


2 short questions x3
1 presentation
1 individual paper

There wasn't any feedback provided which is disappointing as I wanted to know whether my answers were correct after doing pages after pages of reading. I think the presentation was our weakness as more philosophical ideas could be covered.

GE1301 Climate Change and Extreme Weather


There were lots of lengthy assignments on every topic. The PowerPoint slides sometimes have only graphs without any proper explanations and you will have to google what it is about if you don't attend the lecture. The marking was very arbitrary and seemingly unfair. I compared my answers with the full mark answer, which were graded by the teaching assistant, and found mark-bearing points also in my answer on multiple occasions. (But I did not make an attempt to email the prof so I bear some of the responsibility for this) Another example is where the marks discrepancy between me and my 2 friends was very high,50%, 62%, 8x%.

The final project (worth 50% if Im not wrong) (we chose to do a study on the California drought), which was done by me and them, was 27 pages long. I suppose that project salvaged by grade., but not enough to pull it to the A-ranges. Despite the treacherous amount of work, we learn a lot about how climate change is affecting different parts of the world and modern solutions that aim to tackle them.

GE1339 Wireless Connectivity in Modern Society


Pass Failed this course. 2019/20 B.

HORRIBLE course. The content might be interesting, but the questions & assignments make NO sense. Questions asked have nothing to do with concept, but include BASELESS rote learning. Memorizing the country bar codes for every country. Memorizing 5 digit RFID for different applications. Same questions are repeated. Marks are cut even if the answer is correct but not what the prof wants. In MCQ, 3/4 options will be correct, prof himself will agree, but you'll get marks for the one which is "most correct". And that is very very vague. DO not take this course.

GE2258 Introduction to Economics


Took 2019/20 Sem B.
Easy score. Totally new to economics, didn't attend a single class, and didn't need to either. Lecture slides explain the concept very well.
But you don't get a single mark released ever, for anything. And every single thing is lined up in the last month, which can be tough.
Penalty to not write a progress report & give presentation, but no such marks for them.

GE1401 University English


Took it 2019/20 Sem A

Sumie CHAN sucks. My work was much above average, if not the best, in class, and she herself said that in her comments, yet gave me an average grade. The people in my class who could barely speak english (and never bothered to participate (there are marks for that)) got a better grade than me. I so regret I didn't pass fail is. There is no pleasing her.

GE2338 Internet Applications and Security


2020 SEM B
1 Assignment
Final Report (Business Plan)
Final Presentation
Final Exam
The course is easy and the workload is okay. Special knowledge is not required. The midterm was super uncomfortable: a lot of questions with the numbers, in the beginning, so you have to scroll every time. Because of the online semester, there were time limits and hard questions. The assignment is easy if you read the ppt slides. Find normal groupmates and come up with a good idea. Professor is cool and friendly, always answers your questions. But idk why I got B+, I was expecting A- at least tbh. I guess that happened because of the online semester. The overall impression was good, recommend taking that course.

GE2413 Word, Sound and Image: Writing for Creative Media


每份功課都要peer review
比嘅comments同marking criteria完全相反
eg:first draft叫你改個故事加多個人物,final product就話你做咩加多個人

GE1214 Citizens and Criminal Justice


took this in 2019/20 Sem B
John is super nice and his guidelines on assignments were very clear. If you follow his instructions, you will do decently for sure.
The coursework has changed a bit due to the Wuhan Coronavirus, not sure if these changes will keep in next year or not. But make sure that you attend every lecture and tutorial, participate in class and do your work, then everything will be fine. Just like the previous comments, the exam is pretty easy to handle as most of the information could be copied from your lecture notes, yet you are still expected to offer personal opinions on some controversial issues discussed in this course's lectures and tutorials.
Conclusion: hard work will certainly pay off.

GE2106 Philosophy and Life: A Dialogue


This semester only have is conducted online through zoom. But I still consider it as my favourate course this year.

In the course, the professor might present to you some surprising counter-intuitive ideas. Don't take what he said at face value. I think the purpose of the course is to inspire you to think for yourself and look for the answer yourself. You should look into the recommended readings or other material for the whole picture of the topic after finishing each lessons.

The professor is a very interesting person and have a good sense of humour. The lessons is fun. But the professor is also quite disagreeable and is willing to challenge your idea if he find any flaws. If you have a disagreement with him, you bloodly well make sure you have your head screwed on straight, and have good support for your idea. Otherwise, you will be flatten like you cannot believe. But I don't think disagreement would lead to a bad grade like some other student might have suggested.

This course, I would say that, It really deepen my understanding of philosophy, but you have to be willing to do research outside lesson for the optimal experience.

If you are fascinated with existential questions like, what is the meaning of life? This is probably the course for you.