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GE2202 Globalization and Business


The workload for this course is quite heavy, esp. for the project. you have to write a individual report as well as a group report. Then, you have to take a video as an presentation for the individual and group report and the requirement for the video is quite troublesome. It is good if you have groupmates knowing how to handle video editing.
The group project of Sandy's part is quite easy and I was doing her part. Group Project is just choosing an industry and to do an analysis. Individual Project is to analysis a company in the industry that your group have selected. I think it is not an difficult task for business students. Isabel's part seems to be difficult.
For the course material, Sandy's part is just combining the business knowledge taught in CB's core subjects while Isabel's part requires some basic knowledge in Economics if you wanna fully understand her part.
One important point is that, the course takes attendance and it accounts for 20%. Sandy allows student to be late but you would only get a half for that lesson. For Isabel, if you are late more than 15-20 minutes, then it is better not to come as you would not get any for that lesson.

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