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GE1126 Law for Smart Consumers


Very nice tutor! She really taught us a lot of legal knowledge, it is not difficult to understand and those knowledge is very useful in the future.
For BBA students, if you have taken any BBA Company Law Courses, it is beneficial for you to take the course. The first several lectures are about Contract Law, for example, invitation to treat, consideration.....
Workload of this course may be a bit heavier than other GE Courses, students were divided into group and they were required to present and simulate some real cases which had been published in THE CHOICE(選擇月刊). They were required to present 3, 4 times throughout the whole course (FINAL PROJECT presentation is NOT COUNTED).
Active participation in the class is required and strongly recommended. Class participation constitutes 30% of your final grade.
Teachers render staunch support to you and your group mates in final group presentation project, consultation are available, you may talk with the lecturer about your project plan and she is very willing to give helpful opinion.
Personal consultation about individual essay is also welcomed, but tutor may not answer ALL your question in order to be fair to other students.
Teacher is very helpful in answering ALL Legal questions. Wonderful Lecturer. Great!

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