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GE1311 Death: A Discovery Approach


My name is Yun and I am the instructor of this course. Last year has been the second time I taught this course, and once again, I enjoyed teaching it tremendously. My sincere gratitude to everyone who has taken this course.
There is one minor mistake on this website. This course does have a final examination. One commentator remarked on the cluelessness of the exam. Let me explain. The exam requires you to use this course as a model to design a new GE course on other fundamental aspects of life, such as work, money, family and freedom. To get a good mark, you really need to remember the aim and content of every lecture of this course - otherwise how can you use this course as the basis for your course? As I told the aim of the lecture only during the lecture, you will need to attend the lectures in order to understand how each lecture is connected to one another and to the main objective of the course. In other words, the one-hour exam is a way to assess how much you got from the lectures - both by reviewing the materials and by attending them. This, by the way, is the purpose of all examinations.

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