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GE1326 Common Accidents in Modern Day City Life - Inevitable? Preventable?


This is a recommendable course. You can totally skip the lessons as Louis
actually just read out the ppt during the lectures. No attendance is counted as far as I know. The ppt can be downloaded at Canvas later on.
the course includes:
1. A group presentation(Dunno why but Louis prefers presenters to wear suit)
2. A report after the presentation(Easy just copy the points at ppt and slightly elaborate)
3. A Mc exam(super easy, a lot of time was given, but revising the ppt is so essential in getting a good performance)
As a CLASS student, this course is really suitable. Although this is an area 3 subject, not much engine knowledge is required. You just need a good memory to remember all the things in ppt. Also, the theories are super easy to understand. Me and another group mate got A and two others got A-. This subject totally saved my gpa:)

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