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GE1130 Introduction to Digital Media


This course is a very good course and I had really enjoyed it. The workload is not too heavy and the tutor Ryan Lam is very nice and helpful.

The grading of this course consists of three parts:
2 group projects (50%)
2 individual assignments (40%)
Attendance (10%)

Group Project:
The first one is to take a short video. The video can be about anything you like as long as you make use of the video taking techniques that Ryan has taught during the lectures. A GoPro will also be provided if you do not have a video camera, therefore you need not to worry about this part. Choosing groupmates with video taking or editing experience is a plus but it is not a must as Ryan is willing to take time to teach you.

The second group project is to make use of digital media to make an installment on a theme which is related to Chinese culture/festival (the theme might change every semester). Ryan will hold workshops to teach you how to make use of different forms of media. Once again, having groupmates with engineering background is not a must as Ryan is always willing to help.

For each of these projects, you will have to do a group presentation. The presentation is very hea, and Ryan allows you to present in Cantonese, English and Mandarin.

Individual Assignment:
The first assignment is a product design review. Ryan will post guidelines on how to do the assignment and offer some examples of past students work for you to do. You need to complete around 2-4 review of good/bad designs. I highly recommend you to choose designs that you have used before. This assignment is all about creativity since you can review anything you want (even a water bottle). There is no word limit to this assignment, but I personally have written around 1800 words.

The second assignment is exhibition/seminar review. During the semester, Ryan will suggest different exhibition and seminar for you to attend. It is expected that you attend 2-3 and also take some photos/videos from them to add into the review. Apart from that, Ryan will also post a template for the exhibition/seminar review onto Canvas if you do not know where to start. The expected number of words for this assignment is at least 1500 words.

You will have the whole semester to complete these two assignments. As for myself, I have completed them during the exam week, but it took me only 3 days. Still, I do not recommend you to deadline fight if you want an A range for this course.

Ryan allows 3 absents during the course. One absent will reduce your overall grade by 1%. If you really want an A, try not to have more than 1 absents. I have had three absents (1 with reason) and I only got an A-. For morning lecture, it's okay if you come to class an hour late as Ryan only takes attendance at the end of each class.

The course was very useful and not so difficult to follow. I highly recommend this course!

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