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GE1214 Citizens and Criminal Justice


This course does not cover very deep law issue, It only introduces some basic stuff.
Assessment: (1) Court Visit Report: 30%
This part is interesting. They asked you to go to courts to listen to real trials. I went there for four times. The 30% is easy to get as long as you write questions carefully.
(2) Presentation+tutorial participation: 20%
You can get high marks as long as you do the presentations well and ask questions during the tutorials.
(3) Final Exam: 50%
Lecture: Mr. Burke John prepares lecture very well. He explains things well and gives us many examples. To be honest, you don't need to listen to lecutres, though. Reviewing notes is enough for the final exam.
The final exam requires you to integrate what you have learned throughout the semester. Besides reviewing lecture notes, participating in the tutorials is a good choice because you can have more ideas.

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