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GE1110 Exploring Contemporary Art


The first assignment is Twitter
but it is not an easy job, it is required to storify
And there is a word limit for every post ( 140 unit)
It is too hard for us to simplify the sentence with fully description for those artworks.

The second assignment is group project.
It is required to do the wikipedia about an artist.
I think this is the easiest job in this course.

The final official assignment is an article about an art gallery.
Around 800 words to describe an exhibition and a piece of artwork.

Also, there is a final assignment, and this is not an official assignment because she didn't upload to canvas.
It is required to do a handmade artwork and give it to a foreigner.
And take a photo.
Even though you told him you are doing an important assignment, it is difficult to ask a foreigner to take a photo.

Also, there are some inclass exercise ( some games).

BTW, I heard that some student taught by another tutor and got A range.

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