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GE1130 Introduction to Digital Media


I enjoyed this course a lot, it's fun and rewarding. Compared to other GEs, this one is really different because you don't have to memorize a single word from the text, everything is on your own!

We were given 2 individual assignments and 2 group projects to work on throughout the whole semester. Individual assignments include written exhibition review (1500 words) and a design analysis. Both of them were not difficult.

In terms of group projects, the first one is a 20% video shooting task. Ryan gave us the freedom to choose the title for the video, he is also helpful in giving us valuable comments and suggestions to make our video better. Other than that, he introduced and borrowed us a lot of powerful gadgets like the GoPro Hero4 to work with the video. The overall experience is amazing, even though I just knew my groupmates for just a few weeks.

The second group project is about creating an interactive game prototype. This time we were given a topic, Chinese Traditional Culture. It doesn't matter if you don't have any engineering groupmates because Ryan is always there to help, as long as you voice out, he will give you with a lot of useful ideas and tips.

One more thing, you are allowed to present your products in any languages that Ryan understands, in cantonese, chinese or in english, which I think is really great. And most importantly, don't be a deadline fighter unless you wish to burn your grades.

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