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GE3401 Exploring English Cinema


This is actually quite an interesting course and Ian is a very enthusiastic tutor. For the course, you have to buy a book but Ian's notes are very detailed that you don't even have to read the book at all. In every tutorial, Ian gave us a lot of time for discussions and his lectures are not boring too.

However, the workload of this work is very heavy and quite challenging.
15% Quiz 1 (10/15)
15% Quiz 2 (14.5/15)
5% Individual Image Analysis (4/5)
20% Individual Scene Analysis (15/20)
15% Group short film (5min) (70/100)
10% Group screenplay for your short film (7/10)
10% Personal reflection on your group project (8/10)

Ian is quite a strict tutor and he expects a lot. The group project is quite time-consuming and it is quite challenging for students who don't have much experience on video editing. But if you are interesting in watching movie, this is quite a good course since there are 2 movie watching activities. You can also learn a lot from Ian.

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