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GE1130 Introduction to Digital Media


2份group assignment (about 5 people in a group)
- (A-) 1份係拍一段大約5分鐘既video,主題冇限制. 會教你點用video editing 既 software 同埋借go-pro比你去拍片.
- (唔知咩Grade) 1份係整一個new media project,例如hardware device, intelligence machine, installation work, creative promotional campaign, performance.......etc.
(Strategy Documentation
Concept models
Competitive analyses/Comparsion on similiar project
Content inventories
Genre ( for installation work/performance)
User Needs Documentation
Personas/Target Audience
Design Documentation
Site map
Screen Design /Mock-Up
Schedule and Planning
Production Schedule
Venue & Floor Plan (for installation work/performance)
List of Equipment/Resources)
我地班全部都係用Makey Makey黎交功課,有教你整泡菜,教行山基本知識等等.
2份individual assignment
- 1份係exhibition reflection report, 要參觀2-3個展覽, 1個展覽寫番1份report , 有格式比你跟住黎做(會介紹展覽比你去參觀)
- 1份係design analysis, 都係有格式有sample比你跟住做,要分析1件product係good design or bad design, 再跟據佢比你既格式去分析(做2-4個products)

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