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GE1311 Death: A Discovery Approach


Apparently the instructor is quite of a scholar with a certain ambition to bring upon something in class, however right from the first lecture he either prepared insufficiently (or due to very problematic presentation) and the effectiveness of the delivery is disastrous, in particular when this is the 4th semester he was in charge of the course. There is a certain value (as comments from below has suggested) to attend this course without a single doubt, but expect that you pretty much have to work on your own (or off-class at least if you are trying to learn extra from the lecturer) and attending the lectures would be of doubtful importance apart from the guest lecture and the question brainstorming session.
(Actually I chose the course for 2015/16 Sem B but apparently the website did not offer such an option and so I just randomly select one of the provided)

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