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GE1121 The Japanese Way of Tea: History, Arts, Architecture and Philosophy


In this course, there are three tutorial sections for students to visit tea room and learn some tea ceremony manners. During the lecture time, there is also demonstration of flower arrangement and kimono. Sometime the lectures might be slightly boring, depends on which lecturer, as there are three lecturers teaching the course. But generally it is still an interesting course.

The workload is not very heavy, there are one individual assignment (writing a 300 words essay), one group project (presentation only) and two MC quizzes. The group project might need some effort in order to get a high mark. For the MC quizzes, I personally think they are not that difficult, as long as you have revised for the powerpoint notes, coursepack reading, and pay attention during lesson time, you will be able to get a good mark.

I will recommend this course to those who wish to learn more about Japanese culture. Even though you don’t know any Japanese language, you still able to survive the course.

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