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GE1219 Smart Auditing for a Better Life


Give thanks to have registered such a relaxing yet fun course. Instead of studying numbers & statistics, it's about how to audit (=check) plans in your daily life, say how to save money & maintain good relationship with sb. There were some "theories" to study but they were not that difficult. Annie explained the theories with daily life examples which were easy to understand. She was willing to help too.

reflection sheet X2 (relaxing to write)
presentation about "A Dream of Red Mansions"
2 mins video (topic is designed by gp)
poster(<--can be the cover of booklet) & booklet
open book exam (most are case study, just apply the theories & explain)

There were group discussion & mini presentation every lesson. However, there was no need to be stressed. It was like chatting with friends and the topics were related to daily life. We watched a movie, listened to a talk from ICAC and analysed "A Dream of Red Mansions" (had role-play) as well.

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