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GE1218 Make a Difference: The Challenge of Social Entrepreneurs in a Globalized World


Let's start with the obvious, shall we? This course is not one that allows you to have an A grade that easily. So if you want to boost your GPA, please do yourself a favor and run as fast as you can.

On another note, this course is a good introductory course to social entrepreneurship and you do learn a lot if you take it seriously (but with the 3 hour lectures, you might lose motivation going into the 3rd/4th week :) ).

I swear... the group work is terrible. You're supposed to work with 7-9 people and we all know that in most cases, not everyone equally contributes. I also don't think it's practical to have students think up of a social enterprise in a span of less than 1 semester with people you barely know. Perhaps individual assignments would be better ? Idk.

I did enjoy the guest speakers and Mr Yanto's lectures and sharing most of the time but when you got a class for 3 hours, it's just plain boring no matter how superb your attention span can be.

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