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GE1401 University English


Kenneth is an incredibly nice, thoughtful and funny tutor, generous enough to give lengthy, useful feedbacks. To be honest, I thought I could only get a B+ at most, but it turns out way better than I had expected.
I was not the brightest student in the class, I scored (way) below the highest for the first three assignments, so I worked hard on my reflective report and took my essay to elc ;)
Hard work does pay off. If you are genuinely interested in the topics of your infographic and essay, hard work will not be that hard.
I was relatively active but I fell asleep for half of a lesson once, so try to participate in class as much as you can, but need not be so worried about it.

Infographic: 21/25
First revision: 15/20
Final draft: 20.5/25
Reflective report: 19/20

PS: DSE level 5

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