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GE1401 University English


Ashley 好好人,有問必答,甚至會留低同你傾你份assignment傾成一個鐘。比分好公正,唔會因為同佢friend而鬆手。

Infograph 要揾好groupmate
Argumentative essay 選材同見解要獨到
Reflective essay要言之有物
所有citation要做足**(超重要), 我份revised draft因為冇做足citation而收左皮

Grade Points:
Infographic: 19/25
Revised Draft: 15/20
Final Draft: 21/25
Reflective essay: 16.5/20

Total: 79.44%

利申 DSE英文4 (4/4/5/5)

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