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GE1308 Energy: Today and Tomorrow


To be frank, Dr Daoud is a nice, enthusiastic, and quite professional professor. But then, the grade is indeed relative unsatisfactory. Yet, I have to declare that one of my assignments was handed-in late, which was denied acceptance by Dr Daoud, which is a major reason for my relatively low grade.

Back to the course, the lectures were really boring and involved with LOTS OF MATHS!!!!!! There is always a question to ask you calculate the energy amount of the power plant, etc, e.g. how much kwh for a coal power plant, etc. But Dr Daoud is really helpful and willing to ans you with questions raised on the assignment.

There were 3 assignments and 1 quiz on the field trip. Each assignment was given 2 weeks for you to work on, the questions were very difficult and involved lots of Maths. Strangely, all of the assignments had an average score of over 95%, which made it EXTREMELY HARD to get an A range in this course. I personally scored 89% in all of the assignments and got a B. My fd scored 89% as well, but with better class participation, scored a B+. A gpmate scored almost 95% and secured an A-. You can tell the competition is cut-throat. But, at least the course assessment is transparent.

The report is quite complex, which asks you to write 10 pages of report, around 3500 words, to explain the feasibility of developing innovative energy technology in HK. But, it was okay for us. So, I am not going to discuss it in-depth.

The course is really fine, but it is really boring and the competition for grade is CUT-THROAT. And, once you submit the assignments late, you would really not be given an opportunity to hand it back. So, this is what you should be cautious at. But at least Dr. Daoud and the TAs are nice [but quite strict]. So, the course is fine.

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