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GE2253 Real Estate Development: Principles and Process


Xiaowei Luo 負責lesson1-3 and flied trip,主要講real estate finance
Mei Yung Leung 負責lesson 4-6,主要講feasibility study
Ivan Fung負責lesson 7-13, 主要講construction issue

Individual assignment 1: Week 4-6,叫你分析China real estate property market(1000字)
Individual assignment 2: Week 8-10,叫你描述下construction quality measurement(1000字)
Individual report: Week5-12,叫你分析Hong Kong residential housing problem(1000字)
In class Test 1: Week 7,考lesson 1-6 d野,有MC and fill in the blank.
In class Test 2: Week 12,考lesson 7-12 d野,只有MC
Group Project report: Week 6-13,分組5-6人,自己做自己果part(1000字)

一開始見到係ACE department嘅course以為學到civil野,點知成個course完全係LS同Econ.,對Engine仔簡直係地獄。另外有一次flied trip去華潤大廈,同埸有另一班MBE一齊去(我心諗: 呢個course擺到明就係business野,但點解係ACE department 開呢??) 加上好L多coursework,個course d野又好難明,上堂完全唔知佢講緊咩;可能有好嘅LS, Econ.底,又鍾意寫文嘅人會讀得好輕鬆

Project全靠同組2個Year 4 Journalism and 2個Year 3 Engine人carry先至比較容易; D assignment 就盡力做好佢,比心機寫essay; In class test其實好簡單,有溫書就一定識答。本人建議少d野做嘅sem先好reg,唔係就做L死自己!
Year One ACE

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