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GE2128 The Sounds of the World's Languages


Assignments: 40% (4 assignments, 10% each)
Tutorial: 20% (except the first and last lecture without tutorials)
Final exam: 40%

Prof Lee is very nice and friendly. She answers students' questions patiently. Overall speaking, the course mainly focus on phonetics and using IPA chart to analyze the sounds of different languages. The course is very technical and not very difficult.

For the tutorial, it will be conducted after the 2 hrs lecture time and a worksheet will be delivered to you to test your knowledge about the lecture. Usually, there are 3 pages for the worksheet and prof will guide you to do the first 2 pages and the last page will be done by yourself. And you could ask prof questions if you have any difficulty in doing the last page. Except the first and the last lecture without any tutorial worksheets to be done.

For the 4 assignments, the format of the first three assignments is similar to the tutorial worksheets. So, you could refer to your lecture notes and tutorial worksheets when you do them. For the last assignment, it is a essay with 3 questions choosing one to write about. The questions are related to the phonetic system of the language or the use of IPA chart. You will have to write about 2-3 pages for it.

For the final exam, tips will be given in the last lecture and the exam format is basically just like the tutorial worksheets and the first 3 assignments.

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