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GE2240 Sustainable Development in China and its Global Impact


Workload 唔算大,sem中同尾有 present,再加一份 assignment。

- Teresa 幾鼓勵同 exchange students 一組,Lecture 有討論時間,好 interactive

- 課堂cover 到d關於中國多角度嘅政策、時事,唔悶又 comprehensive

- 見到 China 以為係伏,但教d野都幾有趣,分享下 Teresa 自己嘅所聞同心得。每次 consult 佢都好有耐性回答。都算幾易 handle 又學到野

唔係讀 business 嘅都可以考慮下 reg

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