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GE2405 Creative Writing


I always get As in all literature and ENglish writing classes. I worked hard during the course and I get C+.

This tutor, Marco Yan, is extremely mean and harsh. It seems that he likes teaching in the beginning, but soon I found out that I was wrong, because he kept on critising his students' works. Although the course stresses 'creativity', it does not mean that you feel free to create your story.

Example 1:
Student A wrote about loneliness. He compared the weight of loneliness to that of a heavy ceiling which seemed to be falling upon him.
Marco Yan said it is overwhelmingly exaggerating. He did not offer any help to the student except for offering a harsh comment.

Example 2:
Student B drafted a story, Marco Yan kept critising it as unreal, with many grammatical errors and gave a very bad grade: C.
It was Student's first draft.
NO leniency to the first draft.

Example 3:
Student C said Student D's work was badly written. Marco Yan did not stop the harsh criticism. Instead, he looked very happy to see other students joined in the harsh criticism.
I wondered if it was ethical as a teacher to encourage a negative, harmful discussion.
Marco Yan claimed that he would ensure the quality of discussion at the start of the semester, but then he became the person who was the happiest with disrespectful comments.

Marco Yan created so much stress for me and my friends, we could hardly feel confident of our writing anymore. Everyone sitting in the class looked tense, because you would have to either attack others or be attacked by others.

I never had any writing blocks, but it happened to me during the course of Creative Writing instructed by Marco Yan.

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