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GE1219 Smart Auditing for a Better Life


Although I appreciate getting a quite-good grade for this course, I must say that Annie is an irresponsible teacher. Yes, her powerpoints are quite comprehensive, but actually only a small amount of the slides are taught (around 15%), and for the rest, she says that there's no need to revise, as she only put it there in case we are interested to know more. The 15% taught, however, are very very simple. It is almost common sense. They are the basic到冇得basic concepts of auditing.

Well, as I was a final year student (graduated now), I wanted to actually learn something and end my U life in a meaningful way, but if you reg左many credits already, and are looking for something easy and relaxing, you can choose this course.

I did make quite a few friends in this course, as we are required to have group discussions every week (with the same group of people, and you will do the short video, leaflet and poster with them). Overall it was quite a relaxing course, just that I don't understand how Annie can be this hea. 我地係上12pm-3pm, she always lets us go at 2:30pm because she has nothing more to say, 有一次到2:15佢已經冇野比我地做, and then she said, 你地坐多陣啦 依家走太早啦
And there will be two group discussions per lesson, and these discussions don't actually require a lot of time, as the discussion questions themselves aren't challenging AT ALL, but she just lets us discussss and discusss and discusssss..neverending. She also occassionally speaks cantonese although there are exchange students present. and even talks about the exchange students in cantonese. well, what she said was no big deal, but the whole class looked at the exchange student after she said it, so if I were the exchange student, I would be quite uncomfortable.

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