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GE1121 The Japanese Way of Tea: History, Arts, Architecture and Philosophy


Melody is a good professor in terms of teaching or explaining the requirement of the assignment, she might not be a lenient examiner when marking assignment/giving grade.

20 % Class Participation
Tutorial/Lecture would take attendance, don't skip any of it. DONT SKIP the presentation session in last 2 lecture since you have to fill in the evaluation form for each group and it count into your participation.

30 % Group Presentation & 20 % Reading Assignment
Creativity Matters. You have to be creative enough in order to satisfy a demanding Melody.

CITATION MATTERS !!!!!!!!!! Check more than twice when it come to citation, Melody will be able to find every mistake on citation.

30 % Two Quizzes (MC)
First quiz is difficult, you have to deal with the weekly reading otherwise you can't answer them.
Second quiz is relatively easier just because the question was mainly from the lecture notes, don't over-estimate it.
The reason I got B was because I didn't study enough for the quizzes, it is my fault.

Overall comment:
You don't know whether the quality of your assignment/presentation can satisfy Melody so quiz is fetal for B+/A range.

If you want an interesting GE with Japanese tea culture/tea room visit, go for it.
If you want an relaxing/low-workload/good grade GE, find another one.

P.S: The previous comment said the lecture about philosophy taught by Dr.Wang was boring. I don't really think so, his teaching performance was even better than Melody herself. Remember to attend those 2 lecture, it is inspiring.

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