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GE2232 Knowing Ourselves Better in Work and Life


He's the most talkative and interactive local teacher!!! I like him a lot!
I've read previous comments before signing up for the course. Comments were all about how heavy the workload the class was and how your grade would suck if you don't have a good proficiency in English.

To be honest, I didn't contribute very much to the group project (group presentation and group report). I only gave an easy introduction and conclusion for our group presentation. There were even 2 people who freerode our whole group work. 3 people working on 5-person work.

You can definitely get a good grade even if you dont read the book. Just pay attention to his class and try to answer his questions. His questions are very open-ended and sometimes can get a bit personal. So just give your own opinions on things will be good! Theres no wrong or right!

Theres only 1 final test which is not difficult at all. NO super long writing or stuff. REVISE his ppt and PAY ATTENTION during the class can already get you going a long way!

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