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GE2110 Experiencing our Built Environment: Appreciation of Contemporary Architecture


Workload: It must be admitted that the workload is quite heavy... Particularly since the course is offered in the Summer sem, of which you must be able to manage your time wisely. There are several journals and site visits arranged in the course schedule. The workload is quite a great deal particularly at the end of the semester. There is only a very short time interval between the assignments so you must work quite hard successively. Attendance is not really important for the grading though. Nevertheless, class participation such as answering questions may help you to gain a good impression.

Grading: Someone say that the tutor is a killer but I can hardly agree with this. In fact, you must pay attention to the comments of which the tutor makes and modify your assignments accordingly. If you simply cross your arms and do nothing after consultation then it is virtually impossible for you to get a good grade. At least the tutor will not have a good impression on you.

Site visit: It is quite important for you to concentrate during the site visits. Moreover, if you choose a place to describe in your assignments, then you shall actually visit that place or at least find some information beforehand on the internet. If you chooses a place of which you are unfamiliar with, then it is not really possible for you to generate a decent and innovative piece of work.

Journals & Presentation: Again you have to do deep and thorough research before doing it. You must be capable of raising some really good (and even inspiring) points in your journals and presentation by applying the theories of which you are taught of. You have to make sure that your work is concrete and informative in nature, instead of being pointless or too abstract.

Exam: MC + Several long questions. I must confess that the exam is quite long and difficult and you have to write lots of things. However, you are not asked to invent something new instantly. Indeed it is sufficient that you replicate some of the works that you written in the previous assignments. So it's not really a nightmare in general. There are of course some parts of which you must recite something. But even if you fail to memorize the stuffs, you may still get a good grade so long you perform well in the other parts of the exam. The MCs are pretty easy so focusing on the LQs is sufficient.

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