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GE2410 English for Engineering


Ms Lauw, a Singapore English teacher, seems very nice to all students. However, she prefer gives a high grade to international students. Therefore, local students may not have any benefits in obtaining a high mark from her judgement. She also produces an excuse which tell you that you cannot get a high mark from her judgement (Excuse: Three India students had registered her course and gave three of them A minus in previous semester. Due to this incident, she was blamed by Dr. Becky Kwan.) However, Dr. Becky Kwan expressed to me that there was no incident like that and said that her judgement is like that which show her personality. Scream and horrific!!! If you have register or are preassigned Ms Lauw as your teacher of GE2410, you should change to another teacher because you deserve getting a better grade from another teacher.
My mark allocation:
Task 1:14.9/20
Task 2: 15.3/20
Task 3: 7.4/10
Task 4: 15/20
Task 5: 15.1/20
Attendance(Maybe): 8.5/10
Cut-off mark of B+(Around): 76/100

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