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GE2232 Knowing Ourselves Better in Work and Life


Think twice before adding this course.
The lecturer is very nice and always glad to help but still, I find the workload is extremely heavy.
I wouldn't suggest anyone taking this course unless you belong to at least one of the following groups.
- you are a non-year-one psy major student
- you are used to reading books (in this course, you will need to study a whole book around 3 or 4 hundred pages)
- you are free most of the time and are willing to spend them on this course
- you really want an A and don't mind the heavy workload

mainly lies in the project and final while the other parts are easy to handle
For the project, you need to form a group of 5-6. Conduct a presentation and hand in a report with 3000 words (maybe, can't remember it well)
For the final, mc + a 3-pick-1 long question. mc will cover most of the chapters. You need to demonstrate a good understanding towards them (not need to recite but at least know what it is). For the long question, you probably are asked to explain a part of the theory in depth.

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