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GE2232 Knowing Ourselves Better in Work and Life


1 presentation + 1 group report (3000 words) ---> 6 people in one group (15% +35%)
1 exam (60mcs +10 True or False + 3 choose 1 long essay questions) (30%)
Attendance and participation (20%)

For group report, apply as much psychological theories as possible into the report and remember to check grammar. For presentation, try to be more presentable and get audiences attention. I got B+in presentation and A- in group report.

For examination, remember not just read the powerpoint that Toni gives you, try to read the book she asked you guys to buy. Start revising 3-4 days before exam. I am not sure about 12 mc questions and 3 True or false questions. For essay question, I wrote one single page only with 3 big points. Toni didn't distribute the exam mark to us.

For participation and attendance, Toni said we could not attend the class for at most 4 times. I didn't attend class for twice. Please bear in mind that Toni allowed us to arrive at 30 minutes after the class started, but the time is really strict. If the class start at 9:00 am, please arrive really on time at 9:30 latest.

That's all , thank you.

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