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GE1102 Cinema: East and West


2 Assignments(10% each): First assignment was to do an analysis on a 5-mins movie clip by stating different application of basic film techniques. E.g. how many different shots in this clip, what’s the camera angle in this shot.
Second one was to write a 350 words essay to analysis a 10 mins long clip, specifically what are the cinematography elements used and how sound interacts with the cinematography.
Overall, they are not hard
Presentation(40%): given a list of films, each group were assigned to 1 film based on result of lucky draw. Main assement criteria that April has was to see whether students grasp the main theme of the film and can they present their idea in a structural way. Workload is not demanding, adequate research on film background is required.
Final exam(30%): In open book format, 40 MCQ, pretty tough since every open book exam is a trick, a lot of details regarding understanding of different cinematographic elements and film history were asked
To conclude with, it’s not a hard course but you do need to spend extra effort if you would like a decent grade. E.g. consultation with April on your project...

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