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GE1205 Green Economics


This course has six in-class exercise, one bi-weekly journal, one group project (progress report + final report + presentation) and one test (including MC and 3 essay questions)

Although the workload is light, it is not a GE course that surely A range. There was no difference between students who studied at microeconomics or not before study this course. The 2-hour test was quite difficult to me, especially the essay questions, I only got 9 marks out of 20(not sure the total marks of short essay questions). My group mates and I are from college of business, which studied at economics in high school and CB2400 in semester a. However, all of us got B for this GE, not as well as our expectation of it.

IMO, Green Econ is not a good choice if you would like to get an A range GE course, but it is a course with light workload and the lecturer is quite humorous (Dr. Ho always talk about he loves eggpuff haha).

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