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GE1350 Essential Mathematics in Daily Life


The course's workload is not heavy (but please read my further comment). There are no group projects, and for all 4 assignments, you can do it within 1 hour, the latest, for each, as long as you are familiar with the topic.
However, this semester, the grading is quite competitive. In order to get A- or above, you should get your exam 87 or above, while for the exam, it would normally take you 110 out of the available 120 minutes.
On the other hand, the instructor is excellent in terms of speaking and giving bonus points. He once told that his English is not so good, but it's understandable. Then, he provides 2 chances for bonus points:
1. Code-cracking, only for the fastest student, +3 added to final mark.
2. Bonus project (5-7 min video), open for all students, from +0 to +3 added to final mark.
The instructor is also willing to help on students' difficulty. He also provides students chances to recheck their mid-term and final exam so that you may know where are your mistakes.
At last, this course won't give you much pressure throughout the teaching period. However, I guess that if you want to get an A+, try to have an average of 96 or above, so get ready to do the assignments, bonus project, and compete during the mid-term and final if you want to get a high mark.

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