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GE1342 Light: from Double Rainbows to Optical Fibers


The workload is much heavier than it used to be starting from this semester. 1.The content of the course it self is quite interesting and useful, and the instructor had done experiments in the lecture every time.
2.There are quiz over the semester. They are not difficult, but however is kind of stupid in my opinion when your score is in fact the number of keywords you have written.
3.Do pay attention to what they've said during the lab visit since no one has a clue what those machines are for and you are required to produce a mutli-page report with zero knowledge.
4.The presentation was going in the way that I am not expecting. Essentially, the more words you put in your keynote, the higher mark you will get. Professor does not appreciate graphs and pictures as he thinks that is a act of laziness. Put paragraphs in your keynote and be prepared for fundamental questions then you'll nail the final project and presentation.

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