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GE1401 University English


This subject is not that hard if you put some effort. It is quite teacher-specific, so pay attention to that. Also, the progress you make throughout the course plays a big role in the final grade.

Prof John is super nice, and he likes students who participate and engage in discussions. My advice is to attend all tutorials and do everything carefully - ask him for feedback, do peer review etc.

Attendance: attend all tutorials and participate as much as possible. Do not be shy if your spoken English is not the best.

Infographic: find good and legitimate resources and present well. Don't worry too much about the group (there's only 3-4 of you).

Argumentative essay: choose an interesting topic that is not overused or too controversial (e.g. abortion could be a bad choice; animal testing in general has been done many times, and so on). Use the feedback session wisely, and implement the teacher's comments. Ask the students who have gone through the course to review it, especially native speakers and foreigners (most of them will be happy to help).

Self-assessment: follow the professor's instructions; if he asks for disconnected paragraphs, do that. This is teacher-specific, so it is important to carefully abide by the particular requirements.

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