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GE2338 Internet Applications and Security


To be honest, the work load of this course is not heavy at all. I was too lazy to get a better grade.

1 Group project (Presentation + Proposal + Peer Review)
1 Mid-term
1 Exam
1 Problem solving exercise

Group project :
It was quite a open topic which required us to write a proposal related to IT, no matter it was a app, a website, a industrial product or else. Ted said it must have a potential to be practically implemented, and I guessed this was also the primary criterion for grading. He suggested us to adopt existing technology liked block-chain, free API resources, and cloud Storage etc. . Since the topic was open, I strongly recommend students to consult more with Ted, especially those ones do not have a computer science background.

Mid-term :
It's a closed book exam. Not too hard if you have studied his ppt and notes.

Exam :
Basically, it was just a combination of the mid-term and the problem solving exercise. More than half of questions in the exam were almost the same as in the mid-term test and the exercise.

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