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GE2318 From Ancient Wisdom to Modern Science


every lesson there are 2 in-class questions, if you pay attention, you know the answer, or, you can just google the answer. easy job. if you miss the lesson, you can do a make-up question.

a quiz and an exam, the questions are similar to the in-class worksheet, but with more details and a slightly higher degree of difficulty. if you revise well (recite the ppt) you get a good grade. i didn't finish my revision for the quiz so i got a lower than average mark. but the exam was better.

the class is quite boring i can say and i cannot understand many topics considering that i am a not a science or IT student. but the course does not go into details of the knowledge and stays only on an introduction level, so if you are hard-working enough to revise the ppt, it should not be a difficult course.

btw, i don't understand why ppl keep emphasizing he is handsome...i mean...he looks normal... and...maybe his passion and patience are more of the highlight on him???

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