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GE1401 University English


Prof. James is nice and makes this GE course be easier. His samples and styles will help you to accomplish a good grade with full of knowledge. The homeworks are presenting below.

1) The weekly assignments are necessary to review your content. It's not hard but relates to the course content each week. (I forgot to complete it one time and lost of my score)
2) The infographic really high impact on the final grade. I suggest you group up with someone who has skills in infographic design. It is a trick for someone who is not familiar with poster design.
3) The academic essay is the most important part. You have to develop the selected topic with taught of references. You might be lost the score if you fail to provide a correct reference style, writing structure, and the level of words.

My score in the last sem
Infographic 15/20 (mean 15.1)
Academic essay 15/20 (mean 13.5)

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