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GE2107 Ideology and Creativity: Unwrapping Japanese Culture


Very interesting and easy course; the main focus is GENDER ISSUE in Japan.
Overall 89.95% - A-

NO NEED to know Japanese.

2 open book fill-in-the-blank quizzes; if you did not pay attention, it will be hard to find the answers, BUT only very small amount of attention already enough, because she will stress the important things VERY CLEARLY.
The quizzes only have 10 questions, fill-in-the-blank, open book; but count very less mark, not much problem even if FAIL.
I completely FAILED BOTH, first time 4 / 10, second time 5 / 10.
(Score: 57.5%)

Have some short reflective need to write, only have 4 grades:
E - Excellent
G+ - Very Good
G - Good
? - See tutor

The reflectives are LIMITED in words, so it is impossible to be difficult; no need to write a PhD essay, just some thoughts.
If you bullshit completely, you will get "?". Try to be at least on-topic, almost anything can get "G"
This ONLY counts towards PARTICIPATION, so if you handed in everything, you must get ABOVE 80%.
(Score: 85%)

The project very important,
you need to make a poster out of magazine cut-outs, to form a A3 poster,
then the group need to present a Japanese idea related to it, for about 5 minutes,
EASY to pass if you want to hea, EASY to score high marks if you want to A+.
Some groups cut out AV-girls and talked about pornography, completely fine.
(Score: 100%)

Final Essay, LIMITED to ONE paper, double-sided, including references (no need to start new page)
ANY Japanese topic will do, very free and easy.
I just wrote about a Japanese band who plays cross-dressing and talked about some Gender Issue.
(Score: 93%)

My scores:
Calculated Grades

Attendance, Attitude and Participation

GE 2107 Final Paper
93.00/100 Grade

Team Presentation

Mini Quiz 1&2

Tutor is very nice person, not too picky about late of absent.
MUST sit-in for PROJECT PRESENTATION of all groups; not a harsh request, considering you can skip all the other classes.

Good luck, if you received B or below, you really wasted this subject.

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